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Klondike: Quest for Gold is a show that follows four men and one woman as they retrace the steps of the Gold Rush in Dawson City. This four part series is set in modern times and the hardships the Australians face in this series teaches the audience about how difficult times must have been for pioneers and their quest for gold in 1898. This show will appeal to viewers interested in self sufficiency, survival, and gold panning. The history of the Yukon and its rugged terrain were the main focus of this television series.

1 Season, 5 Episodes
January 30, 2003
Documentary & Biography, News
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Klondike: Quest For Gold Full Episode Guide

  • Bill finds the murderer and seeks revenge while The Count sets his sights on Bill's gold. The Tlingit descend on Dawson in a bloody nighttime raid. Bill and Meeker escape with their gold only to be confronted with death in the wilds.

  • The team manages to get back on course and continues down the Yukon River. Despite food storages, they arrive in Dawson and enjoy their first bath in over 2 months.

  • The team arrives at the town site of Bennett and assemble the knockdown canoe they carried over the trail and start their trip up the Yukon River.

  • The arduous task of rowing the York boat to the Hudson Bay begins under a searing, hot summer sun. The crew makes a number of bad decisions which jeopardize the quest, but they finally arrive at the top of Lake Winnipeg.

  • Episode one features a brief history of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897-98 and an introduction to our team. They arrive in Skagway, Alaska and makes the appropriate final preparations to depart from the trailhead at the historic town site of Dyea.

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