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InuYasha is an anime that takes place back in the Feudal era of Japan. It begins with the mischievous and hot tempered half human, half dog demon, InuYasha. InuYasha is just like any other impulsive teenage boy, always willing and ready to pick a fight. Until he meets the shrine priestess Kikyo, sworn to protect the Sacred Shikon Jewel. InuYasha's heart grows softer as they being to fall in love.

Then, their world is shattered by a despicable demon named Naraku. He takes advantage of their vulnerability and plays the lovers against each other. Each one thinking the other betrayed them, killing Kikyo and sealing InuYasha away forever.

That is, until a modern day high school girl named Kagome falls into a mysterious well and travels back in time. Once there, she frees InuYasha and the two embark on a journey to find the lost Shikon Jewel. Along the way they met some incredible characters, including a lecherous monk named Miroku and a demon slayer named Sango. Now the group must work together to defeat their biggest enemy, Naraku, and his many reincarnations.

7 Seasons, 167 Episodes
October 16, 2000
Inuyasha Eng Dub

Inuyasha Eng Dub Full Episode Guide

  • Kirara remembers back when Sango and Kohaku were kids..

  • Sesshomaru faces off with Naraku, while Inuyasha on the other hand tries to break open Housenki to gain a very powerful Kongosoha attack..

  • Kaede tells the story of Inuyasha and Kikyo's love.

  • Kaede tells the story of Inuyasha and Kikyo's love..

  • The gang returns from the Mountain in the Realm of Fire to discover that a village was attacked.

  • Inuyasha and the others lead to a the Mountain in the Realm of Fire, in hopes of reaching the graveyard beyond the border between this world and the next. However, they learn that two stone keepers that no one may pass through the gate unless they are dead.

  • Inuyasha looks for Myoga to ask him how to get to his father's grave again. Myog tells him that a demon named Housenki made the Black Pearl that was in his right eye, therefore Inuyasha and the others go to seek out this Housenki.

  • The gang runs into a town being terrorized by a headless demon. They go in search to go find more information about the phenomenon or decapitated demons and the new incarnation of Hakudoshi.

  • Entei is seekign out his old master, Rengoguki, but insteads run into Kagura and Hakudoshi.

  • Upon all the news about murdered monks, Inuyasha and the gang try to decide where the next murder will occur.

  • With the two blades formed together Hoshiyomi declares to wipe out the human race in return for the treachery for his love of Tsukiyomi. However she locked Hoshiyomi away after becoming possessed by the power of the Naginata of Kenkon the last time he possessed it.

  • Hoshiyomi holds Kagome prisoner and demands Inuyasha and the others to meet him at the Shoun Waterfall. At a shrine Akitoki gives Hoshiyomi the Ken blade, Hoshiyomi then reunites the Ken and Kon blade making a new form of weapon. That can't be too good...

  • Inuyasha and the others are separated form Kagome and Akitoki while trying to get his Ken blade into a purification waterfall before it falls into the hands of the demon ninjas. Though Kagome and Akitoki intercept in Hoshiyomi's way and Kagome is held captive. Inuyasha on the other hand, battles the demon ninjas.

  • The gang helps Akitoki by turning a cursed blade into a purification water fall. But however they are attacked by demon ninja's who are led by Hoshiyomi.

  • The gang heads off into a town where Miroku hopes to get money by suing his spiritual services. But they meet an Exorcist, who offers ot pay them in profit if they do certin stuff for her. Though... lately an invisible demon has been robbing houses, stealing valuables. So it's up to Shippo to stop it?

  • MIroku has learn that his master will die soon, so he does a couple of favors for him, with the rest of the gang. But they head into trouble when trying to get a valuable wine. Will Miroku find out this was all a trick from his master?

  • Sara confronts Sesshomaru about her past and her love to him. While Inuyasha tries to get back his Tesusiga.

  • In a village by the sea lives a beautiful woman who wants the Tetsusiga and carries a sad secret, for she is in love with Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru!

  • Sango has swallowed a demon egg that can now control her. But will Miroku let Sango kill him?

  • The gang goes to investigate a village they heard about with demon woman. Which Miroku of course wants to go to eagerly.

  • After five fox demons watch a demon get destroyed and Shippo acts tough saying this and that like any 'tough' person would. The five little fox demons begin to think it was actually him! They want Shippo to show them the tatic he used to destroy the demon. But how can he teach them, if it was Inuyasha's power?

  • After cooking the dried food demons, there all over the place now. But when Inuyasha sees a play going on between Hojo and Kagome, will he let his jealousy get to him?

  • Kagome goes back to the Modern Era, but the rare foods she brought back may cause some trouble.