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Jimmy Two-Shoes is a Canadian children's animated series about Jimmy, a carefree 14 year old boy that strives to find joy in everything and everyone he meets. While this may seem to be a simple task for most places, Jimmy lives in the most depressing place in the world. Despite "Miseryville" being run by a corporation that only sells grief-causing products, Jimmy is determined to spread his zest for life into the hearts and minds of his friends and neighbors, including Heloise, a girl genius that secretly crushes on Jimmy, and Beezy, Jimmy's adventurous couch potato of a best friend.

Fridays on Disney
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
February 5, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Brian Froud, Cory Doran, Seán Cullen, Tabitha St. Germain
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Jimmy Two-Shoes Full Episode Guide

  • Air Force None / Panda-Monium

  • My Best Friend's a Weavil: Beezy becomes friends with an obsessive weevil, Max, so he can stick it to Lucius. Beezy J. Genius: Beezy gets hit with a special genius bolt, making him smarter than everyone else in Miseryville - including Heloise.

  • Dance, Jimmy Dance: Jimmy's horrified to discover that he can't dance, and decides to take lessons from Rudolpho. Jimmy and Beezy on the Run: After breaking one of Lucius' vases, Jimmy and Beezy go on the run and team up with outlaw Stink the Skunk.

  • Scent of a Heinous: Lucius launches a new fragrance that reportedly boosts one's height. There Will Be Chocolate: Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy discover a chocolate reserve.

  • Heloise's Big Secret: Heloise becomes upset when Jimmy and Beezy steal her secret collection of dolls. Jimmy in the Big House: Jimmy and Beezy attempt to break Cerbee out of an animals-only jail.

  • No Rules, Rulez Jimmy: Jimmy and Beezy head off into nature to get away from the rules in Miseryville. Best Bud Battle: Heloise and Beezy compete to see who gets to have Jimmy as a houseguest after Cerbee runs away with Jimmy's house.

  • Pet Rockey: Beezy is upset that his father won't let him have any pets that require maintenance because he is irresponsible. Fortunately, Jimmy has a solution in which Beezy can have a pet that doesn't require any maintenance at all! Beezy becomes the proud new owner of a pet rock he calls Rockey. But as fate would have it, Beezy's pet Rockey isn't a rock, it's an egg! And when it hatches, Rockey gives his affections to Jimmy rather than Beezy! Rocket Jimmy: Lucius plans a space expedition to a nearby moon with his loyal general, Molotov. Jimmy complicates things when he tricks Molotov into spending time with his daughter so that he can go in Molotov's place! Now, Lucius is stuck on a space expedition with the last person he wanted to be with. And if the trip to the moon doesn't kill Jimmy, Lucius will certainly attempt to do the job!

  • Fused Together: Upset that Jimmy and Beezy are spending so much time together, Heloise decides to make them inseparable. She fuses the two of them together, in the hope that they'll get annoyed with each other. Bus Driving BFF: A bus driver becomes best friends with Jimmy after he saves his life. Unfortunately, Jimmy isn't as good of a friend to him as he is to Jimmy.

  • Meet the Gnomans / There's Always a Hiccup!

  • Night in the Heinous Museum: Jimmy becomes a museum guard with special responsibility for watching Lucius' bowling trophy. I Married a Weavil: As part of Lucius Heinous' treaty with the weavils, Beezy is forced to marry the weavils' unsightly princess.

  • Best Prank Ever: When the whole town of Miseryville tires of Lucius always playing jokes on them, Jimmy convinces everyone to team up in order to play a joke on him! Bad Horn Day: When Lucius goes in for a horn polishing, he is unknowingly tended to by Jimmy who is only pretending to be a barber. When Jimmy gets through with Lucius, he is devastated because his horns have been obliterated into tiny little nubs! And what's even worse, Lucius only has one day before he's scheduled to compete for the award of having the best horns in Miseryville! Desperate to make it up to him, Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise team up to come up with a new look for Lucius.

  • Rear Pickle / Clowns Gone Wild

  • The Racing Bug: Jimmy and Beezy enter a series of competitions to see who can complete it the fastest. After Jimmy becomes infected with racing flees, Beezy and Jimmy's competition heats up.Too Many Jimmys: When Jimmy's friends are too busy to hang out with him, he turns to Heloise's latest contraption, the 'People Copier.' Too impatient to follow the instructions, Jimmy now has to contend with an army of 'Himmies' who copy his every move.

  • Wish You Weren't Here: Jimmy and Beezy take Lucius on a cruise as a relaxing vacation. Meanwhile, Heloise takes over as the boss at Lucius' factory. Deciding that her employees are overworked, she orders everyone to take a break. Cerbee In Love: Cerbee starts acting strange after falling in love with Lucius' dog. Thinking that something is wrong with him, Jimmy and Beezy take him to Heloise for help.

  • Catalogue of Misery: Jimmy orders every item in the Misery, Inc. catalogue thinking that it's all free, but it isn't. Bend It Like Wreckem: Jimmy and Beezy accidentally knock out their favorite soccer player right before a big game.

  • The Product Tester: Lucius knows that if one of his new products can make the always upbeat Jimmy miserable, he'll have a surefire winner on his devious hands. So when Jimmy can't stand 'Sludge Ice Cream,' Misery Inc. puts it into mass production. Invasion of the Weavils: Part weasel and all evil, a weavil tricks its way into Jimmy's home after faking an injury. It's up to Beezy to save his best bud before the weavils turn Jimmy into one of their own.

  • A Hair-Brained Idea: Jez wants Lucius to try a youthful new look, so Lucius tricks Jimmy into swapping hairstyles using Heloise's new 'Folicle Changeover Machine.' Jez loves her honey's updated style, but Lucius is upset when he's absorbed by Jimmy's annoyingly upbeat personality too. Ghost Smackers: When the ghost of pizza-crust-past starts haunting Beezy, it's up to Jimmy to make things right before Lucius sends Heloise to make him stop.

  • The Competition: Jimmy promises to go to a rock concert with whoever can behave the nicest: Heloise or Beezy. Jimmy, Don't Be a Hero: After Jimmy saves Lucius' life, Lucius finds himself indebted and desperately tries to return the favor.

  • Way Below Par: Jimmy beats Lucius at golf, but Lucius doesn't take it well. Jimmy Matchmaker: Jimmy plays matchmaker to find Beezy a date.

  • Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy: Heloise creates a squid that gives Jimmy super powers. The Big Date: Lucius hires Jimmy and Beezy to help him prepare for a big date.

  • Heat Blanket Jimmy: During an extremely long heat-wave, Jimmy decides the best way to cool off is to throw a beach party. Cellphone-it-is: After Beezy constantly interupts one of Lucius' presentations with his cellphone, a ban is placed on them.

  • A Cold Day In Miseryville: Jimmy tries to make it snow in Miseryville. Mount Misery: Jimmy claims he can climb Mount Misery in one night.

  • I've Totally Shredded My Cheese: Jimmy becomes famous after he creates the catchphrase "I've totally shredded my cheese," and Lucius wants to use it to sell his diet cola. Heloise's Wish List: Jimmy creates a fun wish list for Heloise after she is fired by Lucius and winds up with plenty of free time.

  • Pop-sicles: Lucius unfreezes the heads of his ancestors in order to learn their evil secrets. Chez Beezy: Beezy opens up his own restaurant with the help of Jimmy and his friends.

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