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Judge Roy Bean is an American Western series set in the town of Langtry in southwest Texas. The characters in the movie include Jeff Taggart, his right hand man; Letty Bean, his niece; Steve, a Texas Ranger. The story begins in a small town where Roy Bean is a storekeeper who was tired of all the disorder and turmoil in the town. He appoints himself as justice of peace, known as "The law west of Pecos". He establishes a system of law and order in the town. Langtry has no jail, and all the cases are heard in his court room which is a saloon/general store. One of the cases the judge is faced with is a case where a son inherits a mine, and two men are trying to stake his claim by saying the title isn't any good. In another situation the judge discovers a plot to sell guns to the Indians. He is faced many times with a lynch mobs trying to kill the accused.

Judge Roy Bean doles out his justice based on the circumstances. He gives the person a fair trial by his peers, and pronounces a sentence. It can be a fine to an outright hanging.

Judge Roy Bean is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 1995.

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1 Season, 15 Episodes
October 1, 1995
Cast: Glenn Strange, Edgar Buchanan, Tristram Coffin, Jack Beutel, X Brands
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Judge Roy Bean Full Episode Guide

  • Even though Judge Roy Bean temporarily loses his eyesight, he's still able to uncover a plot to steal Indian land.

  • Ah Sid is a Chinese laundryman who refuses to translate a map brought to him by Fallon and Keats. Ah Sid escapes their attack to be befriended by Judge Roy Bean and his deputy Jeff Taggert.

  • A man takes abuse from his boss to provide for his family. His son thinks he's "yellow" so he runs away and Judge Roy and Jeff must convince him to go home.

  • A woman comes to town in search of her son only to learn he's become an outlaw.

  • A wanted killer is wounded while attempting to steal a payroll.

  • Judge Roy must find three robbers from the east before they split the loot.

  • Letty thinks she is too much of a tomboy so decides to leave home.

  • The Judge uses an unlikely pair of allies to break up a smuggling scheme to get guns and ammo to the Indians.

  • A rancher is accused of stealing a horse and Judge Roy tries to keep the angry people from turning into a mob and lynching the man.

  • Judge Roy Bean proves Jeff is innocent after being accused of robbery.

  • Jeff Taggart, Judge Roy's deputy, is framed for murdering a horse trader.

  • The Judge sets out to capture a dangerous train robber who escaped from prison.

  • The Judge pursues a gang that melts stolen gold coins into nuggets.

  • When Judge Roy Bean does a favor for a friend, he finds himself in the middle of a marriage proposal and an illegal impersonation.