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Despite their differences the Bennett-Blatt clan, and the actors who play them, know how to take whatever life - and the studio audience - throws at them - and "Just Roll With It."Just Roll with It is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 2019.

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Disney Channel (US)
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes
June 14, 2019
Cast: Ramon Reed, Kaylin Hayman, Suzi Barrett, Tobie Windham
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Just Roll with It Full Episode Guide

  • After watching a documentary about aliens, Blair becomes convinced that their new neighbors are from a different planet and enlists Owen to help find evidence to prove it.

  • Byron gets excited that his mother will stay with their family for a few days, but things turn ugly when Grandpa Bennett and Nana Blatt meet.

  • When Grandpa totals Byron's car, Rachel is forced to manage an entire day of errands and extra-curricular activities for the whole family with one car.

  • When Owen is pranked at school, Grandpa Blatt, with the help of Blair and Joey Coconuts, sets out on a night-long quest to get revenge.

  • When the kids receive their standardized test scores, it's discovered that Blair is a genius.

  • After surviving a harrowing ordeal on the lake, the Bennett-Blatt family learns that Rachel's mischievous and somewhat unpredictable dad has been kicked out of his retirement community and needs to move in with them.

  • Rachel is excited to go on a family boating trip, but things don't go as planned when the boat runs out of fuel and a storm approaches.

  • Blair is accused of vandalism at school and is put on trial in student court; Owen acts as her defense attorney, while Ruth is assigned to the prosecution.

  • Owen and Blair take over as morning DJs with The Gator when Byron has to report for jury duty. When Owen handles a mean adult caller, the ratings soar and he unwittingly becomes the voice for a youth revolution.

  • When the radio station owner unexpectedly comes to town and fires Byron, Blair, and Owen try to get him to change his mind.

  • Owen has to decide whether to cancel a fundraising event he planned for the school and refund all the money he's raised, or let the party (and his reputation) go up in flames.

  • Owen lets Blair talk him into borrowing Byron's autographed sneakers to impress the kids at school. When the shoes get ruined, the kids go to great lengths to secure a new pair.

  • With his high school reunion fast approaching, Gator worries about impressing his former classmates, so he enlists the help of the Bennett-Blatts to pose as his family.

  • Stranded at the radio station during a blizzard, the Bennett-Blatts compete to see who can tell the scariest ghost story.

  • Owen volunteers to tutor the school's star basketball player, Big Jim, so that he can pass an upcoming test and be eligible to play in the game.

  • Owen auditions for the school musical but quickly develops a severe case of stage fright; Blair's toothache leads her to the dentist where she and Byron confront their worst fears.

  • A Halloween-themed special episode follows the Bennett-Blatt family as they set out to reverse an evil curse and encounter a variety of strange characters and spooky trick-or-treaters along the way.

  • Own and Blair shares a room when Gator fights with his mom.

  • Rachel's old army buddy, Robert, comes to stay with the family for a few days. His exhausting GI Joe-like personality irritates Blair, while Byron starts to feel inadequate.

  • Blair and Owen become enamored with the family's new high-tech talking toilet. Rachel and Byron try to prove to their kids that they're still cool enough to hang out with.

  • When the radio booth is damaged, tensions run high as the Bennett-Blatts get stuck in an elevator.

  • Blair and Owen start a rivalry on their karate tournament which puts Rachel and Byron in an awkward position.

  • When Byron and Rachel set out to have an "official" date night, Owen and Blair convince their parents to let them stay home alone without a babysitter for the first time. As the night unfolds, the kids make a series of bad decisions that spiral out of control.

  • Blair is confused with her feelings when Rachel is celebrated for her military services.

  • Byron and his radio sidekick is assigned to punish Blair after she's in trouble at school. Meanwhile, Rachel plays the role of the fun parent.

  • Owen can't tell his dad that he has outgrown an embarrassing birthday tradition, while Blair learns that Owen is now friends with her ex-best friend Ruth.

  • When Blair chooses Byron over Rachel for Career Day, tensions in the family rise. Owen tries to play peacemaker and encourages Rachel to tell Blair how she feels.