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Kid vs. Kat is an animated series produced by Studio B Productions. The show is based on Coop Burtonburger and his little sister Millie. Millie one day brings home a mystery cat which ends up turning Coop's life upside down. He soon learns that this mystery cat is just some scrawny, hairless cat; but he is also smart, conniving, and an alien mastermind that truly dislikes Coop. Coop and Kat constantly declares war on each other and are in a constant battle against one another. Coop is always trying to show the world Kat's true intentions, but Kat is always one step ahead of him and destroys any evidence Coop had. This show is great for children between the ages of three and ten.

Kid vs. Kat is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on February 5, 2009.

Kid vs. Kat is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kid vs. Kat on demand atThe Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
February 5, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Brian Drummond, Kathleen Barr, Trevor Devall, Grey DeLisle, Kath Soucie
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Kid vs. Kat Full Episode Guide

  • Who's Haunting Who?: Kat decides the old LeBoot Mansion is the perfect place to build an inter-space teleporter. It's All In Your Head: The Area 102 secret agents return to the Burtonburgers to retrieve a USB key they lost.

  • Kat's most recent bid to get the invasion started is stopped by Coop, Dennis and Fiona, Kat is fired for incompetence and has to face a lifetime toiling in the litter mines of his home planet.

  • You Scream, I Scream: Coop is upset when he sees the Curly Swirl ice cream bike is being pedaled by Todd Kronklin. Good Luck Harm: Kat creates a super lucky amulet to counteract a run of bad luck he's having and engages Coop in a gladiator style fight.

  • Amazing Feet of Strength: Kat takes Coop's new soccer shoes from him and adds alien technology so he can run faster and jump higher. Me Coop, You Kat: Kat transforms Coop into a Neanderthal.

  • Coop D'etat: Scientists mistake a Kat Planet weapons satellite that fell from orbit for a long forgotten bit of Earth space technology. The Incredible Shrinking Coop: Kat's latest device is too big to get out of the door.

  • Bootsville's Most Wanted: Coop is on the 'Most Wanted' list after Old Lady Munson reports him for picking on Kat. The Kat of Diamonds: Kat needs to build a hover disc so he loots the local jewelry store for diamonds.

  • Hair Brains: Kat orders a trio of living alien hairballs that he coughs up to attack Coop. Hot Dog Day: Coop is chosen to be the "Weiner Water Keeper" on Hot Dog Day.

  • Fangs for the Memories: Coop gets a Christmas gift from Kat that erases Coop's memories of Kat being an alien. Drive-In Me Crazy: Sci-fi and horror movie creatures go right off the screen with Kat's latest device.

  • King of the Pipsqueaks: The garden gnomes in Old Lady Munson's garden come to life. Down the Creek: Millie tells Old Lady Munson she's bored living in the little town of Bootsville while Coop, Dennis and Kat battle over Kat's latest device.

  • Keep on Rockin': Dad buys rocking chairs for Coop's grandparents in hopes they'll take it easy. It's In The Bag: Fishy Frisky Factory closes down and stops production which makes Kat freak out.

  • Board Kat: Kat and Coop's brains are switched after they accidentally get blasted by Kat's powerful lightning bolt generator. Treasure of Sierra Munson: Coop finds out there's pirate gold buried under the house of Old Lady Munson's.

  • Kickin' Butler: Dennis is accidentally knocked into Kat's teleportation portal with a broken portal controller. You Kat See Me: Kat causes problems for Coop after he makes himself invisible.

  • Turn the Other Cheeks: The evil Mr. Cheeks comes back to have revenge on his nemesis Kat. Birthday Bashed: The kids at Coop's birthday keep crashing Kat's virtual picnic.

  • Mind Games: Kat builds a telepathy helmet while Coop spends some time with his sister. Strange Kat on a Train: When Coop finds out Old Herman is really the alien hamster Mr. Cheeks when he travels by train to buy something from him.

  • Cheeks of Evil: Millie brings home 'Mr. Cheeks' her class hamster. Reap it and Weep: Kat starts growing catnip after he sees Coop taking care of the giant pumpkin Dad is growing.

  • Hit the Road: Kat is left at what seems to be a luxurious pet resort while the Burtonburgers go to a relaxing vacation in the woods. Never Cry Sheep: Kat unravels the hand knitted scarf Coop receives from Fiona.

  • Rebel With A Claw: Coop and Dennis find out that a space pod that holds Kommander Kat's teenaged son has crashed. Swap Wrecked: Coop is nervous after finding out Dad accidentally swaps an assortment of Kat's weapons to residents of Bootsville.

  • When Bad Dogs Go Big: Growler turns in to the size of a T-Rex after swallowing a Kat device. The Botty Guard: Coop and Dennis fix a malfunctioning surveillance robot that decides Coop is its new master and protects him from Kat.

  • Down the Drain: Kat is trying to find a gadget he dropped down the toilet while Coop and Dennis search for the "sewer-croc-baby". 9 to 5 Oblivion: While Coop is working in Henry's store, Kat uses hi-tech gadgets in the shop to repair a homing beacon.

  • Bringin' the Heat: A dangerous heat wave is in Bootsville due to Kat's magnifier satellite. The Three Aaarghs: Kat is building a huge pollution spewing tower, while Coop and Dennis compete to reduce their carbon footprints.

  • Nuff Said: Coop decides to let Kat cause whatever destruction he wants after his selfless heroics are ignored. Rhymes with Coop: A giant litter box is what Kat plots to turn Bootsville Beach into.

  • When Coop finds out that Kat has built a time machine he uses it to torment Kat and play practical jokes, but then realizes he should of gone back to stop Millie from ever finding Kat in the first place.

  • Trash Talking: Inside Kat's scratching post Coop and Dennis discover Kat's alien technology has created an infinity within. Over the Radar: Government agents think the Burtonburgers are aliens.

  • Blasteroid Blues: Captain Blasteroid is a real live protector of Earth according to The Kommander of the Kat Nebula. Rat-a-Phooey: Kat plans on turning Coop into a rat with his Rat-Ray gun, but turns Dad into one instead.

  • Flea Brains: Kat controls others thoughts with his creation of flea-sized mind control nano-robots that hop into the ear of his victims. Menace the Denace: Kat is figuring out a way to turn Bootsville's water supply into milk.

  • Something About Fiona: Kat tries to make Coop look like a juvenile delinquent when he falls for Fiona. Tickled Pink: Whenever Kat is tickled in his tickle spot, he is happy and his hate for Coop is gone.

  • Coop wants a normal Christmas with his family.

  • Hack Kattack: Dennis' new universal remote control and satellite dish helps Kat attempt to hack into Earth computers. It's a Rocket Man: Coop joins the Bootsville Rocket club.

  • Beware The Were-Coop: Dennis is convinced Coop will turn into a deadly Were-Cat after Kat scratches him under a full moon. Trick or Threat: Kat sets up a rendezvous with Cat Nebula when he's left home alone on Halloween.

  • Stall That Jazz: Kat's hearing becomes really sensitive after a listening transmitter becomes lodged in his ear. Under Destruction: Dad starts his a renovation after Kat's latest tantrum almost destroys the house.

  • The Kat Whisperer: After Coop becomes friends with all animals after cat whispering to make Kat his new best friend. Bend It Like Burtonburger: Coop would rather show off than use team work after he and Dennis join the school soccer team.

  • Buzz Off: Kat's alien blood mixes with hungry mosquitoes at the annual Bootsville festival which makes Coop caught in the middle of a battle of the bugs. Fat Kat: Coop is excited that Kat is too overweight from all of his munching to get him.

  • Capture The Kat: Coop and his friends play Capture The Flag right through to Kat's secret forest oasis. Outer Space Case: Coop and Dennis want to find out why Old Lady Munson is interested in their favorite show.

  • Suddenly Last Slammer: Coop and his friends are caught by the police and OLM after waking up the neighborhood, but they all have a very different story. The Kitty Vanishes: Kat wants to transfer Fishy Frisky Bits across space to his home but struggles to perfect a teleporter.

  • In Dog We Trust: Coop adopts a dog to be his body guard after seeing how freaked out Kat gets by it. Catch My Drift: Kat overcomes his fear of snow so that Coop looses the Demolition Run Tobogganing Challenge.

  • Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat: Coop turns to Dennis for martial arts lessons after Kat and Millie embarrass him in front of the school by flipping him. Tom-Kat Foolery: The whole town doesn't believe anything Coop says after all of his pranking on April Fool's Day.

  • Something Fishy In Owl Lake: At the local Fishing Derby the Burtonburgers face each other, friends and neighbors. Dire Education: On Parents' Day, Dad comes to school to shadow the kids.

  • Fishy Frisky Business: Kat gets Coop banned from the grocery store on a family shopping trip. Teed Off: Coop and Dennis' fathers want them to revive the 'round the block golf challenge.

  • Don't Give Me No Static: Coop borrows one of Kat's machines when he's desperate for a science project without knowing what it does. / Storm Drained: Coop is determined win a baseball match that hasn't been won in over 40 years.

  • Curse Of Tutankitty's Tomb: High-tech relics from Kat's world are found in a museum with Egyptian artifacts. / Pet Peeved: Coop tricks Kat into running away since Millie is ignoring Kat because she finds a new school friend just like her.

  • House of Scream: Kat goes for real blood and takes advantage of Dad turning the House of Swap into a horror fun house. / Planter's Warp: Coop brings home his science project, a carrot suspended in a glass of water and Kat turns it and all the vegetation in the house into an army of killer plants.

  • U. F. Float: Coop and Kat battle for control of a parade float. Play N'Ice: Kat's secret bunker is covered by the ice palace and rink Coop's Dad builds.

  • Dial B For Babysitter: Coop has to keep Old Lady Munson safe when she comes to baby-sit. The Grass is Always Meaner: Coop wants to buy a Capt. Blasto Helmet but the only person who will hire him to help him get the money is Old Lady Munson.

  • How the Test Was Won: Kat creates distractions when Coop is trying to study for his big test. I'm Okay You're a Kat: Coop's life is turned around after he discovers a self-help motivational tape in the House of Swap.

  • Just Me And Glue: When Coop and Kat are forced to spend the day together after getting hand to paw stuck together. / You'll Be Show Sorry: Coop and Kat try to beat Phoebe and her cat Honeyfluff in a neighborhood cat show after learning the winner gets a year's supply of Fishy Frisky Bits and a trip to the nationals.

  • Flu The Coop: Coop has to stay at home alone after catching a bad cold. / Class Act: Coop and Dennis make Kat disappear during a magic show but can't make him reappear.

  • Nip/Duck: Kat sneaks back to the Vet to destroy the x-rays that were taken of him. / Search and De-Toy: Old Lady Munson has Coop's radio-controlled chopper, he's determined to get it back.

  • Let the Games Begin: 10 year-old Coop Burtonburger's life is turned upside down when his baby sister gets a strange new cat. Night of the Zombie Cat: Coop finds that his home is invaded by zombie cats after he stays up to watch a horror movie.