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When Shinobu Omiya was a young girl, she visited Great Britain where she met a life long friend by the name of Alice Cartalet. After leaving to go back home to Japan, Alice told her that one day she would come and visit her. After being apart for over five years, Shinobu sees Alice at her school, and she finds out that she not only came to visit but transferred to her school and was going to be living with her.

KINMOZA! is a Anime series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 6, 2013. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

KINMOZA! is available for streaming on the Showgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch KINMOZA! on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 6, 2013
Cast: Asuka Nishi, Manami Tanaka, Risa Taneda, Yumi Uchiyama
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KINMOZA! Full Episode Guide

  • It's Day 1 of the girls' second year, and they've been split into two different classes! Later, Shino regales her friends with a lovely musical.

  • With the new term beginning, Alice is excited until she sees the class changes and immediately begins acting absent. Alice has been put in a different class from Shinobu.Her classmate Yoko becomes worried when she is unable to cheer up Alice.

  • With the arrival of the New Year, Aya and Yoko idly discuss their first dreams of the year at school. Karen, who suddenly appears dressed in a Japanese kimono, announces something terrible happened to Alice in her first dream. Shinobu appears on the scene with a sad expression on her face, and Alice shows up wearing her English school uniform with a different air about her?!

  • Shinobu and Alice watch the morning horoscopes on TV.In contrast with Shinobu, who is delighted when her sign is declared the luckiest of the day, Alice is shocked when she learns her sign is the unluckiest.The superstitious Alice follows Shinobu, hoping to be as close to a lucky person as possible, but...

  • While heading home from school together one day, Aya announces she will have the house to herself tonight because her parents are on a trip. At fist she attempts to casually tell them she is lonely, but her friends ignore her. The girls attempt to cook in Aya's kitchen, but in contrast with Aya's insistence on carefully measuring the seasoning, Yoko says she can eyeball the amount.

  • The girls excitedly prepare for the school festival. Alice's class is busy preparing for their cafe, and Karen's class is busy preparing for their play. The night before the festival, Alice happily marks her calendar and informs Shinobu tomorrow is an important day.However, Shinobu is unable to remember the reason for the anniversary...?!

  • As usual, Karen comes to Shinobu and her friends' classroom during lunch with bags full of snacks and bread in each hand. It seems her classmates have been gifting the items to the popular Karen. Karen is shocked when Alice asks if she's gained weight since coming to Japan.

  • The five girls excitedly discuss taking a trip together.Yoko, who wants to go to the beach, and Karen, who wants to go to the mountains, find themselves at odds. Overwhelmed my Karen's passion, the girls head to the mountains over their summer break...

  • Shinobu manages to score zero points on her math test.Unable to let this slide, Aya helps Shinobu study at school, and Aya and Karen ask Aya to help them study as well. Between studying, Karen discovers a camera in Isami's room, Shinobu's older sister and model.

  • Shinobu stays home from school with a cold. While her friends at school are worrying about her, Yoko suddenly runs up and informs the group she found a letter in her shoe box.

  • Several weeks after arriving at Shinobu's home, Alice has grown used to life there and is enjoying her high school life in Japan. The mild-mannered and kind Shinobu. The composed but sometimes scatterbrained Aya. The bright and energetic Yoko with her monstrous appetite. Sensitive about her height and shy, Alice managed to make good friends and was spending her days happily, but...Alice begins wondering what her friends think of her and becomes lost deep in thought.

  • Omiya Shinobu has just become a first year high school student. Heading to school in an unfamiliar uniform, she finds a single piece of air mail on the counter in the entrance to her home. The sender is the daughter of the family she stayed with in middle school, Alice Cartalet!