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Little Busters! is an anime television show. It comes from an adaption of a visual novel that is also called Little Busters! The main character was orphaned after his parents died. He was depressed until he met a bunch of kids who called themselves the Little Busters! The show is set during the main character's second year of high school. They shows are each thirty minutes long. They have twenty six episodes so far. There are many video games, computer games, novels, and a lot of different things that come from the original adaptation by Key.

Little Busters! is a Anime series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2013. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.0.

Little Busters! is available for streaming on the Showgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Little Busters! on demand at Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
February 2, 2013
Cast: Shannon Emerick, Blake Shepard, Greg Ayres, Brittney Karbowski
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Little Busters! Full Episode Guide

  • Thrust into the role of leader of the Little Busters, Riki is finding it hard to fill Kyousuke shoes.

  • Tebwa rebel forces are angry at the government and are looking for anyone connected with the space program to blame.

  • The Little Busters are there to help, but sometimes they are powerless to do anything.

  • Kud shares an ancient island custom with Riki as she remembers the time she spent with her mother.

  • Kud might be smart be she lacks some common sense concepts due to her traveling. With the upcoming practical exams the Little Busters aim to help her ace the test.

  • With the encouragement of her friends, Haruka confronts Futaki and lays it all out. What Futaki has to share will change how the Little Busters view her.

  • The secret of the Saigusa family is explained to the Little Buster crew, and Riki wants to help his friend cope with her new Infamy.

  • Saigusa Haruka is considered the biggest rule violator at school and the school Disciplinary Committee has it out for her, in particular Futaki Kanata. When Haruka?s family history is posted over the school the Little Busters must search for her.

  • Rin has called Riki to her room under false pretenses. Now he is stuck for the night while his friends mount a rescue attempt.

  • When was the last time anyone saw Mio reading a book under the tree in the courtyard? What kind of person was she? Riki's memories become vague and he becomes scared that he might forget her completely. Will he be able to find the real Mio before she completely disappears?

  • Riki has invited Mio to be the manager of the Little Busters, and the team welcomes her warmly. However, just when they think she's finally opening up to them, she disappears...

  • Kyousuke gathers the Little Busters together for a little test of courage. Their mission takes them on a search through the school building while avoiding traps set by Kyousuke, but eventually they sense that an eerie black shadow has been watching their progress...

  • While searching for a stray ball sent flying at a Little Busters practice, Riki encounters Mio, a girl who always sits and reads in the shade of a tree with a parasol open. There's one book she's particularly fond of, but she won't tell Riki what it's about. When she loses the book, it's up to Riki to help her find it.

  • Riki, Rin, and Masato go to great lengths to make sure their newest team member gets what she wants: a roommate.

  • Riki sets out to find more members for the team.

  • Komari finally remembers Takyua's death, and she retreats into a state of shock. Riki wants to save her and help her finally come to terms with what happened.

  • While Komari's dreams about her brother become more frequent, Riki continues to visit Kojiro in order to learn more about Takuya.

  • Komari can't quite remember her past.

  • The Little Busters morning practice ends up turning into a day of chaos. But all's well that ends well when the Little Busters welcome a new member to the team.

  • Komari Kamikita will soon be the newest member of the Little Busters.

  • Ryousuke, Riki, and Masato are no strangers to mischief and all the trouble that comes with them!

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