Kitten Rescuers

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Jo Brand presents a one-off Documentary following RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers, as they attempt to rescue Cats and Kittens who have been Neglected or Abandoned.

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Wednesday at 08:00PM et/pt on Channel 5 (UK)
1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 7, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Kitten Rescuers

Kitten Rescuers Full Episode Guide

  • On Christmas morning, an inspector tries to save a kitten trapped in a storm drain while Jo Brand spreads holiday cheer to a feline lover.

  • Vets operate on a tiny kitten with two fractured legs while a pet owner with 30 cats struggles with separation anxiety.

  • Animal welfare officers try to rescue a multitude of cats in a household ridden with infection while Jo Brand assists with a cat hernia operation.

  • Several kittens showing symptoms of cat flu are rushed to the vet while a pregnant feral feline with an injured paw needs saving.

  • A flat overrun with breeding cats becomes a hairier problem when the mother of a four-week-old kitten in need of milk can't be found.

  • Inspector Anthony Joynes tries to lure a mother cat and her kittens from an abandoned cabin while Jo Brand meets a cat lady with 50 feline friends.

  • Officer Matt Brown procures a badly injured kitty while a pregnant pussycat goes missing.

  • Kitten Saba survives a steep fall from a fourth-floor balcony while a timid tabby cat gets caught in a chimney.