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In this telenovela, a beautiful young woman is determined to be the only female gold miner in a hard-scrabble mining town. She's also a single mother, which makes enduring discrimination and grueling working decisions that much more difficult. The series aired on Telemundo in 2013.

Daily 9:00 PM et/pt
1 Season, 128 Episodes
January 8, 2013
Cast: Christian Bach, Jorge Luis Pila, Erika de la Rosa
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La Patrona Full Episode Guide

  • Antonia is rendered quadriplegic and is convicted. Rodrigo watches her with great pain inside him, but leaves her. Alejandro and Gabriela finally get married. Tomasito is born; he brings new hope to his sister and San Pedro del Oro.

  • Antonia threatens Gabriela that she'll have David killed. The police surround the mine and Antonia is ready to detonate the explosives.

  • Antonia gives Gabriela instructions on how she can get David back. Gabriela goes to the mine to confront Antonia. The mine is surrounded by police.

  • Lagarto threatens Poncia. Antonia puts sleeping pills in Gonz'谩lez's food and attacks the other guard in an escape attempt. Ver贸nica has a bad feeling.

  • Antonia asks David to tell Ver贸nica to visit her. Gabriela tells Antonia she knows who she was, and the scene turns very ugly.

  • Alejandro can't reach Rodrigo, so he calls Lucho. Antonia is awaiting news from Macario. Rodrigo tells her An铆bal's suicide left her more exposed.

  • Antonia visits An铆bal in jail and threatens him. He refuses to reveal that Ver贸nica is really Gabriela, to the bitter end. Alejandro escapes.

  • Rodrigo kisses Antonia and she asks him to leave with her. Tigre's lawyer is willing to help them take down An铆bal and Antonia.

  • Alejandro confronts Antonia and demands she confess to her crimes. An铆bal refuses to declare against her. The truth about the poisoning is discovered.

  • Gonz'谩lez chases after Lucho and fires into the air. Chac贸n makes more declarations that condemn An铆bal and Antonia. He swears he'll have his revenge.

  • Lucas wakes up from his coma, but he's in bad shape. Gertrudis takes the stand and confesses that An铆bal paid her to lock Constanza up.

  • Antonia calls Alejandro a traitor and confronts Ver贸nica. Luc铆a is getting worse. At the trial, An铆bal pleads innocence of Constanza's accusations.

  • Luc铆a is released. Alejandro promises the miners El Chamuco will be back in the Su'谩rez's hands soon. Luisa tells Patricia Ricardo always loved her.

  • Ver贸nica and Gast贸n are jumping for joy. Francisca can't believe the news. Ricardo and Luisa pick up where they left off, and make up for lost time.

  • Cecilia is raped, and he escapes, but she manages to get a look at his face and recognizes him. Alejandro, Rodrigo and the police look for Cecilia.

  • Ver贸nica tells Constanza she doesn't want to lose her son. Rodrigo interrogates An铆bal about his past with Antonia. Gast贸n is worried about Francisca.

  • Ver贸nica laughs and cries over the news that she's pregnant. Francisca is home alone when that pain hits her again. David confronts Ver贸nica.

  • Antonia tells An铆bal she'll use her money to make people forget about her past and she'll always be the Boss. Macario gives Antonia an ultimatum.

  • Antonia threatens to take everything Ver贸nica owns for defamation. Ricardo receives divorce papers from Patricia. A victory celebration is held.

  • Rodrigo knows the truth but he follows along with Ver贸nica. Lagarto tells Alejandro Antonia shot him and he's going to die. Antonia owns the brothel.

  • Lagarto tells Alejandro that Antonia shot him. Rodrigo investigates Ver贸nica with an FBI agent. Antonia pressures the lawyer into defending her.

  • Alejandro is taken into custody for assaulting Macario. Ricardo suggests he be transferred to a state prison to keep him out of Antonia's reach.

  • A doctor tells Lagarto that his remaining kidney is certain to fail. Ver贸nica celebrates Antonia's bad fortune with Gast贸n. Rodrigo and Antonia fight.

  • Gast贸n tries to convince Lagarto to declare against Antonia. Ver贸nica tells Alejandro about Irene's confession. Francisca feels pains in her stomach.

  • Ver贸nica has a conversation with Luc铆a. Antonia visits An铆bal and offers to get help, and he signs a check for her. Irene finds out Ver贸nica's secret.

  • Antonia teams up with In茅s to help her get Ricardo. Irene and Poncia help get Lucho into Antonia's office. Constanza talks with Antona at the club.

  • Antonia slaps Macario and Lucas for failing to kill Gast贸n. An铆bal confronts Ricardo, but he can't take it when Constanza calls him a murderer.

  • Alejandro is very worried about Luc铆a's treatment. Gertrudis confesses to everything she did under the senator's orders. Gast贸n manages to escape.

  • Antonia orders a new job. Ver贸nica wants Gast贸n protected. An铆bal threatens Rodrigo to leave Chopo alone. Constanza appears to Rodrigo's surprise.

  • Antonia tells David the truth about her past. Eugenia drinks with Lucas and Macario. Francisca cries when she comes home knowing Max won't be there.

  • An铆bal demands Rodrigo arrest Gast贸n. Ricardo and Patricia are called to the fort. At the meeting, Lucho says he thinks they've been spied on.

  • Francisca's grief over the death of her son transforms into anger. Alejandro has a terrible fight with Antonia. Irene finds out she's being spied on.

  • Patricia plans to tell Constanza Ricardo has a lover. Ver鲁nica nominates Patricia as president of the Club. Max and Valentina are in a car crash.

  • At the trial Francisca accuses Antonia and An铆bal of taking her land, and Cecilia and Poncia corroborate. Rodrigo realizes Poncia's afraid of Antonia.

  • Valentina finds out Gabriela is still alive. Lucho is afraid Alejandro might betray them and tells Constanza. Gast贸n agrees and tells Gabriela.

  • An铆bal is stabilized and tells Antonia that Constanza is alive. Cecilia loses the baby and blames Antonia. Antonia hears Valentina is marrying Max.

  • Alejandro gets Gertrudis to talk about Gabriela in the hospital, while Ricardo listens in. Ver贸nica arrives as Gabriela Su'谩rez to see Alejandro.

  • Antonia plans to cause Cecilia an abortion using medications. Maximiliano meets with the prosecutor to present charges against Antonia and An铆bal.

  • Patricia asks Irene if she has a lover. In茅s visits Ricardo for an erotic encounter. Francisca agrees to marry Gast贸n.

  • Ver贸nica and Max accuse Lucas in front of Rodrigo, who asks Ver贸nica if she's Lucho's accomplice. She defends Lucho and tells him to watch Antonia.

  • An铆bal shouts for someone to stop Lucho. The shouting is heard at the party. Ver贸nica and Alejandro get tense, and Rodrigo and the police chase Lucho.

  • Chac贸n is about to be moved to prison. The hospital reopening ceremony begins. Alejandro sees Lucho hiding amongst the guests. In茅s visits Ricardo.

  • Alejandro finds out his mother has lost millions on the stock market. Ver贸nica tells Gast贸n he should run for mayor.

  • Antonia invites Rodrigo into her room, but he refuses. Maximiliano confronts Francisca and Gast贸n. Antonia is furious Maximiliano is still free.

  • Ver贸nica supports Alejandro's decision to quit. Ricardo manages to free Maximiliano. Chac贸n refuses to confess. Rodrigo moves in with Antonia.

  • Antonia and Rodrigo's story together begins with a passionate kiss. Irene refuses to kill Alejandro, but Lucho's getting in her head.

  • Francisca looks for Estrella to make her confess she lied to send Maximiliano to jail. Unable to see his daughter, Alejandro gets drunk while Lucho turns into his protector. Rodrigo tells Antonia he likes her and kisses her again.

  • Lagarto escapes in Rodrigo's car. Max is still in jail. Balmaceda is in bad shape. Irene agrees to work with Lucho. Antonia wants Lagarto dead.

  • Francisca finds out Gast贸n was hiding Lucho. Lagarto confronts Rodrigo, and it doesn't end well for either. Antonia helps rescue Rodrigo.

  • When Irene doesn't respond, Valentina asks Poncia to call a doctor. Balmaceda tells An铆bal he suspects Chac贸n may have been hidden on his property.

  • Ricardo tells In茅s the truth about his sexuality and his love for Patricia. Gabriela tells Lucho Balmaceda is coming for him. Antonia is afraid.

  • Patricia realizes someone is spying on her. David and Alejandro arrive at the fort and tell Ver贸nica they're there because David wants to propose.

  • Alejandro receives a call informing him Antonia's been arrested. An铆bal demands she be released, but Balmaceda says she's staying there for the night.

  • Antonia meets the new commissioner, who shows her that things are changing in San Pedro del Oro. Macario finds the stables on fire at the ranch.

  • Julio dies in his daughter Patricia's arms, and Ver贸nica knows the Lobos are behind it. Alejandro asks his mother for money to leave town for good.

  • Ricardo confronts his father An铆bal. Francisca kicks Gast贸n out for being with Estrella. Julio Montemar tells Gast贸n Chac贸n killed his girlfriend.

  • Alejandro interrogates Poncia. Chac贸n prepares for a showdown. Alejandro asks Antonia if he's An铆bal's son. Antonia informs An铆bal of the situation.

  • Patricia confesses that Ricardo and Alejandro are brothers. Ver贸nica promises Gertrudis An铆bal will pay for what he's done. Alejandro wants the truth.

  • Ricardo knows Ram贸n was murdered. An铆bal confronts Ricardo. Antonia tells Valentina she'll take care of her. Antonia agrees to the partnership.

  • Ram贸n Izquierdo's body is discovered by a dog. Ricardo finds out that the police are covering up his death. Valentina faints and goes to the hospital.

  • Ver贸nica warns Antonia that she's about to make a powerful enemy. Irene demands her mother's inheritance. Ver贸nica announces her wedding.

  • Ver贸nica promises to help Alberto, but Antonia cuts his air flow, and by the time she and Ricardo come back to take his statement, it may be too late.

  • David reconciles with his uncle Max and asks Antonia to use her influence to get his uncle out of jail. Ver贸nica reveals her true identity to Alberto.

  • Maximiliano is detained as a suspect in the assault against Alberto Espino. An铆bal tells Antonia they're all going to hell for their avarice.

  • Lucas arrests Alberto under Antonia's orders and beats him mercilessly. Ricardo is still overwhelmed after his mother's call. He tells Patricia.

  • Antonia is still trying to find out who was with Ram贸n at the bar. David goes to Ver贸nica's to visit Cecilia. Alejandro tells Ver贸nica he loves her.

  • Ram贸n reveals who caused the explosion. Macario and Lucas hear him and tell Antonia. Antonia sends Macario and Lucas to bring her Ram贸n.

  • Luc铆a gets bad news from the doctor. Ricardo and Alejandro are investigating the case of the El Chamuco mine. Gast贸n is called as a witness.

  • Gertrudis tells Ver贸nica she's escaping because they're trying to kill her. Antonia and the Lobos can't find her and they're starting to worry.

  • Alejandro finds out his daughter's medical condition is extremely serious. Ram贸n tells Lucho that he knows who killed Tigre Su'谩rez.

  • Alejandro fights with Irene. Gertrudis is surprised by Lucas. The pediatrician tells Alejandro he fears that what Luc铆a has may be very serious.

  • Valentina breaks up with Maximiliano. Cecilia cries over David's leaving and begs Valentina to get back together with Max. David refuses to leave.

  • Antonia offers Braulio money to close Valentina's case. Gast贸n continues reporting on the unpunished crimes. Francisca and Gast贸n kiss passionately.

  • Everyone suspects that something terrible must have happened to Prudencia at the hands of the Lobos. Patricia is sad that no one is at the funeral.

  • An铆bal, Chac贸n and Julio plot to get rid of Prudencia; Gertrudis and Lucas help. Alejandro needs a lawyer to invalidate the document Ricardo signed.

  • Prudencia threatens Chac贸n that she'll tell everyone in town about the murders and he kicks her out. Ver贸nica calls the Lobos about the hospital.

  • Julio tells Antonia and An铆bal he has to take Lagarto out. Alejandro and Irene come in and Julio tells his daughter her mother is a whore.

  • Gast贸n starts his radio presentations. Lagarto is listening in disbelief when he receives an anonymous letter that leaves him in shock.

  • Antonia finds out she's about to be the target of a coup. Lucas gets aggressive with Cecilia. Lucho tells Lucecita Prudencia is with the commissioner.

  • Lagarto tells Julio and An铆bal that Macario is in jail. Antonia agrees to a truce with Ver贸nica when she finds out Gabriela's death is confirmed.

  • Alberto breaks off all ties with Antonia. She shows up at Ver贸nica's house to declare war. Lucho gets Comadreja to confess to his business dealings.

  • Ver贸nica suffers David's harsh words for his mother in silence. Patricia hears Antonia and An铆bal have a son. Ver贸nica goes to the dinner at An铆bal's.

  • An铆bal doesn't invite Antonia to Ver贸nica's dinner. Alejandro catches Valentina kissing Maximiliano. Lucecita talks to Lucho about Julio Montemar.

  • Ver贸nica offers Alejandro a job as bank manager. Constanza meets with Ricardo. Gabriela tells Gast贸n a surprise visitor is on the way.

  • David and Max face off. Luc铆a has a fever and Alejandro takes her to the doctor. Antonia promises she'll show everyone Ver贸nica is really Gabriela.

  • Gabriela and Constanza leave for Mexico to meet with their enemies. Cecilia helps Valentina find Max. They invite Alejandro to welcome Ver贸ncia.

  • David returns to San Pedro with Valentina. Antonia thinks this is her chance to get her hands on Valentina's fortune. An铆bal announces his candidacy.

  • Francisca finds out that Gabriela, Constanza and Lucho have fled. Constanza gets her inheritance and starts planning to fake her death.

  • Antonia orders Gast贸n arrested. Gabriela realizes that she and Constanza are in danger, and Gast贸n tries to rescue them in an ambulance.

  • David crashes his motorcycle. Gabriela goes to visit him at the hospital dressed as a nurse. Lucho is missing and presumed to have fled.

  • El Para铆so is still on fire. Gabriela saves Lucho, and they both rescue Constanza. Alejandro decides to go to El Para铆so. Gabriela doesn't come out.

  • Maximiliano is suffering over Gabriela. Alejandro talks with Ricardo about Constanza. Antonia wants Gabriela dead, and things get hot at the asylum.

  • Gabriela and Lucho plan to rush their escape and take Constanza. Maximiliano sneaks into El Para铆so planning to help Gabriela get away.

  • Constanza fears for her life; the Lobos have already made plans for her along with Gertrudis. Milagros offers to help Gabriela and Constanza.

  • Gabriela is catatonic after four years of soul-crushing confinement. Constanza tries to help her. Lucho feigns insanity to get back into the asylum.

  • Lucho and Gast贸n make friends as they share a jail cell. Ricardo fights with his mother and Antonia. An铆bal orders Gabriela released from solitary.

  • At El Para铆so, Gabriela is a shell of her former self. Gast贸n is freed and starts investigating the prosecutor who sent him to prison without a trial.

  • Prudencia and Julio find out their daughters are getting married pregnant. An铆bal threatens Francisca to get her to authorize mining El Chamuco.

  • Gabriela goes to the hospital and Gertrudis wants her revenge. Antonia tries to win David over. Ricardo and Patricia plan to get married.

  • A fight between Gabriela and Gertrudis doesn't end well for Gertrudis. Alejandro keeps drinking. Gabriela thinks Alejandro called the police on her.

  • Gast贸n sends a letter to Francisca from jail, but An铆bal intercepts the one he sent to Ricardo. Gabriela puts her escape plan in motion.

  • Francisca and Maximiliano face destitution. At El Para铆so, Alejandro is told Gabriela caused the miscarriage. Gabriela swears vengeance on Antonia.

  • Gabriela attacks Alejandro and gets arrested. Ricardo gives Antonia temporary custody of David. Gertrudis tells Antonia Gabriela is pregnant.

  • Antonia goes after Gabriela, telling her she'll take her son away. Gabriela steals a car and leaves desperate to find her son. Alejandro finds her.

  • The explosion takes someone dear to Antonia, and she blames Gabriela. Guill茅n is badly injured. Gabriela returns and gets accused of murdering Tigre.

  • Antonia and Fernando duke it out. Alejandro tries to keep Gast贸n out of jail, but it doesn't look good. An铆bal tries to take advantage of Gabriela.

  • Tigre is tortured to reveal the location of the gold. Antonia and Prudencia blame Gabriela for Julia's death. Antonia wants Tigre and Gabriela dead.

  • Fernando apologizes to Gabriela. Alejandro confirms Gabriela was raped, and she refuses to forgive Fernando. An铆bal convinces Antonia to let Tigre go.

  • Gabriela and Antonia get in a big fight. The Tigre is arrested. Gabriela goes to report her rape to the police, but Ricardo says she has no case.

  • David finds out Fernando is his father. Alejandro is worried when David goes missing. Gabriela threatens to accuse Fernando if Tigre is arrested.

  • Gast贸n refuses to sign the confession to Inocencia's murder. Tigre testifies in Gast贸n's favor. Antonia shows Alejandro the results of the DNA test.

  • Gabriela promises to kill anyone who dares hurt her family again. Alejandro protects her and takes her off the platform. Antonia threatens the miners.

  • Antonia announces Alejandro and Gabriela's wedding. Lagarto tries to rape Inocencia, but it doesn't go as planned. David goes up the bell tower.

  • An铆bal and Justo force Diego, the lawyer, to tell them everything he knows about Tigre and El Chamuco. Antonia announces her son's engagement.

  • Alejandro is furious with An铆bal after he tells him to enjoy his affair with Gabriela. A lock of David's hair is stolen for a DNA test with Fernando.

  • Gabriela makes a difficult confession to Alejandro about David's origins. Alejandro announces his wedding plans. Alberto tells Antonia about the gold.

  • Gabriela rejects Alejandro's kiss and runs. Antonia tells Fernando never to tell anyone he raped Gabriela. Antonia suspects David may be her grandson.

  • Alberto proposes to Antonia. Alberto Espino and Patricia are in the stables about to make love. Fernando confesses that he raped Gabriela Su'谩rez.

  • Fernando dreams that Antonia kills his father. Francisca tells Gabriela Tigre went to El Chamuco. Gabriela runs into Antonia in a tense encounter.

  • Tom'谩s confesses to Francisca that he found a huge vein of gold, but he's desperate to get his hands on Gabriela's mother Luc铆a's will.

  • Gabriela Su'谩rez exposes safety issues at the San Pedro mine. Gabriela and Alejandro's lives change after they're trapped in a mine collapse together.

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