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Recent fairy school graduate Laurie tries her best to help little kids with their daily problems, but despite her greatest efforts, Laurie always seems to mess things up even more. Laurie The Lousy Fairy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 28, 2015.

Where do I stream Laurie The Lousy Fairy online? Laurie The Lousy Fairy is available for streaming on DreamWorksTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Laurie The Lousy Fairy on demand at Amazon Prime online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 28, 2015
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Laurie The Lousy Fairy Full Episode Guide

  • Rosa is living her worst nightmare: she has a huge pimple! Laurie's magic somehow turns Rosa's body against her and now they must both fight to get Rosa back into one piece!

  • Tanya is a spoiled brat who tries to trick Laurie into giving her superpowers, but Laurie's questionable fairy skills backfire. Minutes before the homecoming dance, will Tanya's boyfriend be too grossed out to take her as his date?

  • Laurie's fairy skills have been rusty, so her instructor Olga assigns her a tutor. But of course, Laurie manages to put his life in danger. Can she save him before it's too late?

  • Candy has always dreamed of being a pop music star, but when Laurie helps her succeed, Candy's future career takes an unexpected turn.

  • Amber really wants her mom to win the prettiest yard competition. Can Laurie help transform her yard into a beautiful garden?

  • Malcolm just wants to be big, but Laurie misinterprets his wish, and transforms him into something bigger than his mom can handle.

  • Hillary's fish is very sad, hopefully Laurie can use her magic to cheer him up!

  • Esther is a very old woman with a very stinky issue that only a Fairy's magic can solve.

  • Jeremy wishes he had an older brother. But after Laurie's done granting his wish he'll definitely wish he never met her.

  • Mandy wants a puppy to hold and squish and love. Can Laurie help make her dreams come true?

  • Laurie's next assignment is... Surprise! The bully from school! Can she even please the meanest of meanies?

  • Instead of writing her essay on elephants, Laurie turns a girl into an actual elephant!

  • Laurie the Fairy takes her first crack at granting wishes but it all goes horribly wrong.