Less Than Kind

Sheldon is like any typical teenager except that his family is dysfunctional. He grew up in Winnipeg. Sheldon and his family are Jewish. They struggle to run their family business which is a driving school. They operate their business from home.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on DirecTV
4 Seasons, 47 Episodes
November 3, 2011
Cast: Jesse Camacho, Benjamin Arthur, Wendel Meldrum, Nancy Sorel
Less Than Kind

Less Than Kind Full Episode Guide

  • Sheldon ends up at Jim's door; Anne mistakes Jim's return for a romantic overture; Sheldon enlists his family to help set his friends right.

  • Clara must face her resentment; Sheldon senses a problem with his friends; Josh and Eric cut corners at work.

  • Josh forces Sheldon into a secret trip to Toronto to save his marriage. Tears are shed when Shandra's penny-pinching drives Anne to the brink. After an exhausting day at Jack's and a fight with Sheldon, Miriam makes a big mistake.

  • Josh and Shandra hold a wedding to save their house; Jim is shocked by Lubbe's news; Jim saves the day.

  • Sheldon, Danny, and Miriam are fired from their jobs; Josh runs into Eric; Anne and Clara discover an affair.

  • Clara copes with a pregnancy scare; Anne learns Jim has feelings for her; Sheldon and Miriam seek Lisa's advice.

  • Sheldon makes the most out of the summer; Anne's anxiety leads to an unexpected tryst; Josh and Shandra shop for their first home.

  • Sheldon, Miriam and Mr. Lubbe make a discovery about Sheldon's whereabouts; Anne questions Jim Sheridan; Josh confronts Shandra at work.

  • Anne and Clara's decision to sell the school doesn't go as smoothly as they had hoped; Josh and Eric find an audition for the acting prodigy; Danny vanishes.

  • Sheldon hosts the victory celebration for the wrestling team and Tina becomes his girlfriend. Josh is forced into being a reluctant chaperon by a frightened Anne. Danny and Miriam crash the party.

  • John and Eric discover an acting prodigy; Sheldon is recruited by the wrestling team; Clara receives sympathy from Shandra; Anne is troubled by her own desires.

  • Josh and Eric struggle to find students deserving of the Academy of Acting Excellence. Anne is visited by an old family friend, who presents an interesting business venture.

  • Miriam and Sheldon share a goodnight kiss; Danny becomes innovative for a school project; Anne, Clara and Sheldon get sick.

  • Miriam sees a woman exiting her father's bedroom; Josh and Eric struggle to finance their acting academy; Anne crashes Sam's poker game.

  • Sheldon's apology doesn't go as planned; Josh nearly kills a driving-school student; Clara blackmails her ex-husband.

  • Clara has a hard time learning to drive; Josh distracts himself with sex; Sheldon hears the truth about Miriam.

  • Rabbi Rabinowitz delivers an indifferent eulogy at Sam's funeral, while Clara contends with the appearance of her ex-husband.

  • In the Season 3 opener, the Blecher family struggles with the death of the family's patriarch, which reveals infidelities and financial turmoil.

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