LIFE: Discovery Channel

A perfect way to open your eyes to new worlds, and knowledge of natures works is through investing your time on watching the Life program. The Life program has a way of teaching you scientific knowledge on ways our planet thrives. It fills you with knowledge on plants, animals, and many other mysteries, and discoveries in our universe. This program gives you new insight on the planets way of changing everyday and is all about learning. It expands your mind. This show opens you up to exploring different forms of life, through the eyes of others. A show that has extraordinary ways of giving you an up close and personnel view, on the way nature survives as it evolves. Along the way with keeping you on edge wondering... what comes next... as it plays out roles, of everyday struggles in the survival of nature.

If you want to find more out, about how life works you may learn a lot from this show. Watching it may fulfill your need, to learn more. You'll learn more, on the ways of the universe. The Life program shows you step by step processes of life cycles, along with the full out come of them. Give yourself a chance to discover by watching the Life program. You may find it to be quite interesting, than you ever expected it to be.

Sundays at 8:00 pm on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 10 Episodes
April 18, 2010
Science & Technology, Learning & Education
Cast: David Attenborough, Oprah Winfrey
LIFE: Discovery Channel

LIFE: Discovery Channel Full Episode Guide

  • Primates have learned to improvise to survive in harsh conditions.

  • Take a closer look at plants and their competitive tendencies that make them highly successful for survival.

  • Mammals have learned from past experiences which helps in survival and for finding prey.

  • Deep-sea marine invertebrates are extraordinarily diverse. From carnivorous squids to giant spider crabs, sea stars to monster worms, these animals are tough survivors despite the lack of a backbone.

  • Birds have one feature that no other animal possesses: feathers. This allows them to solve life's challenges in radically different ways.

  • Fish are the most varied and diverse backboned creatures on the planet. They range from pregnant males to fish that fly, to those that have a top speed faster than a cheetah.

  • Mammals are found in every habitat except the deep ocean. Besides their signature physical traits of fat, fur and warm blood, they are unique among animals in the care they lavish on their young.

  • The amazing survival tactics of reptiles and amphibians.

  • In the series premiere, Life portrays the amazing strategies plants and animals have developed to survive.

  • The Making of LIFE.

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"Your decision to even schedule this program is in shockingly bad taste, insensitive to Michael's family and appears motivated solely by your blind desire to exploit Michael's death,” wrote John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the late singer’s estate.

"On behalf of Michael's family, fans, common sense and decency, we urge you to reconsider and cancel this program," added Branca and McClain

Michael Jackson’s executors sent the angry letter to the President and CEO of Discovery Communications David Zaslav in response to

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