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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

A collection of cooking, food, a little bit of romance, and the struggles deals with young people who crave food and romance as they fall in and out of love. There are all so many delicious dishes and not so coincidental characters that embody food names. Lively university students started a club, "Cooking Club for Better Taste," to tell their stories about love and relationships.

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10. E10
March 5, 2019
After a month, the campus is holding a festival. To earn some money, 'Omija Club' signs up for a booth. But where are Dan and Won-du? Ja-du asks Cho-i where her boyfriend is. Two men approach the booth.
9. E09
March 1, 2019
Dan decides to tell his feelings to Cho-i. Won-du heads somewhere after class. Where is he going? How is this love triangle going to end?
8. E08
February 25, 2019
Today is 'Omija Club' party day. Everyone's busy preparing the party except So-geum. She brings Yu-jin to the party, and it turns into a chaotic night.
7. E07
February 22, 2019
Cho-i and Dan went to see a movie and bumped into Won-du. He's here for his assignment but he's not alone. His teammate 'Yu-jin' is with him. Everyone can tell that Yu-jin likes Won-du. Seeing them together, Cho-i feels jealous and Dan is in a good mood.
6. E06
February 18, 2019
Cho-i was supposed to pick up groceries with Won-du, but she hears Dan is sick, so she visits him instead. Being stood up, Won-du also visits Dan, because he is also worried about him.
5. E05
February 15, 2019
It was 'Ja-du' who talked Won-du into joining the 'Omija Club.' The club needed an extra member, besides she thought Won-du was boyfriend material for Cho-i. But she didn't think that playboy 'Dan' would actually have feelings for Cho-i. Ja-du is surprised to know where his head's at.
4. E04
February 11, 2019
Coming back from class, Cho-i finds out that her house is clean. Maybe her mom stopped by. Plus, her mom made a lot of Kimbap. She sends a group message to 'Omija' but looks like everyone is busy. Eventually, Won-du, her next-door neighbor, joins her. When Dan finds out that Cho-i is eating Kimbap with Won-du, alone, he packs his bag and leaves class.
3. E03
February 8, 2019
After putting the 'Omija Club' posters on, 'Dan' takes Cho-i to a fancy restaurant to cheer her up. The place is quite expensive for students. Admiring the classy interior, Cho-i overhears people talking on her way to the restroom. While 'Won-du' finds the posters on the wall and joins the 'Omija Club.'
2. E02
February 4, 2019
Cho-i finds out that her ex-boyfriend has already moved on. To deal with her anger, she orders the 'dangerously hot chicken feet.' But unlike its name, it's not that spicy. Wondering what's wrong, someone rings her doorbell. It's Won-du.
1. E01
February 1, 2019
Cho-i' thought her boyfriend was Prince Charming, but it turns out that he's just a jerk. After getting a text from her friend, she goes to a bar and finds her boyfriend drinking with another girl...
  • Premiere Date
    February 1, 2019