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  • 1980
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (921)

Love in a Cold Climate is a British television series from 2001, based on Nancy Mitford’s novel of the same name. The six-part drama miniseries was produced by BBC Wales and aired on ITV in the UK. It featured an all-star cast, including Rosamund Pike, Alan Bates, and Sheila Hancock.

Set in the glamorous 1930s, Love in a Cold Climate follows the upper-class family of the Montdores, who reside in their sprawling estate of Hampton. The drama is told from the point of view of Fanny Logan, a young and free-spirited woman who is the daughter of the Montdores’ closest friend. Fanny spends a lot of her time in their company and serves as a confidante to the members of the family.

The Montdores are led by Lady Montdore, who is a manipulative, snobbish matriarch who is obsessed with securing marriages for her children. Her husband, Uncle Matthew, is boisterous and outspoken, with a fondness for shooting, hunting, and drinking. Their children are Cedric, a bookish and shy fellow, Polly, a beautiful and vain young woman, and Linda, who is the brightest and most intriguing of the siblings.

Alan Bates plays Lord Montdore, the deaf husband of Lady Montdore. Bates' character is the picture of an indulgent, elderly aristocrat, happy to let his wife run the show, yet always aware of his own station. Bates plays the role with great warmth and nuance, bringing a real humanity to the character, and his scenes with Lady Montdore are a real highlight of the series.

Rosamund Pike, who would later go on to star in films like Gone Girl and Hostiles, plays Fanny Logan. Pike depicts the character as a charming, smart, and resourceful young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her performance is a masterclass in understatement, with Pike imbuing the character with a natural grace and poise that makes her the heart and soul of the series.

Sheila Hancock plays the role of Lady Montdore with great gusto, creating a villainess that is both deeply amusing and thoroughly reprehensible. Lady Montdore's absurdity is also the source of much of the comedy in the series and is an interesting contrast to the more serious themes of the story.

At its heart, Love in a Cold Climate is a story about class, love, and the price that must be paid for societal acceptance. It explores the romantic entanglements of the Montdores, their most loyal friends, and the young and beautiful people who surround them. The series paints a vivid picture of the 1930s British upper class, its flaws, and its rituals, from the dreaded "coming out" season to grand country estates with their staff of servants.

Throughout the series, the characters struggle with the expectations placed on them by their respective social classes and the rules and conventions that dictate their lives. The overarching themes of the story, such as love, happiness, and the search for meaning, are all explored with great sensitivity and nuance. The series is beautifully shot, with detailed and evocative production and costume design that transports the viewer back in time to the world of the Montdores.

Overall, Love in a Cold Climate is a fantastic British drama, featuring compelling characters, remarkable performances, and an engaging story that will appeal to anyone who loves period dramas. While it may not be a well-known or widely talked about series, it is a true gem that deserves to be discovered and enjoyed by more viewers today.

Love in a Cold Climate is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on October 29, 1980.

Love in a Cold Climate
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In Love and War
8. In Love and War
December 17, 1980
In 1940, everyone in the Radletts' extended family is doing their part for the war effort: Aunt Sadie stores crates for the British Museum; Uncle Matt drills Local Defense Volunteers; and Linda hunkers down in London, waiting for her darling Fabrice despite his pleas that she retreat to the countryside for safety.
Monsieur Le Duc
7. Monsieur Le Duc
December 10, 1980
Penniless and stranded in Paris, Linda struggles to recover from her second failed marriage. A stranger at the Gare du Nord train station offers aid, sparking a fast friendship. As the possibility of a full-blown affair blooms, the onset of war threatens to separate the lovers.
Foreigners Are Fiends
6. Foreigners Are Fiends
December 3, 1980
Lady Montdore throws an extravagant Venetian ball featuring canals, costumes, and more than one startling revelation. The success buoys her mood enough to reconcile with Polly, who is consoling her loss of Boy's baby with the company of a new admirer. Linda follows Christian to a refugee camp in Perpignon, France.
Heir Apparent
5. Heir Apparent
November 26, 1980
Cedric Hampton arrives at Hampton, thrilled at the prospect of his future life and determined to reshape Lady Montdore into an appropriate companion. Polly has retreated to Sicily with her new husband but finds the heat stifling as her marriage quickly cools. Christian Talbot, a penniless communist, wins an adoring fan in Linda.
The Merry Widower
4. The Merry Widower
November 19, 1980
It's 1933 and Linda, Fanny, and Polly all seem to have found domestic bliss. Behind closed doors, however, the truth emerges: Linda is trapped in a loveless marriage, and her in-laws refuse to allow her to spend her pregnancy with her family. Polly's wedding to Boy Dougdale dissolves into disaster as Lady Montdore faces her estate's title falling to an heir she has never met.
Rings and Things
3. Rings and Things
November 12, 1980
Despite disapproval from both families, Linda and her beau, Tony, are more determined than ever to marry. Sonia's patience is put to the test as her willful daughter and bullheaded husband each stand their ground. Meanwhile, Polly resists her mother's meddling and wheedling to pick a husband--until she lays eyes on the very rich and very married Boy Dougdale.
Coming Out
2. Coming Out
November 5, 1980
Polly Montdore has grown into a haughty beauty, aloof to her mother and society at large, but dear to the Radlett girls. As her coming-out ball and the following year progress, Polly and her confidante Linda Radlett pursue matrimony--although not with the men their parents would have selected.
Child Hunt
1. Child Hunt
October 29, 1980
The gaggle of Radlett girls and their friends are filled with excitement of the season and an unquenched curiosity about married life. Their eccentric childhood includes Lord Alconleigh "hunting" his offspring with bloodhounds for exercise and Cousin Fanny joining the madcap household, acting as record keeper for years to come.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 29, 1980
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (921)