Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family

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  • 2013
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (303)

"Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" is a reality TV series featuring the life of popular American rapper, Mac Miller, and his friends, family, and colleagues, as they navigate their daily lives in Los Angeles. It premiered on MTV2 on February 26, 2013, and ended after two seasons in 2014. The show is a part of MTV2's lineup that showcases the life of young and talented music stars, and Mac Miller's personality shines throughout.

The show follows Mac Miller as he moves out of Pittsburgh and into his newly bought house in the Hollywood Hills alongside his group of friends, also known as "the Most Dope Family." The show highlights Miller's life beyond the flashy image of a young, successful rapper. It presents the struggles and aspirations of a 21-year-old who is trying to grow up and find himself beyond his music career.

The show is a collection of quirky moments, insightful interviews, and ridiculous acts of fun. It features Miller and his family interacting with each other, his team hustling through music videos and performances, and his friends engaging in the kind of fun activities that young people do.

Mac Miller's personalities are a central aspect of the show. Viewers are able to see the young artist as more than simply a musician. He is a down-to-earth guy who likes to have fun, making jokes, and throwing parties. There are several scenes of him expressing his love for music, indulging in video games with his friends, and trying to get his life together by working out and meditating.

Despite his success in the music industry, Mac Miller presents himself as a very relatable figure, demonstrating that he is a regular person who also goes through ups and downs. This aspect makes the show stand out from other reality programs, which often depict their subjects in glamorous ways, focusing solely on their music career.

Throughout the two seasons, viewers witness firsthand the growth of Mac Miller's career. They get to see him perform in concerts, music videos, and jam sessions with his friends. One of the highlights of the show is the creation of Mac's second album "Watching Movies with the Sound Off," which was launched shortly after the show's premiere.

In addition to showcasing Miller's music, the show documents the struggles and challenges he encountered as an artist. It illustrates the process of making a hit record and how the support of his friends helped him through difficult times.

The show also highlights Miller's philanthropic activities. He collaborates with various organizations to raise money for charitable causes, including cancer research and efforts to combat homelessness.

The supporting cast features a mix of Mac Miller's family and friends. They all bring their personalities to the show, which helps in portraying Miller's social circle. The crew also focuses on Miller's love life and the drama that can come with it when he tries to balance his career and personal life. His family provides a glimpse into the rapper's humble roots, which contrasts with the more lavish lifestyle that is now accessible to him.

Overall, "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" is an entertaining and insightful show that gives viewers a look into the life of one of the rap industry's young talents. The show provides a unique and refreshing take on the life of a rapper, showing that despite the fame and fortune, they are still human and go through similar struggles as everyone else. The show's dynamic characters, amazing music, and lighthearted moments make it an enjoyable watch.

Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family
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Fear Factor
8. Fear Factor
September 3, 2014
Mac surprises the family with a dream vacation to Hawaii, but there's a catch - they must each face their fears.
Park City Dreamin'
7. Park City Dreamin'
August 27, 2014
Mac and the family head to Park City, Utah, for some fun on the court and the slopes.
Xmas in LA
6. Xmas in LA
August 20, 2014
Mac and his fam spend their first holiday together--but will Mac be able to pull off the Most Dope Christmas ever?
The Dogfather
5. The Dogfather
August 13, 2014
Mac adopts two puppies and later holds a citywide scavenger hunt for his friends for the title of "The Dogfather."
48 Hours in Paris
4. 48 Hours in Paris
August 6, 2014
Mac makes a friendly wager with Chelsea.
Key to the City
3. Key to the City
July 30, 2014
Mac is receiving a key to his hometown of Pittsburg. With the thought of returning , comes anxiety about returning to his old High School.
2. No FOMO
July 24, 2014
Can Mac cure his friends of their social media addiction with a "no technology allowed" weekend?
Dope Dublin
1. Dope Dublin
July 23, 2014
Mac opens for Lil Wayne and discovers his Irish roots, but will his Dublin hijinks threaten his career?
  • Premiere Date
    February 26, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (303)