Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family

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One of rap's biggest recording artists now has his own reality show called "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" airing on MTV 2. In this series viewers can see what it's like to live in a beautiful house in Los Angeles and what a superstar does when they're not performing. Join Mac, Quentin, Big Dave, Jimmy, and Peanut as they cruise through LA in expensive cars and go golfing on rooftop.

Big Dave met Mac at a concert and after becoming friends Mac made him his bodyguard. Jimmy and Peanut are Mac's closest friends from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Quentin works with Mac on creating the REMember record label.

This show is nonstop comedy as Mac throws an end of the world party with girls, music and liquor galore. There's just one problem that's trying to keep Mac from having a blast with his homies: the neighbors. Mac's home recording studio is located right by the neighbor's bedroom. The neighbors relentlessly complain about the noise coming from Mac's house and even call the police to try to put Miller's reign of happiness to an end.

While most of us are eating microwavable lunches in a break room Mac and his buddies are fishing and fine dining on a boat! The star's mansion has an in-ground swimming pool and jacuzzi that Jimmy jumps into right off the houses porch. How often do you see a brand new car stopped in a lane on a busy highway? Even celebrities have to endure unusual hardships as one of the most famous people in music today is stuck standing on a highway.

Now die hard fans can know exactly Mac Miller goes through on a day to day basis. This show started airing February 26, 2013 and continues filming today. Fans can expect to see plenty more shenanigans as Mac and his crew wreak havoc with some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Tuesday 11:30 PM et/pt on MTV2
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
February 26, 2013
Kids & Family, Music, Reality, Talk & Interview
Cast: Mac Miller, Quentin Cuff, David Harley Jr., Brandon Herbert
Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family

Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family Full Episode Guide

  • Mac surprises the family with a dream vacation to Hawaii, but there's a catch - they must each face their fears.

  • Mac and the family head to Park City, Utah, for some fun on the court and the slopes.

  • Mac and his fam spend their first holiday together--but will Mac be able to pull off the Most Dope Christmas ever?

  • Mac adopts two puppies and later holds a citywide scavenger hunt for his friends for the title of "The Dogfather."

  • Mac makes a friendly wager with Chelsea.

  • Mac is receiving a key to his hometown of Pittsburg. With the thought of returning , comes anxiety about returning to his old High School.

  • Can Mac cure his friends of their social media addiction with a "no technology allowed" weekend?

  • Mac opens for Lil Wayne and discovers his Irish roots, but will his Dublin hijinks threaten his career?

  • Mac heads to Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday.

  • Mac takes a career risk and creates an alter ego.

  • Mac heads home to Pittsburgh.

  • Mac and his friends go fishing.

  • Mac and his friends plan an epic party.

  • In the series premiere, Mac Miller wins a luxury car.