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This crime drama series follows the career of woman who finds herself in control of a Corsican organized crime clan in France. The series debuted in 2006 on France's Canal+ network and ran through five seasons, finally ending in 2014. Mafiosa is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Mafiosa online? Mafiosa is available for streaming on MHz Choice, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mafiosa on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

MHz Choice
5 Seasons, 40 Episodes
Cast: Hélène Fillières, Phareelle Onoyan, Eric Fraticelli, Véronique Volta
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Mafiosa Full Episode Guide

  • Terrified that she is becoming the very thing she hates the most, Carmen breaks down and makes a confession to Damiani. Orso risks everything when he hatches an escape plan to liberate Pierre-Marie.

  • Following a violent and bloody shootout, the Paoli clan are mourning one of their own. Aware that the nationalists are likely to strike again, Sandra, Tony and Manu decide they must go into hiding.

  • Tony suspects Orso of destroying his car and confides in Sandra. Quilichini installs a hidden surveillance camera at Sandra's property. Carmen has a proposition for the local nationalist group.

  • Dissent among the employees of the Paoli ferry business leads to a strike, but Sandra won't relinquish control over the operation. Ravanelli tries to persuade Livia to wear a wire to trap Sandra.

  • Unable to prove that Sandra, Tony, Manu and Orso were involved in a recent robbery, a frustrated Quilichini and Damiani decide to bring Orso's children, Pierre-Marie and Christelle, in for questioning

  • Sandra continues to protest her innocence to Carmen. Livia calls Quilichini and Damiani to the villa. Sandra decides to sell some of the clan's interests and settle into the small town of Loretto.

  • Convinced that Sandra is responsible for her father's death and determined to avenge him, Carmen makes Tony and Manu a lucrative but dangerous offer. Judge Ravanelli organises a murder reconstruction.

  • Sandra is on a downward spiral after failing to reconcile with Enzo, but business in Paris is booming as the Acquaviva clubs are absorbed by the Paoli empire. Carmen seeks out Toussaint for answers.

  • Tragedy rocks the Acquaviva family and Jules is ready to give up everything. Sandra finds herself under pressure. Tony and Saudade strike up a relationship, forcing Toussaint onto a destructive path.

  • Sandra is unsettled by Carmen's presence and urges her to return to Bastia. Jules tries to get Sebastien onside in his efforts to tackle Sandra's growing empire. Manu moves Sandra to the suburbs.

  • Jules Acquaviva takes a stand against Sandra to save both his clubs and his family's unity and enlists the help of Andre, who's seeking revenge. Enzo and Sandra's relationship is thrown into question.

  • Sandra's clan regains its strength and Tony and Manu are soon back in control of Bastia, but the police are on their trail. Paul-Noel Agostini seeks help from the Acquaviva family to keep his club.

  • Captains Damiani and Quilichini of Bastia's police force begin an investigation. Sandra shocks Enzo with revelations about her real identity and the truth of what she has done, but he stands by her.

  • Business in Bastia is flourishing for Jean-Michel, while Sandra is settled in Paris with new partner Enzo. But she can't get over what her brother has done, and returns to Corsica seeking retribution.