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The animated Magi-Nation television series is set in a place named the Moonlands. The main star of the show is a boy from Earth who has been selected to come to the Moonlands to retrieve a set of powerful 'Dreamstones' which are needed to keep the Moonlands safe. On a regular basis the boy experiences challenging adventures and encounters a wide range of magical creatures both good and evil. Among the creatures that figure prominently in Magi-Nation are good and bad Magis and Dream Creatures.

The boy from Earth who is named Tony has some good friends in the Moonlands who help him in his quest to find the Dreamstones. Among them are a girl named Edyn and his special Dream Creature named Furok.

While trying to retrieve the Dreamstones Tony and his good Magi allies must regularly engage in battle with an array of evil Shadow Magi who are intent upon stopping Tony from accessing the stones.

The Moonlands are comprised of several different types of geographical land masses. Naroom is a green, vegetated area filled with many trees. Kybar's Teeth is a mountainous area and the Paradwyn region is mostly jungle.

A desert section of the Moonlands is known as the Sands of D'resh, a volcanic area is named Cald and the name of the swampy section is Bograth. A particularly challenging region of the Moonlands is called The Weave. In this region of the Moonlands a very long type of grass grows. This type of grass can be weaved into roads, buildings and other objects.

An underwater city and an underground area filled with caves are part of the Moonlands as is The Core which is where many of the evil Shadow Magi dwell.

The animation work on Magi-Nation is modern anime style with great attention to detail provided. Vivid colors and lots of fast-paced action are present in each episode of Magi-Nation. This television show is based upon a popular card game that features illustrated cards that are widely collected and traded.

The CW
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 22, 2007
Children, Animation & Cartoons, Action & Adventure
Cast: Julie Lemieux, Rick Miller, Lyon Smith, Dan Petronijevic
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Magi-Nation Full Episode Guide

  • The Final Hyren quest comes to an end, but who will be victorious? The Final Dreamers or Gorgram?

  • The Final Dreamers join forces with an unlikely ally to help save Tony's grandfather from the Shadow Magi.

  • The Final Dreamers return to the Underneath to rescue Strag's father and finally put an end to Emperor Chur's evil reign.

  • The Final Dreamers are closer to completing their quest, but they still can't figure out the secret to summoning the Final Hyren!

  • The Final Dreamers travel to Earth to retrieve the Moonlands Diamond, only to find Tony's so-called friend has it.

  • The Final Dreamers join forces with Gorgram to stop a powerful weapon from destroying the Moonlands.

  • The Final Dreamers are caught between two powerful Guardian Hyrens who share an ancient grudge.

  • The Final Dreamers must overcome a mysterious curse -- and a boatload of pirates -- to reclaim the Moonlands Diamond.

  • The Final Dreamers discover a Guardian Hyren that they never knew existed before: the Guardian Hyren of the Dream Plane!

  • The Final Dreamers search for the most powerful of all relics and must find it before Gorgram does!

  • The Final Dreamers discover a village from Earth's medieval era in the middle of Naroom!

  • The Final Dreamers must protect the ancient library of Vash Naroom from a posse of evil Shadow Magi.

  • With the help of an unlikely ally, the Final Dreamers battle for guardian hyrens in the jungles of Paradwyn.

  • The kids follow Gorgram into the Core in pursuit of the Moonlands Diamond and Orwin's staff -- the two pieces needed to summon the Final Hyren!

  • The Final Dreamers discover a way to turn Shadow Creatures into Dream Creatures, but will it work on the most powerful shadow creature -- Gorath?

  • The Final Dreamers discover a monstrous secret in the realm of Bograth when the sun goes down!

  • While Tony battles for it all in Chur's gladiator arena, Edyn and Strag try to locate the elusive Underneath Hyren.

  • Strag discovers that his beloved home-realm is being ruled by an evil Shadow Magi Emperor!

  • While the Final Dreamers battle a new Shadow Magi, Tony doesn't understand his grandfather's odd behavior.

  • The Final Dreamers' quest takes them to Kybar's Teeth, where their elders teach them a thing or two.

  • The Final Dreamers escort a bounty hunter to Naroom, while the Shadow Magi try to capture him for themselves.

  • In the frozen realm of Nar, Edyn consults with an odd Spellcaster mentor.

  • The Final Dreamers find themselves stranded on a mysterious island.

  • The Final Dreamers confront the D'resh Hyren and all of her powerful illusions.

  • The Final Dreamers embark on a new quest to save the Moonlands -- the final hyren quest!

  • Tony returns to Earth, using the Vortex Relic, in order to find the Core Dreamstone. After he finds it, he returns to the Moonlands. Unfortunately, Agram steals the Core Dreamstone, forming the Core Glyph. Then, the Core.

  • When Tony, Strag and Edyn learn of the Ultime Dream Creature, one must capture it to retrieve the Paradwyn Dreamstone.

  • Agram unleashes a scheme that will turn all Dream Creatures into Shadow Creatures. Can the gang stop it?

  • Our heroes' search for the lost Arderial Dreamstone leads them to a strange, uncharted island controlled by Korg and Zed, whom the kids can only defeat by teaming up with their Shadow Magi enemies Chur, Warrador and Ashio.

  • When Strag gets captured by an evil preserver, Tony and Edyn use a Dream Creature to rescue him.

  • Tony starts seeing different things from Earth. When he comes across a Vortex Relic, he is instantly transported back to Earth. Edyn and Strag must find him and return him safely before the Vortex closes. The problem is: every time Tony looks at the Vortex Relic, it gets smaller and smaller.

  • The gang looks for the Orothe Dreamstone and learn it was left unprotected. In order to protect the Dreamstone, they look for help from a friend. However, the friend is stolen and they must rescue her.

  • Tony, Edyn and Strag are brought by Evu to the Secret Chamber in Arderial where the Council of Moonlands Leaders meet. Our heroes must prove they're the Final Dreamers in order to stop the use of The Gear - a Doomsday device that can prevent Agram's escape, but at a terrible price.

  • The gang heads off on a quest to Nar to enter a frozen fortress. Unfortunately, a Shadow Magi lives at the fortress and she locks them away in her dungeon. Can Edyn, Tony and Strag escape or will the Shadow Magi give the Dreamstone to Agram?

  • Tony, Edyn and Strag disguise themselves as Shadow Magi and travel to the fort in Bograth to release Orwin from his spell. Later, they learn that they are collectively the Final Dreamer.

  • It looks like all is lost when the Book of Elders is destroyed! But has it... The gang learns that the book has been put on a high mountain in Kybar's Teeth. But can the gang overcome the three tests the elders give them?

  • Tony gets a week in jail for trying to take the Paradwyn Dreamstone. Can he break free?

  • Escaping a Shadow Geyer maze is the first trial Tony, Edyn and Strag face in rescuing Orwin from Agram's control. They must also foil Agram's ultimate scheme for escaping the Core.

  • The gang must settle an argument and use friendship to receive the Cald Dreamstone. Meanwhile, Agram's henchmen use one of Strag's relics to turn Orwin into a Shadow Magi.

  • In the cloud realm of Arderial, Tony, Edyn and Strag visit Orwin's old friend Shimmer for help in finding Arderial's Dreamstone, only to unearth a sinister plot against the sky city by Agram's forces.

  • For our heroes to find the Underneath Dreamstone, Strag must re-enter the sport that made him a Champion - the Magi Dream Creature League - and contend against his former best friend Inara.

  • Tony and Strag follow Orwin into a Shadow Geyser in Cald to find Edyn. Meanwhile, in the Core of the Moonlands, Edyn meets Agram once again and also learns that Korg and Zed pushed her into the geyser, so Agram could find out the secrets of the Book of Elders. Tony, Strag and Orwin must battle Agram to get Edyn safely out of Agram's Spine Castle.

  • Desert survival skills are put to the test when Tony, Edyn and Strag become trapped in the scorching desert environment of the Sands of D'Resh.

  • A Weave Emissary named Iyori enlists Tony, Edyn and Strag's help to battle a Shadow Magi who has unleashed a blight - a deadly plant disease - onto the lush jungle realm of Paradwyn.

  • In the arctic realm of Nar, Tony, Edyn and Strag endeavor to save their mentor Orwin, while preventing Korg and Zed from disrupting the fragile ecosystems of the Moonlands.

  • Tony learns more about his Dream Creature Furok as Edyn and Strag join him in battling a Shadow Magi named Chur in mountains of Kybar's Teeth as they race to collect the first Dreamstone.

  • Agram uses his Void Energy powers of influence to cloud Tony's mind and make him believe that his new friends Edyn and Strag are the enemy.

  • An ancient evil is re-emerging in the Moonlands. We are introduced to the villainous Shadow Magi who threaten the Moonlands and the valiant Magi who protect it - one of whom is a fourteen year-old boy named Tony.

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