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  • 2004
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.2  (338)

Major - 2004 is a Japanese animated series. It is a comedy drama based on the life of three main characters. The first two main characters are father and son. The father Shigeharu Honda is a major league batter, destined to do great things in the game of baseball. Shigeharu's son Goro has always wanted to be like his father on the ball diamond. Goro's teacher Momoko Hoshino is a romantic interest of the father. As the three go through adventure and heartbreak, they strive to succeed their dreams on and off the field.

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A Great Man
24. A Great Man
June 14, 2008
Junior is called up to the Majors after the Texas Raiders lose their third baseman to injury. When he learns that Goro recovered from his injury and pitched in Game 3 to put the Bats up 2-1 he determines to win the Division Championship for the Raiders quickly so he can face off with Goro in Game 7 of the Triple A Championship. Trailing 3-2 the Bats bring in Goro in Game 6 to close it out, and the series evens up at 3-3. Junior returns for Game 7, and Goro is able to get him to fly out, but when Junior learns his father has come to watch Goro and not him he puts his pride on the line to try and eliminate Goro from baseball in America permanently.
One More Deciding Match
23. One More Deciding Match
July 7, 2008
As Ginumachi returns to Japan he learns he has arrived just in time for the Japanese finals. After a slow start Toshi has become the every day catcher for the Warriors, and the Warriors find themselves in the finals against the Blue Oceans. Making things more interesting is the knowledge that the rookie of the year could be decided in this series as Toshi battles his former battery Mayumura. Who will win Japan's championship?
The Single Ball of Fate
22. The Single Ball of Fate
July 1, 2008
An early 6 to 0 deficit has been reversed thanks to Goro coming on in the third inning to strike out the side an spark the Bats bats. However when Goro is hit by a pitch it makes him lose all control of his pitches. With no other choice Goro must pitch straight down the middle against Junior with nothing but 100+ mph pitches, a speed which Junior has never seen before. Who will prevail, and will the Bats be able to take a 1-0 series lead? With Ginumachi in the stands rooting for Goro, anything seems to be possible.
Trouble from the Start
21. Trouble from the Start
May 24, 2008
Game 1 of the Championship between the Falcons and Bats takes place with Yaguinuma in the stad to see who will prevail in the bet between Goro and Gibsion Junior. Junior has promised if Goro strikes him out even once, then he will return to Japan to apologize at the feet of Honda's grave, but if he homers off of Goro even once, then Goro must leave America permanently as soon as the series is over. Which side will prevail, and what will happen if they should both prevail?
Get out!
20. Get out!
May 17, 2008
Both the Falcons and Bats advance to the Finals, but before they can ever meet each other on the diamond Goro and Gibson Junior run into each other face-to-face. The horrible reason behind why Gibson hates Goro is finally revealed.
19. Responsibility
May 10, 2008
The day before the Triple A playoffs are scheduled to begin 6 Memphis Bats are called up as the Majors expand their rosters. Goro is one of the six, but when he learns Gibson Jr. and the Falcons are whom the Bats will face if they make the Finals he fakes an injury so he can pitch in the Triple A playoffs.
Alice's Dream, Everyone's Dream
18. Alice's Dream, Everyone's Dream
May 3, 2008
When Alice's Grandfather has his health deteriorate, her parents decide they want to sale the team to a person in Memphis and move to New York. At the same time the Bats find themselves on a four game losing streak needing only 1 win to win the Division and make the playoffs. Now Alice must try and find some way to let her parents know not only how she feels but how the fans of Memphis feel if the Bats are to stay in Memphis and win their first division title in 15 years.
Where to Aim
17. Where to Aim
March 22, 2008
After struggling to gain control of some of his fast ball pitches Goro decides to attend a Major League game on his day off. While there he sees the Japanese sensation Itao but is also shocked to see Gibson on the mound. Meanwhile Shimizu's friends fear for her love life and set her up on a blind date, but can she stop thinking of Goro?
I'm fed up!
16. I'm fed up!
April 19, 2008
How well can Seishuu do after Goro has left and is now the closer for the Bats? Taiga has been training them hard day in and day out, and they have a confident pitcher who thinks he deserves to be in Koshien. However the team still has a limited number of players and a lack of experience against other teams. Taiga begins t get depressed when his teammates won't listen to him. How well can they perform in the newest tournament? Will they even manage to make it to a rematch with Kaido?
15. Hero
March 22, 2008
After costing the Bats their winning streak and after seeing Keene's outstanding plays, Saunders decides he is going to retire after the current series. Goro is against the idea, but Saunders says he's doing it so he can be close to his family and to his son, whom has never seen a game. Goro talks the to the Hornets management and gets Saunders son and wife flown out for what he claims will be his final game, but can his son and wife convince him to stay or has Saunders truly made up his mind to leave?
Keene's Past
14. Keene's Past
April 5, 2008
When Keene has the pitchers walk the #4 man three times in one game despite being up 12 to 0, the rest of the team begins to doubt his leadership at truly knowing what is best during a game. Goro challenges him to another match to show that a pitcher's pride can help the team just as much as his data baseball. In the end it could be Keene that learns another aspect of the game or it could be Goro that is fired for defying his catcher.
A Stupid Bet
13. A Stupid Bet
March 29, 2008
The Hornets promote the Golden Rookie Jeff Keene from Double A to the Bats forcing Saunders to the bench. Goro doesn't agree with Keene's attitude, so he makes a bet that could cause Goro to stop pitching the way he wishes to permanently, or at least while Keene is present.
12. Liar!
March 22, 2008
Komori tries out for his University baseball team, but he is relegated to backup duty. When he is on his way home he sees the Dolphins getting ready for their next game. Coach Ando thinks Komori has grown to be a successful player and asks Komori to be the assistant coach. However one of the Dolphins learns that Komori is a bench boy and accuses him of lying to the entire team. Determined to prove him wrong Komori invites all of them to his game, and with additional practice Komori is finally put in where he gets a hit. Seeing Komori's determination sparks the young Dolphins as they prepare to take on Yokohama Little, but Yokohama Little hasn't lost since Goro eliminated them when he was a boy. Can this be the year things finally turn around?
Try and aim for it
11. Try and aim for it
March 15, 2008
Goro and Saunders have the goal of taking the Bats to the Triple A Championship. However Saunders is worries that the rest of the team and the Bats manager are just worries about being promoted. Realizing that Goro and Saunders realize the only way they can change the minds of their teammates is by giving it their all on defense out on the field. Can the Bats get their mindsets changed before it's too late to contend?
It`s not impossible
10. It`s not impossible
March 8, 2008
Graduation day arrives for Goro and all of his friends, but Goro is missing to continue Triple A play with the Memphis Bats. In Japan Goro's friends from Seishuu remember what drives Goro and remind us of some of his best memories up to this point from High School. After the graduations are done, the regular season starts for the Japanese baseball League and the Triple A Bats. Toshi starts on the bench, Mayumura starts in the bullpen, and Goro is the closer for the Bats, but which of them will emerge to become the stars of their respective squads early on?
9. Challenger
March 1, 2008
Sato is once again placed in the starting lineup. An early run seems to shake Toshi's confidence. Even when the Warriors tie it up Toshi seems to lack confidence. When he is forced to face an old teammate Toshi thinks he has an easy out. It is only when an easy hit is made that Toshi realizes he hasn't done enough research on film on how a catcher should start a game and how different a batter can become in the Pros with daily training. With a little help from Yanatabe Toshi begins to realize that in the Pros you battle everyday for an entire season, not just one batter at a time. With this knowledge Toshi is able to regain his confidence, but can he claim the starter catcher's job?
8. Debut!
February 23, 2008
Goro is officially made the closer for the Bats, meaning he could potentially pitch everyday. During his first save opportunity he strikes out the side and gets the win. Meanwhile back in Japan Toshi appears to have been working out. He is fielding defense with more precision than ever, and the ball is flying further. Still, Yatanabe doesn't wish to give up the catcher's position. The two are tried and tested through the exhibition season, but it isn't until they start the first regular season game that Toshi learns how much he truly needs to grow to succeed in Japanese Professional Baseball.
Courage, full score!
7. Courage, full score!
February 16, 2008
The plane ticket given to him by the Cougars takes Goro to the Memphis Bats. When he arrives in Memphis his bag is once again stolen and he accuses a young girl who can speak Japanese. The girl ends up being none other than the owner of the Memphis Bats. Goro is admitted into a tryout during an exhibition game as the closer. Goro manages to strike out three batters, but the Bats defense makes him question whether he should be on their team until he sees their skills offensively. With an offer to tryout for other Triple A squads though, one must wonder where Goro will finally end up.
6. Unforgivable!!
February 9, 2008
After being demoted to Triple A Goro is asked to start for the Cougars on only one days rest. He agrees to do so and learns how to pitch a curve ball in addition to his fastball. The next day he holds the Falcons scoreless for 5 innings, but then Gibson Junior is brought off the bench. Junior hits a 3-run homer off of Goro on his first pitch, and so Goro is removed from the mound. Goro introduces himself to Junior and asks him to tell his father Honda Junior is here to take to the Majors and defeat both father and son. Junior calls Goro's father trash and causes Goro to get into a fight. The end result is a $100 fine to Goro and being released from the team, but the team manager prepares another tryout for Goro with a team in Memphia. Sanchez and Fox escort Goro to the airport, and Sanchez reveals to Goro that when he defeated him he wasn't trying to tell Goro to learn to pitch curveball's, but that Goro's fast ball could be matured into something unbeatable if he has patience and practices mastering it.
Sign towards the World
5. Sign towards the World
February 2, 2008
Goro makes his first start for the Salmons and gets a quick three outs. Things are looking good until he faces the middle of the order. The Dallas team begins getting easy hits off of Goro, causing him to face the crowds negativity for the first time in his life. How will Goro handle the outside pressure of pleasing others besides himself?
This is the Majors!
4. This is the Majors!
January 26, 2008
Goro is shocked to learn that after shutting out the Single A squad he has been promoted to the Majors for at least Spring Training. Goro immediately determines he will get revenge on Bolton for that home run. At first he has problems, but thanks to a Salmons Triple A member named Fox he once again has a translator to help him get through the difficulties of communication. No sooner does Goro begin to warm up then he encounters Sanchez, the Salmons ace pitcher who won't tolerate Goro's inability to speak English. The two get into a fight. The winner will only be determined by a pitching contest. In the end Goro losses by only one pitch, but he realizes his control must improve if he is to have any shot in the Majors. Despite the loss, Goro is told he will start in two days, but will he have the mental state to get ready with losses to Bolton and Sanchez?
Try it!
3. Try it!
January 19, 2008
The Battle between the tryout rookies and the Single A squad Tucson Red Rocks continues. Goro has slowly been gaining the trust of 5 of his teammates, but the final two just want to go for the big swing and don't think they can win with a 10-run deficit. Goro is determined to prove them wrong, but which team will ultimately win the game?
2. Tryouts
January 12, 2008
Despite losing his bag, ball, and glove Goro has successfully made it to tryouts thanks to Ginumachi Yaginuma, a fellow Japanese who played in Koshien earlier. Goro's first batter is none other than Bolton, who homers off of him on his third pitch, but Goro is advanced in the tryouts. A challenge is given to the 7 rookies who tried out and passed the first test- if they can defeat the Salmons Single A team, they'll all advance to at least the Rookie League. Will Goro fare any better with these Minor League players, especially when only one member of his team can understand him?
To the Birthplace of Baseball
1. To the Birthplace of Baseball
January 5, 2008
After learning Joe Gibson is still playing and that he has dedicated his 300th MLB win to his major league fans in Japan, Goro decides that he must fulfill the dream he had as a child of challenging Gibson on the world's grandest stage and so he tries out with the Anaheim Salmons.

Major - 2004 is a Japanese animated series. It is a comedy drama based on the life of three main characters. The first two main characters are father and son. The father Shigeharu Honda is a major league batter, destined to do great things in the game of baseball. Shigeharu's son Goro has always wanted to be like his father on the ball diamond. Goro's teacher Momoko Hoshino is a romantic interest of the father. As the three go through adventure and heartbreak, they strive to succeed their dreams on and off the field.

  • Premiere Date
    November 13, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (338)