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A children's animated television program, it tells the story of nine princesses, who are all sisters and live in different parts of their vast and magical kingdom. Aki is the princess of the desert, and she takes the form of a coyote and howls and runs with her pack. Ge is the princess of the rivers, and she takes the form of a fish and swims throughout her domains. Ru is the princess of the moon, and she inhabits the airs of the night sky with her night-bird flock. They assemble at the council to determine who will be queen.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 8, 1998
Anime, Sports
Cast: Hilary Haag, Monica Rial, Vic Mignogna, Kelly Manison
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Princess Nine Full Episode Guide

  • Ryo prepares itself for the game. Reflectively it takes the medal of Takasugi into the hand and pulls it then on. Then she makes herself on the way. Your mother promises its to come to the Anfeuern as soon as she can out of the business out.The team of the Kisaragi-Jungenschule with Takasugi has also a game and staubt orderly points off. The girls hear the radio-transmission while they go with the bus to its characteristic game. In contrast to the boys, they have however no easy game in outlook.Already the reception makes have clearly, what kind of opponent it there. One of the gorillas shakes namely the bus through and frightens the girls orderly. Go out and protest and as it, was it naturally no. Even Seira is easy geschockt. It knows would suffice this type of beater types yet to that. And an of them - Yano - Ryo also already became acquainted with. The only that worries is no the coach.On the playing field, it looks then just as. Technically and playfully the Hori-fe

  • Yuki in a girl-baseball-team was already earlier been. It was there the Captain because it was the best. So many a game only was won because it had created once again a Homerun.To be sure it was chosen in its team all other as, looked on the one hand because it so successfully was and all other palely next to it, and perhaps also because it was little strange or difficult a. In any case it was thrown of its comrades on brutal manner out of the team and found then neither in the school yet at its parents the slightest support. In the opposite, one made its remonstrance also yet heavy.That drove it so far that she tried to take herself the life (in the Anime to be sure only vaguely indicated), and then appeared all at once in a light light wreath Fifi, an extraterrestial of planet Yukara, 18 light years of the earth removes how we learn, whose mission was it to construct for Yuki existence and its destroyed confidence again.On that Yuki, that sits always yet on the porch of the ho

  • It is June and very hot. The girls train diligently, but there is only a shower and they must selected, who comes first at it.Kido emerges and and explains, the team bräuchte an official Captain. And in addition Ryo auserkoren becomes. The other find the one very good idea and Ryo prides rather and promises Kido to give its best.Ryo gets accidentally with that at the next day Hirokis 16th birthday is. That catches it coldly because it has naturally no gift.In the evening, the coach sits once again in Shinos bar and converses made has with Shino over Ryo, and why it it to the Captain. Because it an unbezwingbaren battle spirit, exactly like its mother, that had placed led has all the years entirely on itself alone the tavern. And naturally like Hidehiko.Above in its room, Ryo sits meanwhile and embroiders last pricks itself for Hiroki a handkerchief what costs it a few things at blood, because it into the fingers. And because it the half night on that seat, is it at the next

  • And even chancellor Mita with rather reflective face and next to it Kodanuki, that openly before itself hingrinst, are present and watch, in addition naturally Izumis friends, Seishiro and some other. Of a hill down also Keiko watches.Ryo throws with all power. None holds it for possible that Izumi also only encounters form into a ball that, but encounters it. Hiroki was an extraordinary trainer, and it is an extraordinary athlete. To be sure that flies form into a ball unfavorably and lands exactly in Yoko, that goes draufhin in cover instead of catching it. For otherwise the team already would have won.Ryo is surprised how good Izumi became sudden. And as it Takasugi at the edge of the field stand sees, becomes sudden clear, why.Next throw. Izumi so worked up itself in the training that the pains in its hands let it this blow totally verse meadow. It has a blow however yet.Ryo throws, Izumi encounters, but it becomes again a foul. Therefore yet once.Ryo considers form i

  • Ryo makes itself on the way to the daily training. Underway it encounters Seira that is sleepy something else.In the club house, they encounter suspect investigate Hikaru and Yuki, that just one sound out of the kitchen.Out a giant load foam and the face of Mori Nene, that just with full use the wash washes, comes. Nene stands the four girls as its new manager before, with age, star sign and blood group. That she becomes the manager, concluded it by the way on the day before highly even because she wanted to make that already always once. Your father, who sits by the way also in the supervisory board of the university, told its namely, gives that it a new girl-baseball team, and it so was able to realize very surprisingly its old childhood dream. And now it washes the wash just for the team.The other go to the training place. Ryo meets Hiroki, that thanks itself for the self-made cookies, that gave Ryo it recently. Ryos first were, and Hiroki is honored that just it was allow

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