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  • TV-PG
  • 1998
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (124)

Princess Nine was a 26-episode anime series produced by NHK in 1998. The show followed a group of nine girls who formed a baseball team to compete against all-boys schools in Japan, including the prestigious Lycaons Academy. Their ultimate goal was to participate in the National High School Baseball Championship and win the title.

The protagonist of the show is Ryo Hayakawa, a talented pitcher who dreams of playing baseball at Koshien Stadium, the venue for the championship. However, her school, Kisaragi Girls' High School, doesn't have a baseball team, and the school administration is resistant to the idea of forming one. Fortunately, Ryo meets Keiko Himuro, the daughter of a major business mogul and the founder of the Lycaons Academy. Keiko takes an interest in Ryo and decides to support her in establishing a Kisaragi baseball team, provided that they can defeat Lycaons in a practice game.

Ryo assembles a group of talented girls with various backgrounds, including Yuki Azuma, Koharu Hotta, Izumi Himuro, Seira Morimura, Yoko Sakaki, Nene Mouri, Mao Daidoji, and Kanako Mita. Each of them has a unique personality and a distinct playing style. The girls must overcome various obstacles and challenges, both on and off the field, including discrimination, sexism, and personal struggles.

The show addresses several themes, including gender equality, perseverance, teamwork, and friendship. It also delves into the history and culture of baseball in Japan, highlighting the significance of the sport in Japanese society. The show features well-choreographed baseball games with realistic strategies and techniques, making it a must-watch for baseball enthusiasts.

The characters are well-developed and likable, with Ryo being a strong and determined leader who inspires her teammates to give their all. Keiko Himuro is a confident and ambitious young woman who is not afraid to break the norms and expectations of her own family and society. Yuki Azuma is a shy and reserved girl who finds her voice on the baseball field. Koharu Hotta is a feisty catcher who never backs down from a challenge. Izumi Himuro is a talented player and Keiko's cousin, whose hidden motives and agenda create several twists and turns in the story.

The animation is excellent, with character designs that reflect their personalities and emotions. The baseball games are well-animated, with smooth motion and attention to detail. The music is also noteworthy, with a catchy opening theme and background music that fits the mood of each scene.

Princess Nine has received critical and commercial success, both in Japan and abroad. The show has been praised for its strong female characters, realistic portrayal of baseball, and positive messages. The show has also inspired several adaptations, including video games and a live-action drama series.

In conclusion, Princess Nine is a must-watch anime for sports fans and anyone who appreciates well-crafted storytelling with characters that are easy to root for. The show's themes of gender equality, perseverance, and teamwork are still relevant today, making it a timeless classic.

Princess Nine is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 1998.

Princess Nine
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Shine, Princess Nine!
26. Shine, Princess Nine!
October 14, 1998
The game is rather important and is transmitted naturally in the radio. Mr. Hotta does not remain concealed therefore, what walks there. And as Mr. Yama it beichtet that he told Koharu of its breakdown, is also clear, what is suddenly loose with its daughter, to it. It commands to bring it brush and paper. The girls stand directly before one just as heavy as embarrassing defeats. Yet at least some do not abandon. Seira strikes to be sure badly, races for that however all the more better. Hikaru becomes angefeuert of Seishiro strongly and brings it also a field further. Koharu is as a next beater at it, but she has no more hope. There Nene brings it a hurry-fax of its father. On that side abundance is exact a Kanj: Kaze (wind). A current push goes through Koharu. It is changed. How in deep meditation stands sunk it on the bottom line. In the first throw, it did not notch even with the eyelash. Also in the second not. And then the wind breaks loose. It shoots form into a b
Field of broken dreams
25. Field of broken dreams
October 7, 1998
The half final stands, but Ryo does not remain the only that precipitates quasi. Koharu gets namely a call of a friend of the family that its father would be collapsed. That commanded to be sure to say it its on no case, but Mr. Yama has it now unfortunately yet ausgeplaudert. It tries to let herself nothing anmerken, but with its concentration, it is past. Mr. Hotta wanted wanted to prevent exactly that, conceal in that he it before Koharu, but now it is too late. Ryo and Koharu come rather late to the bus, and the other are surprised, what could be loose. But yet they are victory confident. Before the stadium, Hikaru Seishiro encounters. It promises to invite it strongly on fire and it after the season once for meal. It presses it for that a thick kiss on the lips and disappears then into the cabin. Coach Kido explains would lie, today all alone with them to the girls. And then it goes off. The game develops for the Kisaragi-girls to a catastrophe. Izumi and Ryo stand Takasug
The kiss
24. The kiss
September 30, 1998
The girls practice, and Ryo has to its old form zurückgefunden. At the next day, the second season-game is, and the Kisaragi-team wins form into a ball rather sovereign, thanks to a row of Ryos Lightning. In the third game, it goes against the Maruyama university. Shino observes the game on television and places also the picture of its man Hidehiko on the table so that he can watch. It is enormously proud of its daughter. And in addition it has also all reason, for again it is to be owed mainly Ryo that the Kisaragi-Mädchenteam wins. And moreover they entrain all other with its success. The girls knees itself powerfully purely. In the game four against the Nakamurabashi team, the victory series goes further. And so they are found in that quarterfinal of the regional league again. Without a trace the strains go at the girls to be sure yet not over. Mao has form into a ball catch must sore hands, because it so many of Ryos Lightning, and just these go also strongly at Ryos powers
Beauties VS. the Beasts
23. Beauties VS. the Beasts
September 16, 1998
Ryo prepares itself for the game. Reflectively it takes the medal of Takasugi into the hand and pulls it then on. Then she makes herself on the way. Your mother promises its to come to the Anfeuern as soon as she can out of the business out. The team of the Kisaragi-Jungenschule with Takasugi has also a game and staubt orderly points off. The girls hear the radio-transmission while they go with the bus to its characteristic game. In contrast to the boys, they have however no easy game in outlook. Already the reception makes have clearly, what kind of opponent it there. One of the gorillas shakes namely the bus through and frightens the girls orderly. Go out and protest and as it, was it naturally no. Even Seira is easy geschockt. It knows would suffice this type of beater types yet to that. And an of them - Yano - Ryo also already became acquainted with. The only that worries is no the coach. On the playing field, it looks then just as. Technically and playfully the Hori-fe
You're not alone, Yuki
22. You're not alone, Yuki
September 9, 1998
Yuki in a girl-baseball-team was already earlier been. It was there the Captain because it was the best. So many a game only was won because it had created once again a Homerun. To be sure it was chosen in its team all other as, looked on the one hand because it so successfully was and all other palely next to it, and perhaps also because it was little strange or difficult a. In any case it was thrown of its comrades on brutal manner out of the team and found then neither in the school yet at its parents the slightest support. In the opposite, one made its remonstrance also yet heavy. That drove it so far that she tried to take herself the life (in the Anime to be sure only vaguely indicated), and then appeared all at once in a light light wreath Fifi, an extraterrestial of planet Yukara, 18 light years of the earth removes how we learn, whose mission was it to construct for Yuki existence and its destroyed confidence again. On that Yuki, that sits always yet on the porch of the ho
I hate you, Takasugi
21. I hate you, Takasugi
September 2, 1998
The girls train hard and devotedly. And even Yoko made impressing progress. For that Yuki is totally apathetic and makes nothing at all more. Finally it fells simply over. Kido and the girls they carry into the house. There just the telephone rings: Hiroki calls Izumi on. It is namely also out load and wants to encounter itself now with it. It asks it then, what the call in the previous night had to mean. Izumi is happy that he worried about it. It tells it however that all would be in best order. It can hardly believe it that that should be the entire truth. But how also always, it it leaves at the same time and concludes because it is already once there now, to enjoy the pretty mountain air. Unfortunately it loses at the same time the handkerchief that embroidered Ryo it, and unfortunately Izumi finds it. And that brings it on a good idea how she can would rake herself at Ryo. That again lifts its mood very powerfully and it strikes again like in best times. In the aftern
Back in Training
20. Back in Training
August 26, 1998
The training terrain is far outside in the mountains, and the girls already entirely are excited, arrive finally there. The proprietor receives it very friendlily and sends it first once on the room. It is same, as well as in traditional Japanese hotel usually, a large room displayed with deed American-mats in which everyone sleeps (men and women naturally separated). Nene is happy, for it spends the night the first time in its life in such a partnership room. Then the coach appears, and the extra-hard training begins. They begin with a duration course to the practice place. There goes arrived it then loosely with the actual baseball-training. Koharu strikes exzellent, Izumi however because of its dear grief lousy. And also otherwise it does not treat Ryo just very friendlily, and that because it has no idea, what advances in Izumis pretty head, it asks why it would be today so brutal. Kido planned to drink no longer, and all girls are surprised, what is loose with it. As a side-
Hearts & Diamonds
19. Hearts & Diamonds
August 19, 1998
It is June and very hot. The girls train diligently, but there is only a shower and they must selected, who comes first at it. Kido emerges and and explains, the team bräuchte an official Captain. And in addition Ryo auserkoren becomes. The other find the one very good idea and Ryo prides rather and promises Kido to give its best. Ryo gets accidentally with that at the next day Hirokis 16th birthday is. That catches it coldly because it has naturally no gift. In the evening, the coach sits once again in Shinos bar and converses made has with Shino over Ryo, and why it it to the Captain. Because it an unbezwingbaren battle spirit, exactly like its mother, that had placed led has all the years entirely on itself alone the tavern. And naturally like Hidehiko. Above in its room, Ryo sits meanwhile and embroiders last pricks itself for Hiroki a handkerchief what costs it a few things at blood, because it into the fingers. And because it the half night on that seat, is it at the next
The gift
18. The gift
August 12, 1998
In a review, we see what happened at that time, when Hidehikos team that won Towa jaguar, for the third time in the Koshien-stadium the championship. Had to owe it that mainly Hidehikos Lightning form into a ball, and so was it the celebrated starling. But it not only was celebrated, but rather envies also. Mr. Mita sits at the telephone and explains would reprimand Ryo now of the university to someone, he, like 90% of the parents it demanded. Kanako brings it tea. It remembers that soon its birthday would be and asks it what would wish for it. It would fulfill it each wish. For if Mr. Mita also rather bärbeißig appears, its daughter he can knock off nothing. Ryo recovers astonishingly quickly. It tells its mother who visits it in the hospital, she had encountered its father. And it trust it firmly, equal, what the other people said. Shortly on that come both children whom Ryo rescued, in accompaniment of Mr. Sakurai, that learned in the mean time, that it is the daughter of i
17. Visions
August 5, 1998
Gedankenverloren slinks Izumi through the streets. Hiroki arrived in the mean time in the orphanage. Ryo really was able to rescue both children, but she herself landed in the hospital. Hiroki is delighted few, that to reports. But that is not yet all: Ryo wrestles with the death, for she perfectly exhausted herself in the rescue. Now pulses, temperature are and blood pressure far under the standard value, and if that so goes on, it will make it no longer long. Takasugi calls Shino, and they make itself on the way after Hanguri. With Keikos saloon car by the way, for also it was informed of Hiroki. Also the girls want there, also if they have not the entire story mitbekommen. Nene, efficiently and Innovatively like always, organizes them the bus of its father, and they so go expressed luxurious. Underway yet Seira read itself and Kanako, that slinks itself secretly out of the house, up, and then it goes on to Hanguri. Then even yet Yoko stands on the street, that has itself of
16. Exile
July 29, 1998
At the Kisaragi-school, one already always knew it: Ryo does not belong here, and the baseball-team first quite not. And the parents adviser is decided to abolish both at this school. For the actual problem is not no longer that what made Hidehiko 20 years ago or, but rather the scandal that became from that now. The old Takasugi gives would be, to consider, a student to throw out a very serious thing that one had to consider well. But the press snoops everywhere around, and that burdens all students. The parents claim to have turned down and that immediately. Takasugi and Keiko have bad cards in this case. The girls are disappointed over the press very. Just yet they were is released the starlings, now at least one of them to the launching. Kanako has is always yet house crazy, Yoko in the before language and Izumi in the duration course-training. Around the team, it does not stand good. And as the girls (at least that, that yet there are) are so correctly sour, come the pare
15. Scandal
July 22, 1998
Over the victory of the Kisaragi-girls becomes also on television and in the newspapers largely reported. The girls are very proud of itself. How usually, softens Izumi its spraying optimism. They would not be allowed to climb let themselves this a victory to head. For otherwise the case would be all the more deeper if they would win once no longer. Finally they do not stand because of special achievements in the limelight, but rather because they are girl. The Grat to the ridiculousness is rather narrow. The girls go eating then Okonomiyaki, only Izumi remains in the cottage and reads its book further. And then it practices striking. On the way, Hiroki Ryo intercepts and disappears with its through the rear exit while the other run ahead the reporter into the arms. That is the opportunity on which Yoko waited the entire time. It gives all interviews alone, and that quasi simultaneously. Ryo and Shino visit Hidehikos grave. Surprisingly they encounter there Keiko that made ap
Lightning ball
14. Lightning ball
July 15, 1998
It becomes narrow for the girls. Ryo is again at it with throwing, but the Batter set itself in the mean time to it. That first form into a ball goes would bark into the end, then verschmeißt it the other so that the Batter advance all a field. Also the next encounters form into a ball the Batter. Kanako slips around a hair the wig, therefore it does not form into a ball catch that correctly, and Rinkai so obtains 2 points. And Ryo becomes would bark exactly predict can clear, that the Batter the throw in the mean time to hers and encounter become therefore probably usually. That is would be therefore the end, it then, you fell something else brilliant on. Hikaru muntert Kanako up, but that makes itself heavy reproaches. Because it fails - because of the stupid wig - was able to have Rinkai 2 points make. Furiously she tears herself it of the head. Chancellor Mita and Kodanuki can hardly believe it, who comes under that to the light. Mita suffers a little shock that lets petr
The girl stratagem
13. The girl stratagem
July 8, 1998
The bus arrives, and the girls plan to give its best because its career already ends otherwise here. Also the bus with the Rinkai-team holds, and the boys climb from. Ryo, mindfully the advice that Hiroki gave to it, tries to give the hand to the hostile Pitcher, is interrupted at the same time however of the coach. While the girls move themselves then, the Rinkai-boys make themselves already once on the playing field a little warmly. Kido emerges at the girls and means, naja, they would lose now so or so, but that would be simply simple pitch. Let it be then, they would use a couple trick. To confuse and to be sure, with its feminine attractions the boys who are not accustomed so something, that they can make a couple of point. First, they come once somewhat too late. The hostile trainer means laconic to its assistant if he would be married first once, already would notice he how long women always need in order to arrange himself. Then they come off let would be yet yet, Nene as
One hundred pitches
12. One hundred pitches
July 1, 1998
Yoko practices once again a sample reception, this time for a wig-advertisement. Nene and Kanako must listen to its presentation, and Nene shows Yoko then how it yet better could make it. In the training, all good achievements (except Yoko naturally) show, but Mao seems to have a problem. And Izumi has already an eye on that. Meanwhile Kido Ryo shows a video of the Rinkai-team. No geniuses are to be sure under that, but everyone is well trained boys with solid technology. Ryo certainly not is could win the view, it, would bark would throw could because it its fast not going through. Kido should form into a ball teach its the Lightning. It willigt on, but under a condition: a piece of forest must dig up Ryo because it wanted design there a vegetable garden. Ryo believes, Kido would spin is a little, but that entire and not at all so. It must dig up the field entirely alone, and that is condemned one hard and long work. But it forms into a ball learn unconditionally the Lightning
Aim for Koshien!
11. Aim for Koshien!
June 24, 1998
The dramatic victory of the Kisaragi-girls stands even in the newspapers. Ryo makes itself best mood on the way into the school and to the training. Shino is also very proud of it. Hardly Ryo is stands away, there Kido in the door. It wants to tell its old friend Hidehiko, whose shrine stands on a closet in Shinos house, over its success. Shino knew not at all that both generally known have itself. Meanwhile Izumi stands before the school-oven and burns its tennis equipment. Keiko and Yanagida watch its at the same time of the office out of reflectively. And also Keiko concludes to take the next train now in attack. Izumi shortly cut itself also the hairs. Your beloved tennis rackets rise in smoke. It gives now no way back more. On the way to the school, Ryo will be the skirt and an old man hat high bubble. Ryo gets the hat with a well aimed throw of the tree again down and returns the friendly old man to it. It throws so sent that the hat lands exactly on its head. That tha
The Kisaragi Nine
10. The Kisaragi Nine
June 17, 1998
On the place of the Kisaragi-school where the game of the Kisaragi-girls takes place against the Meio-team, spin the first reporters on. They are very curious on that, what they should offered get there. Also Mita and Kodanuki are present. The girls are rather nervous, above all Kanako. And it does not understand that its father does not recognize it, only because it carries a wig. Yoko worries asks about its Makeup and Seira it whether it did not want go out perhaps not also yet hochhackigen shoes. And Yuki asks Fifi to protect it. Player number 9 will be by the way Nene, lets and grins that its team also now not in the sting like a gingerbread horse. Izumi plays meanwhile alone tennis with itself. Hiroki means, it should yet not so disturbed be and watch at least. And then it goes off. The boys are surprised rather how quickly Ryo throws. The first Batter is outside, then the second, and on Keikos, a fine smile appears to severe face. The third Batter flies out, and change the
Winners & Losers
9. Winners & Losers
June 10, 1998
And even chancellor Mita with rather reflective face and next to it Kodanuki, that openly before itself hingrinst, are present and watch, in addition naturally Izumis friends, Seishiro and some other. Of a hill down also Keiko watches. Ryo throws with all power. None holds it for possible that Izumi also only encounters form into a ball that, but encounters it. Hiroki was an extraordinary trainer, and it is an extraordinary athlete. To be sure that flies form into a ball unfavorably and lands exactly in Yoko, that goes draufhin in cover instead of catching it. For otherwise the team already would have won. Ryo is surprised how good Izumi became sudden. And as it Takasugi at the edge of the field stand sees, becomes sudden clear, why. Next throw. Izumi so worked up itself in the training that the pains in its hands let it this blow totally verse meadow. It has a blow however yet. Ryo throws, Izumi encounters, but it becomes again a foul. Therefore yet once. Ryo considers form i
The future on the line
8. The future on the line
June 3, 1998
Ryo explains Izumi the situation, but that laughs it only from. It does not keep in mind in the dream to abandon its tennis for this motley team and the crazy idea of its mother. Later Izumi fits the old Yanagida, Keikos secretary, after service end off, holds it the amulet of its mother before the nose and asks it very directly, who the man in the picture would be. Yet as good secretary, Yanagida is too discrete in order to betrayed that. As next, it appears in Kido, that broods just over the assembly to the game. Izumi has the feeling that the coach knows somewhat about that. It knows wants to know also, but first once it why Izumi is interested for that. Now, its mother Keiko is believes an icily-detached woman, also to its, and it that the reason has to do for this behavior with this man. Kido betrays its nevertheless that the picture was made 20 years ago. Its Keiko itself should tell the remainder. There she must herself first once in the tennis abreagieren. To ask for i
We need you Izumi
7. We need you Izumi
May 27, 1998
Ryo is oppressed rather because of that, what learned it over Hiroki. When it encounters it before the school, welcomed it it correspondingly coolly about what that is surprised rather. Izumi trains once again tennis and is perfect like always. Something intimidates slinks arrives Ryo at its past, but as it in the training, is its mood again better. Coach Kido is very satisfied with the new uniforms, and the girls are everyone already very wildly on that to begin with the practicing. Mao has a couple of problem, Ryos would bark to catch, but otherwise all goes very prettily ahead. Until the row comes at Yuki, that is afraid form into a ball of that. It could encounter it yes and could damage its precious face. The girls make its clearly that that so does not go. Behind a tree half hidden Ryo sees stand a girl, that just as shun like curiously to them hinübersieht. When Ryo addresses it, it runs therefrom. Meanwhile also Kodanuki observes, that Konrektor, what so does itself at t
Catch this!
6. Catch this!
May 13, 1998
To the beginning of the semester, there is an official reception to which also Shino appears. It wants to see even how far its daughter brought it. And Ryo is now yet very happy that it can go on the waiter training. Kido emerges and says to Ryo, let its mother be yes one that language beauty. On the search for its teams, Nene in the truest sense of the word knocks on Daiouji Mao and is afraid of the large girl too deaths. At the same time Mao of no fly could do something zuleide. We become acquainted with and another girl: Tokashiki Yoko, would-be-Model out of Okinawa. It has just a Vorsingen, but the jury not so is enthused of its. Pitch, home has it everywhere herumerzählt that it becomes a starling. Back it can therefore no longer without losing the face. There the wind blows it a thrown away newspaper before the feet. It reads that at a famous elite-university-baseball-players sought become, so to speak the new starlings at the sport sky. And if it becomes nothing with th
Wave motion swing!
5. Wave motion swing!
May 6, 1998
Ryo makes itself on the way to the daily training. Underway it encounters Seira that is sleepy something else. In the club house, they encounter suspect investigate Hikaru and Yuki, that just one sound out of the kitchen. Out a giant load foam and the face of Mori Nene, that just with full use the wash washes, comes. Nene stands the four girls as its new manager before, with age, star sign and blood group. That she becomes the manager, concluded it by the way on the day before highly even because she wanted to make that already always once. Your father, who sits by the way also in the supervisory board of the university, told its namely, gives that it a new girl-baseball team, and it so was able to realize very surprisingly its old childhood dream. And now it washes the wash just for the team. The other go to the training place. Ryo meets Hiroki, that thanks itself for the self-made cookies, that gave Ryo it recently. Ryos first were, and Hiroki is honored that just it was allow
Welcome Seira!
4. Welcome Seira!
April 29, 1998
The means training dismisses its students in a large ceremony. Many never will meet again itself probably. Nevertheless Seishiro and Ryo remain together. Seishiro wants to carry out Ryo to the celebration of the day, but that has no time: training. Accordingly it devours at the noon a double portion rice. Your mother is surprised means very prettily, but Ryo, she would need certainly much energy. On the campus runs its first Takasugi that it teases a little, and then Izumi that begins to the tennis training, over the way. Ryo gives lent had Takasugi the towel, that it its once back and a little gift in addition - in all innocence exactly before Izumis eyes. Only: with the training it seems nothing to become. It is entire alone on the place. There Yanagida, Keikos secretary appears, and it takes with into the office where nevertheless two new members of the team wait: Yuki and Hikaru. Yuki does not speak very much, Hikaru for that all the more more (it has not only a cute voice,
In my father's footsteps
3. In my father's footsteps
April 22, 1998
Keiko receives Ryo friendlily and offers tea out of china dishes. Then with that out, : a girl-baseball team , and without Ryo, it does not go. Very reflectively Ryo leaves then the university building again. Izumi is excited that its mother received a girl as well as Ryo at its elite-university. You does nothing make certainly as an annoyance. And why it generally a baseball-team open wanted where there has been yet for many years a so successful tennis-team. Keiko does not answer directly, but it becomes clear that she will divert let herself through nothing and no one of its dream. Ryo itself always yet is disconcerted, but at least its mother is happy and is proud of it. Its daughter, she calmed would manage and it in the tavern already alone. One not simply may forgive so a chance. And so Ryo goes therefore from now into the Kisaragi-university, and to be sure together with Seishiro, that wants to pay attention a little to it. It brings Ryo on that that to a baseball team o
A baseball team at a prestigious girl's school?
2. A baseball team at a prestigious girl's school?
April 15, 1998
And so it comes to the first duel between Ryo and Takasugi. Ryo and its Catcher Takasugi want to outmaneuver a little in that it throws intentionally somewhat beside it. Yet the shot goes off to the rear: Takasugi encounters nevertheless. Moreover it sees through the little game and admonishes would not pull Ryo, such tricks with it. Shino is charmed rather, knows Ryo on the other hand not, what should hold it by the thing. When Ryo of the school comes home, a thick saloon car stands before the door. Keikos people delivered Shino an entirely official invitation for Ryo. It should appear herself tomorrow to an interview. And if it exists, it gets a scholarship under the condition that it joins the new baseball-team. Ryo can hardly believe it. Moreover: who helps then its mother in store? And then Izumi Ryo sees stand directly next to Takasugi, and that is the start of a long and intensive enmity.
Hayakawa Ryou, Age 15
1. Hayakawa Ryou, Age 15
April 8, 1998
In a short back orifice plate, we see Hayakawa Hidehiko, about 20 years ago the rising star at the Japanese baseball-sky. Rather not usually at the same time is that this replacement man is a replacement woman: Hayakawa Ryo. Ryo, a cheerful young girl, was late. Himuro Keiko sits in a saloon car and observes Ryos throws very attentively. After the school, Ryo and Seishiro encounter themselves. On television just is announced that the Kisaragi-school two young tip athletes was able to win as new students: the baseball-player Takasugi Hiroki for this Kisaragi-boy-waiter training and the tennis-genius Himuro Izumi, the daughter of the administration boss Himuro Keiko, for the Kisaragi-girl-waiter training. When Takasugi and Izumi arrive, they are expected already of some reporters. Both are by the way, exactly like Ryo and Seishiro, already its eternities friendly. Accidentally also Keiko goes just before, and the reporters exploit that and attack at once over it. It seems to be worth
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  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (124)