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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

Man v. Lion is a gripping television special broadcasted on Nat Geo Wild in 2018. The show pushes the envelope and the boundaries of reality TV, as it combines elements of human endurance, wildlife engagement, and conservation awareness into an engaging and informative series.

Man v. Lion centers around veteran big cat trainer and legendary explorer, Boone Smith, who bravely embarks on a courageous journey into the heart of the lion's den. Boone's mission is not just a daring survival challenge — he is keen on understanding the magical beasts up close, seeking insights into their daily lives, habits, instincts, and the dynamics of their social structure.

Shot in an enthralling wildlife setting, Boone ventures to Tanzania, home to some of the world's most dangerous predators. The Serengeti plains, known for its teeming wildlife population, provides the perfect backdrop for Boone as he steps into the territory of the king of the jungle. This far-reaching terrain, being rich in biodiversity, offers the ideal stage for showcasing the narration of lion behaviour vis-a-vis human interaction and response.

Unlike a mere survival show, Man v. Lion adds a refreshing angle by creating a cage-like experimentation environment referred to as the 'Predator Shield.' This predator-proof enclosure, with enhanced visibility and a 360-degree view, allows Boone to enter dangerous situations while minimizing risks. He uses it to test and confront the primal prowess of these magnificent creatures, crossing a boundary few have dared to tread. His desire is to not just survive, but to study the intricacies of the beast's behaviour at an uncomfortably close range.

The narrative strikingly highlights the physical prowess of the lion in relation to man. It delves thoroughly into how humans might match up against the power, speed, and ferocity of the King of Beasts, given equivalent circumstances. Boone utilizes the toughness of the Predator Shield to test the strength of the lions, examining their muscular force, resiliency, and hunting tactics. Through thought-provoking experiments, the show uncovers breathtaking facts and behaviours.

Underpinning the tension-packed challenges, Man v. Lion maintains a strong thread of conservation education. The show by Nat Geo Wild uses this venture to shed light on the issues plaguing big cats in the wild today. Starting from the influx of human encroachment into their habitats to climate change, poaching, and reduction of prey, the show brings awareness to the threats that these majestic beasts encounter.

What distinguishes Man v. Lion is not just the audacious human-lion encounter but the emphasis on mutual respect between wildlife and humans. There's a message that reflects throughout the series: the purpose is not to overcome or conquer the lion but to value and learn from them in their natural environment.

This exciting series delivers a seamless mix of nail-biting adventure, extensive wildlife studies, scientific explorations, and relevant wildlife conservation messages. The thrill of such close interaction with one of the world's deadliest predators leaves viewers both awed and educated.

The production quality of Man v. Lion adds to the allure of the show. Nat Geo Wild, known for its high standards of cinematography, lives up to its reputation, capturing stunning wide-angle views of the Serengeti and intimate, up-close moments with the lions. The team cleverly utilizes the beauty of the African terrain, taking viewers on a journey that is visually breathtaking.

In Man v. Lion, Boone Smith pushes the boundaries of his physical and mental limits, using his knowledge and skills to dive deep into the world of the lion. He places himself in the heart of the action, creating a riveting watch filled with suspense, facts, and perspectives that will shift how audiences regard the king of the jungle. For fans of wildlife documentaries and survival shows, this show is a must-watch. It's an innovative exploration that brings viewers face-to-face with one of nature's most powerful predators, in a format that's as educational as it is entertaining.

Man v. Lion
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Man v. Lion
1. Man v. Lion
November 29, 2018
Veteran big cat expert Boone Smith explores each stage of a lion's kill leading up to the final face-off: Boone in the middle of lions devouring their prey.
  • Premiere Date
    November 29, 2018