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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (113)

Dr. T, Lone Star Vet is a documentary series that follows the work of Dr. Lauren Thielen, a veterinarian and the head of the exotic animal department at the Texas-based animal hospital. We get to see the day-to-day activities that Dr. Thielen and her team go through while providing care to a variety of animals, ranging from dogs and cats to exotic animals like lizards, snakes, and even kangaroos.

The show is filmed on location at the Animal Hospital of Texas, where Dr. Thielen provides medical care and treatment to animals from different parts of Texas. The show also features other staff members, including Dr. Tonya Green, a clinical veterinarian at the hospital, and Chris Payne Gilbert, Dr. Thielen's husband and a skilled carpenter who helps build new enclosures and habitats for the animals.

Throughout the series, we get to see Dr. Thielen and her team tackling a wide range of medical cases, from complex surgeries to simple check-ups. They work tirelessly to ensure the animals receive the best possible care, often facing challenging situations where quick thinking and a steady hand are essential.

What makes Dr. T, Lone Star Vet stand out is the sheer range of animal species featured in each episode. The show is not just about domestic cats and dogs; it also dives into the wild world of exotic animals. We get to see Dr. Thielen and her team treating birds, baby deer, snakes, and even a baby kangaroo!

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is how it highlights the unique challenges of caring for exotic pets. Unlike cats and dogs, exotic animals require specialized care and often have unique health issues that require specific expertise. As such, we see Dr. Thielen and her team working tirelessly to learn about each animal's individual needs and provide the best possible care.

The show also features some emotional and heartwarming moments. We get to see the strong bond between Dr. Thielen and her patients, as well as how much the animals mean to their owners. There are moments of joy and happiness when an animal recovers, and tears when things don't go as planned. Still, the show's overarching message is one of hope and compassion for all animals.

Overall, Dr. T, Lone Star Vet is a fantastic show for animal lovers, especially those with a keen interest in exotic pets. The dedicated team of veterinarians, led by Dr. Thielen, work tirelessly to provide the best possible care to a wide range of animals. The show's combination of education and heartwarming moments make it a must-watch for anyone who loves animals.

Dr. T, Lone Star Vet is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2019.

Dr. T, Lone Star Vet
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Big Bird, Big Problem
8. Big Bird, Big Problem
December 1, 2019
It's never a dull moment as Dr. T treats a Texas-sized big bird with a big problem; two leaping lemurs with a serious case of sibling rivalry; and an adorable spiny hedgehog with some mysterious lumps. Additionally, a sweet cockatiel is rushed into the ER, teetering on the brink of life and death.
The Roo To Recovery
7. The Roo To Recovery
November 24, 2019
Dr. T treats a kangaroo with a bum ankle, a traumatized lizard, a bunny with no appetite and a parrot with a mysterious mass in his chest.
Pain In The Chinchilla
6. Pain In The Chinchilla
November 17, 2019
Dr. T is busy seeing many patients, including an adorable bunny with a chronic respiratory infection; a sweet chinchilla that can’t eat due to possible dental pain; and a mangrove monitor lizard with an alarming infection on its skin.
Fishin' Impossible
5. Fishin' Impossible
November 10, 2019
Dr. T gets friendly with a fish; cheers up a chinchilla; and biopsies an adorable bunny.
T And The Family Turtle
4. T And The Family Turtle
November 3, 2019
Dr. T treats her sister's sinking turtle, while a gecko fights for its life.
Bunny 911
3. Bunny 911
October 27, 2019
A beautiful scarlet macaw needs Dr. T’s help to reach an itch that she just can’t scratch, and a pair of adorable baby sugar gliders come in for their very first doctor’s visit. A bearded dragon has expensive taste that must be stopped.
Mother of Dragons
2. Mother of Dragons
October 20, 2019
Dr. T aids a fugitive turtle, a peg-legged bird and a diva guinea pig.
The Terrible Turkey Trot
1. The Terrible Turkey Trot
October 13, 2019
Dr. T has her hands full with a prickly hedgehog in need of a tiny tooth extraction.
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Dr. T, Lone Star Vet is available for streaming on the Nat Geo Wild website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dr. T, Lone Star Vet on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 13, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (113)