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  • TV-MA
  • 2005
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.4  (13,218)

Masters of Horror is a horror anthology television series that aired on Showtime from 2005 to 2007. It featured thirteen episodes in its first season and another thirteen in the second season. Each episode was directed by a different renowned horror filmmaker, making it a veritable smorgasbord of scares.

One of the standout features of Masters of Horror was its cast, featuring many talented actors and actresses, including Holly Marie Combs, Bree Turner, Brian Benben, Cinthia Moura, Ethan Embry, Henry Thomas, Jessica Lowndes, Jonathan Tucker, Steven Weber, and many more. The show also featured guest appearances by other familiar faces, including George Wendt, Meat Loaf, and John Saxon.

Each episode of Masters of Horror was its own self-contained story, with its own unique setting, characters, and brand of terror. Some episodes were based on classic horror stories or franchises, while others were entirely original. The result was a series that offered a diverse array of terrifying tales, each one guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

One of the most notable episodes of Masters of Horror was directed by John Carpenter, the mastermind behind such classics as Halloween and The Thing. His episode, titled "Cigarette Burns," was a chilling exploration of the power of film to induce madness and terror. It starred Norman Reedus as a man on a mission to find a rare and notorious film that has the power to drive viewers insane.

Another standout episode was "Homecoming," directed by Joe Dante. This episode was a biting satire of American politics, set against the backdrop of a zombie uprising. The episode starred Robert Picardo as a political advisor who must navigate a world overrun by the undead, all while trying to secure his candidate's victory in a hotly contested election.

Other notable episodes included "Dance of the Dead," directed by Tobe Hooper, which explored the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse; "The Fair Haired Child," directed by William Malone, which followed the haunting story of a kidnapped girl; and "Sick Girl," directed by Lucky McKee, which was a twisted love story between a bug scientist and her mysterious new girlfriend.

One of the most interesting things about Masters of Horror was the way it allowed filmmakers to explore their own unique visions of horror. Each episode was an opportunity for directors to push the boundaries of what had been done before, to experiment with new ideas and techniques, and to create something truly memorable.

The show was also notable for its willingness to embrace gore and violence, something that had been increasingly uncommon in mainstream horror at the time. While the series certainly had its share of jump scares and creepy atmospheres, it wasn't afraid to delve into much darker, bloodier territory.

In addition to its horror anthology format, Masters of Horror also had a framing device that tied all the episodes together. Each episode was introduced by a fictional horror director named Mick Garris, played by himself. Garris served as executive producer of the series, and his character helped give the show a sense of continuity and coherence despite its many different stories and styles.

Overall, Masters of Horror is a must-watch for any horror fan. With its all-star cast, talented roster of directors, and willingness to push boundaries, it's a series that deserves to be remembered as a true classic of the genre. Whether you're in the mood for psychological horror, supernatural scares, or anything in between, Masters of Horror has something for you.

Masters of Horror is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on October 28, 2005.

Masters of Horror
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Dream Cruise
13. Dream Cruise
February 2, 2007
Daniel Gillies of SPIDER-MAN 2 and 3 stars as an American attorney in Japan whose childhood trauma has left him with a crippling fear of the ocean. But when he begins a dangerous affair with the wife of a wealthy client, a sunset boat trip will reveal the violence and vengeance that waits just below the surface. How do you unleash the horrific ghosts of everyone's past? Just add water!Ryo Ishibashi of AUDITION and THE GRUDGE co-stars in this creepy shocker adapted from the short story by legendary Japanese horror novelist K??ji Suzuki ? creator of DARK WATER and THE RING/RINGU series ? where the ultimate nightmares come to life aboard a DREAM CRUISE.
The Washingtonians
12. The Washingtonians
January 26, 2007
What if everything we believe about our sacred icons of American history turned out to be a complete lie? Suppose, for example, that The Father Of Our Country was actually a blood-crazed cannibal? Jonathon Schaech and Saul Rubinek star in this gruesome tale about the discovery of a Revolutionary War artifact that proves George Washington's famed wooden teeth hungered for more than just liberty. How far will a group of homicidal historians now go to keep a hero's grisly legacy alive? Would our government deliberately hide the truth to cover-up the meat of the matter? A feast of answers ? complete with huge helpings of human carnage ? will all be served at the final banquet of THE WASHINGTONIANS.
The Black Cat
11. The Black Cat
January 19, 2007
"Perversity," wrote Edgar Allan Poe, is "the human thirst for self torture." Jeffrey Combs of RE-ANIMATOR fame delivers an electrifying performance as the legendary writer driven to debt and drunken folly by a world cruelly indifferent to his poetry. But is it his beloved wife's agonizing death by consumption or her deranged pet feline that will soon trigger the scribe's most ghastly acts of madness? Director Stuart Gordon and longtime collaborator Dennis Paoli (RE- ANIMATOR, DAGON, CASTLE FREAK) co-wrote this grisly exploration of horror fiction's dark genius, condemned to a living hell of illusion, insanity and beyond by THE BLACK CAT.
We All Scream for Ice Cream
10. We All Scream for Ice Cream
January 12, 2007
William Forsythe of THE DEVIL'S REJECTS stars as Buster The Clown, a mentally challenged man who sells ice cream his Cheery Tyme truck until a cruel prank by a bunch of neighborhood boys goes horrifically wrong. A generation later they're all grown men with families, but the crime of their past may now be trolling for their children: Buster and his truck have returned for sweet revenge, and every frozen treat will bring its own taste of Hell. Lee Tergesen (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING) co-stars in this tasty chiller adapted by ?splatterpunk' writer David J Schow (PICK ME UP) from the short story by best-selling author John Farris (THE FURY).
Right to Die
9. Right to Die
January 5, 2007
Late at night on a lonely country road, Cliff Addison (Martin Donovan of THE DEAD ZONE and WEEDS) and his wife Abby are involved in a fiery car wreck that leaves Cliff unhurt and his wife hideously burned. As Abby lies comatose, kept alive only by life support, her charred spirit seeks vengeance on those who profit from her plight including a slick attorney (Corbin Bernsen). Amidst a storm of angry relatives and pushy reporters, a controversial issue is about to take a horrific turn: Even if Cliff can now find a way to keep his wife alive, will a monstrous secret condemn him to a living hell forever?
Valerie on the Stairs
8. Valerie on the Stairs
October 21, 2006
It is called Highberger House, a place for unpublished writers to live and work without distractions while they continue to pile up rejection letters. But this building is haunted by more than just the specter of failed authors: There is the ghost of a beautiful woman in the hallways who cries out in fear and desire. And there is a beast in the walls that owns her body and soul, and now fiends for the blood of his creators. Christopher Lloyd, Tyron Leitso (HOUSE OF THE DEAD), and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN) star in this sexually charged shocker adapted from the story by Clive Barker about doomed dreams, rotted imaginations and the horrific secret that has given life to VALERIE ON THE STAIRS.
The Screwfly Solution
7. The Screwfly Solution
December 8, 2006
It begins with a terrifying rash of isolated homicides Around the world, normal male sexual urges have suddenly transformed into violent rage. Now a pair of scientists (Jason Priestley and Elliott Gould) are in a desperate race against time to figure out how ? and why ? the war between the sexes has turned murderous. Is a mysterious virus making every red-blooded man a potential lady-killer? Kerry Norton (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) costars in this graphic and provocative shocker written by Sam Hamm (BATMAN, HOMECOMING) from the award-winning short story by James Tiptree Jr.
6. Pelts
December 1, 2006
Meat Loaf Aday stars as Jake Feldman, a shorttempered furrier struggling to build a small-time business while being tormented by his obsession for a sexy stripper. But when a sadistic backwoods trapper (John Saxon of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Argento's TENEBRE) kills a strange group of pet raccoons, Jake knows their luxurious hides could make a coat that will change his fortunes forever. Only these are no ordinary pelts: Everyone who comes in contact with the cursed furs is soon driven to unspeakable acts of self-mutilation and extreme violence. Even if Jake can now possess the flesh he desperately covets, what horrific final price will he pay for the skin he's in?
5. Pro-Life
November 14, 2006
For the dedicated staff of an isolated women's clinic, the ultimate nightmare is waiting to explode. Trapped inside is a terrified pregnant 15-year-old girl. Lurking outside, her crazed anti-abortion activist father (Ron Perlman of HELLBOY) and heavily armed brothers are ready to smash their way in. In this health- centerturned- slaughterhouse, there is only one certainty ? there will be Hell to pay. Emmanuelle Vaugier (SAW II, SMALLVILLE) and Mark Feuerstein (THE WEST WING) co-star in this graphic and provocative shocker directed by John Carpenter.
Sounds Like
4. Sounds Like
November 17, 2006
For call center supervisor Larry Pearce (Chris Bauer of THE WIRE, THIRD WATCH and 8MM), listening is a way of life. His days are spent monitoring hundreds of tech support phone conversations, his ultra-sensitive ears attuned to every nuance of voice and sound. But in the months following his young son's tragic death, Larry's hearing intensifies until it becomes virtually superhuman. Now simple noises around him have amplified into a cacophony of torment. And as Larry slowly begins to lose his grip on reality, he must take violent action to quiet the deafening clamor. In a world where nothing screams louder than the madness of grief, how far will one man go to find the ultimate paradise of absolute silence?
The V Word
3. The V Word
November 10, 2006
For two geeky best friends who've only experienced carnage via their video games, it's the ultimate late night dare: Ever seen a real dead guy? But when the pair breaks into a creepy local mortuary, they unleash a ferocious ghoul (Michael Ironside of SCANNERS and STARSHIP TROOPERS) who's hungry to share a few depraved urges of his own. Even if these pals- forlife can resist a violent suburban blood-spree, is there any peer pressure more horrific than that of the undead? Jodelle Ferland of SILENT HILL co-stars in this grisly twist on teenage vampirism written by series creator Mick Garris
2. Family
November 3, 2006
It's a beautiful day in suburbia where mild-mannered bachelor Harold Thompson (George Wendt of CHEERS) is happily at work in his basement building the perfect family. But when a young couple moves in nextdoor, Harold sets his sights on the sexy young wife (Meredith Monroe of DAWSON'S CREEK). In a sunshine world of picket fences and manicured lawns, is it ever possible to know what gruesome plans are percolating in the minds of your neighbors? Matt Keeslar (SCREAM 3, ROSE RED) co-stars in this grisly black comedy with a killer twist from Director John Landis (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, ANIMAL HOUSE) and Writer Brent Hanley (FRAILTY).
The Damned Thing
1. The Damned Thing
October 27, 2006
Twenty-four years ago, outside a small Texas town, young Kevin Reddle watched helplessly as his oilman father brutally slaughtered his mother before being torn apart by an invisible force. Today the county Sheriff, Kevin (Sean Patrick Flanery of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS) remains haunted by memories of that night and the fear that "the damned thing" may someday return. Now as the citizens of Cloverdale explode into a homicidal frenzy, the one man who has uncovered the truth is about to meet his own horrific destiny. Marisa Coughlan (BOSTON LEGAL) and Ted Raimi (THE GRUDGE) co-star in this blood-soaked shocker written by Richard Christian Matheson from the classic short story by Ambrose Bierce.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 28, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (13,218)