Meet Ricky Gervais

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Meet Rickey Gervais was a interview and sketch comedy show created by Rickey Gervais and written by Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Robin Ince, Stephen Merchant. The concept of the show was that Gervais, a verifiable British comedian, would be playing an alternative version of himself who was snobbish and ridiculous, going so far as to affirm that famine was a "Good thing."

Tuesdays at 11pm on Channel 4
1 Season, 6 Episodes
May 6, 2010
Talk & Interview, Comedy
Cast: Ricky Gervais, Stirling Gallacher, Stephen Merchant, Tony Green

Meet Ricky Gervais Full Episode Guide

  • Ricky catches up with Antony Worrall Thompson and Midge Ure to discuss placenta paté, and makes a few uncharitable observations about charity.

  • Peter Purves and Stephanie Powers join Ricky for banter, with Stephen Merchant providing a no-nonsense warm-up act.

  • Ricky welcomes guests Paul Daniels and Wayne Hemingway. And then invites the Masked Magician to expose one of Daniels' greatest tricks.

  • Penny Smith and Tony Hart play their cards right with Ricky and his new glamorous assistant.

  • John Virgo and Michael Winner play 'Family 4tunes' with Ricky. 'We asked 100 people what they would steal from an old lady... '

  • Ricky interviews Sir James Savile and Tommy Walsh, reveals a dead cert at the bookies and busts the myth about sexy nurses.