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  • Not Rated
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (2,859)

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is a spin-off series that debuted on Acorn TV in 2019. Based on the novels by Kerry Greenwood, the show tells the story of Peregrine Fisher, the niece of the original Miss Fisher, who steps into the sleuthing world when a crime occurs in her neighborhood.

Peregrine Fisher, played by the talented Australian actress Geraldine Hakewill, is a young woman who has inherited her aunt's thirst for adventure and passion for solving mysteries. After the disappearance of her Aunt Phryne in the late 1960s, Peregrine is determined to carry on her legacy and becomes a private detective in Melbourne. The show is set in the 1960s and has a classic, vintage feel to it, reminiscent of the original Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series.

Peregrine's first case involves the murder of a young woman, and as she investigates, she realizes that the victim's life was more complicated than it first appeared. She works closely with Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson), who is initially skeptical of her abilities, but ultimately respects her intelligence and insight. Steed is also an object of romantic interest for Peregrine, adding a layer of charm and humor to the series.

The show is a refreshing take on the traditional murder mystery genre, with an empowered female protagonist who tackles cases from a feminist perspective. The series touches on important social issues of the time period, including gender and race inequality, and the impact of changing societal values on the lives of women.

One notable aspect of the show is the beautiful and vibrant production design. The costumes and set pieces are a visual treat, capturing the bold and colorful spirit of the 1960s. The show also features a catchy and jazzy soundtrack that complements the vintage aesthetic of the series.

Overall, Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is a delightful and entertaining series that offers a fresh take on the classic murder mystery genre. The strong performances by the cast, particularly Geraldine Hakewill's portrayal of Peregrine Fisher, make the show a must-watch for fans of the original Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series, as well as those who enjoy a good whodunit. With an engaging central mystery and thrilling plot twists, the series offers a delightful mix of charm, humor, and suspense.

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on February 21, 2019.

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
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New Year's Evil
8. New Year's Evil
July 19, 2021
Peregrine throws a New Year's Eve party at the Adventuresses' Club and invites Melbourne's hottest pop band to play, but it's not long before murder disturbs the revelry.
Reel Murder
7. Reel Murder
July 12, 2021
A day of relaxation at the river turns deadly when Samuel hooks a corpse with his fishing rod. It emerges that the victim evaded murder charges many years ago.
Coop de Grce
6. Coop de Grce
July 4, 2021
The president of the Sandridge Pigeon Club is discovered dead in the coop. While Peregrine works the case with James, Birdie has her own mysterious mission to complete.
Death Alley
5. Death Alley
June 28, 2021
A brawl at a bowling alley between rockers and mods leads to decapitation. When the police arrest Violetta's nephew for the murder, Peregrine must prove his innocence.
A Killer Unleashed
4. A Killer Unleashed
June 21, 2021
At the Melbourne Kennel Club's dog show, a competitor dies and her prized collie is framed for the murder. Having sworn off men, Peregrine considers a canine companion.
Blood Wedding
3. Blood Wedding
June 14, 2021
James investigates the murder of a farmhand the day before a wedding at an estate where James's father works. Peregrine tries to help, but James is frosty towards her.
Come Die with Me
2. Come Die with Me
June 7, 2021
Peregrine's excitement over her upcoming nuptials is short-lived. When a woman's body is discovered during flight attendant training, Peregrine goes undercover.
Death by Design
1. Death by Design
June 7, 2021
An architect and his lover are found dead after a party. Peregrine and James retrace the partygoers' movements, but it's difficult since the guests swapped partners.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 21, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (2,859)