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Mugshots is a reality crime television show on TruTV. The show follows high profile crimes and the trials of those crimes. Stu Daly, James Naughton and Gene Galusha narrate the show. The show follows high profile criminals such as Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano (ex-mobster), Beth Carpenter (murderer), Mary Kay Fualaau, and Martin Frankel (fraud). Each episode has dramatizations of the crimes played out by actors, then the show ends with real life footage of a judge handing out a sentence to the criminal.

The show had two seasons, airing from 2000-2001, and was cancelled after only two episodes of the second season. Each episode lasted forty-five minutes long. Re-runs still air on TruTv from time to time.

Mugshots is a Documentary & Biography series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2000. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

Mugshots is available for streaming on the Content Media Corporation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mugshots on demand at Tubi TV Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 48 Episodes
January 1, 2000
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Wayne Williams, Gary Richard Brown, Gloria Allred, Ira Einhorn
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Mugshots Full Episode Guide

  • Tom Green's family in consisted of 5 wives and 31 children. When it was discovered that he consummated one marriage to his wife when she was 14 - he was charged with the rape of a child. His wives and children supported him through two trials and invited this film crew to record their lives.

  • Rabbi Fred Neulander denied his role in a plot to kill his wife for the love of a beautiful woman from Philadelphia. Quiet suburban Cherry Hill has never been the same

  • They had it all -Hollywood money, gated home, loving parents. But it wasn't enough and the Menendez brothers decided to kill their mother and father in cold blood

  • Shot in Liverpool, London and New York, this documentary intercuts between an Attica prison confession by Mark David Chapman and the final interview with John Lennon, just hours before his death, documenting the legendary killing that continues to haunt a generation.

  • Kahlid Sheik Mohammad -9/11 mastermind. This documentary tracks Mohammad from NY to Pakistan with mystery at every turn

  • This documentary features interviews with eyewitnesses and doctors who were there in Dallas and can never forget what happened.

  • Rushed to a London hospital, Jimi Hendrix is DOA. But many of his friends dispute the medical examiners account of what caused his death -a drug overdose.

  • Capturing the man who brought cocaine to the world, this documentary follows Escobar on his journey as the Columbian Godfather.

  • Shot in Sicily & Brooklyn, this is the story of John Gotti's crew. Now, John Travolta plans to bring Gotti to the big screen. Our film has court wiretaps and undercover footage only recreated by the Travolta story. Meet the "dapper don" as he really was -a smiling killer.

  • This documentary rides the rails looking for Robert "Robbie" Silveria and a wild bunch of killers feared for jumping trains and assaulting a generation that secretly rode America's railroads.

  • Eric Rudolph tracked then bombed an abortion office. While in hiding, Rudolph's mother went on television to appeal for his surrender, but eventually the FBI captured the bomber.

  • Officer Rafael Perez prompted the largest police scandal to ever hit the city of Los Angeles. Perez waged a campaign of terror that ranged from falsifying information to planting evidence, trafficking drugs and covering up police shootings

  • Margaret Rudin, the "black widow" killer, has buried several husbands who died "mysteriously." Interviewed inside a Las Vegas prison -Rudin maintains her innocence and claims the DA has unjustly charged her.

  • Gail Fulton, a librarian living in a Detroit suburb, was gunned down in a parking lot by a trio of Florida killers. Donna Trapani, a nurse from Pensacola, hired the three because she had been jilted by Gail's husband.

  • This documentary follows the escape route bin Laden took from Tora Bora to Pakistan. The guides are two reporters who are actual eyewitnesses to his escape and the last American reporter to speak with bin Laden. A much praised investigative documentary.

  • Michael Jackson thrilled millions with song and dance - but he had issues when it came to young boys, though denying he ever abused. This special tracks it all, including the important players in his life and his incredible music.

  • This special explores the night Sean "˜P. Diddy' Combs' empire nearly came crashing down in gunshots

  • San Francisco police were shocked at the sight of a dead woman who was killed by a dog. The dog's owners, a pair of local lawyers were arrested and jailed in a trial which came to reveal a terrifying attack-dog breeding ring. This special includes footage of dogs being trained to attack

  • Blake worked his way up from child star on Our Gang, and one of the killers in In Cold Blood, to his best-known role as TV's Baretta. He experienced child abuse, alcoholism, and depression, was known to collect guns and eventually, Robert Blake was accused of killing his wife.

  • Three tourists disappeared from Yosemite National Park in California - bodies of two are found in a burnt-out car, the third on a hilltop. Evidence leads police to a mysterious Cedar Lodge handyman, Cary Stayner.

  • Andrea Yates murdered her children and shocked a nation with her senseless crime

  • Mike Tyson went from a criminal thug, to heavyweight Champion of the World. But his fame and fortune led to broken marriages, and prison. Today, he's on the comeback trail.

  • Rae Carruth hired "hit" men to scare off a girlfriend but they murdered her instead. The scandal sent him to prison and ended a promising NHL career.

  • Richard Sharpe is a disgraced Harvard graduate who killed his wife when she found out he was leading a double life as a cross dresser. This documentary shows the effects of his behaviour on the usually calm, correct, life on an Ivy League campus.

  • 49 women died in Washington's famous river. Best-selling books captured the fear caused by the killer Gary Ridgway. This special includes exclusive access to the detectives' records which lead to Ridgway's arrest

  • Mohammad Atta was the pilot who flew the first plane into the World Trade Towers and led the conspirators on their mission. This special is based on the work of three investigative teams which retraced the lives of the bombers who were living in American communities

  • John Paul - shot, live on television. The Russians denied involvement but this special explores if the shooting was a cold war Kremlin plot.

  • Body after body is discovered in Los Angeles - a serial killer is dumping naked women's bodies along hillsides. Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono killed for thrills.

  • Christopher Rocancourt hustled celebrities. Police say he stole millions in investment scams as a modern-day "Robin Hood." Parco producers found him living in the south of France, a "charming grifter." A man looking better than his mugshot.

  • Michael Skakel killed a Greenwich Connecticut teenager. His trials drew national attention. His Uncle was Bobby Kennedy. This special explores the possibility of a Kennedy family/Skakel cover up.

  • They were the first national "predator teacher" couple, Mary K Letourneau and Vili Fualaau. But their love survived scandal, prison and publicity

  • Martin Frankel conspired to steal diamonds, cars and investors' money while running a fake hedge fund out of a Greenwich mansion. When the cops arrived, he fled to Europe but was caught, tried and jailed

  • Delve inside the world of high fashion and beautiful women which marked the legendary Versace life until he was shot dead outside his South Beach, Miami home. This special explores the questions that still haunt his tragic death.

  • Ira Einhorn, a 60's hippie, murdered his girlfriend and fled the country but is eventually captured in Paris. Here is where the documentary goes to reveal the strange story of the man known as the Unicorn.

  • An original "gangbuster" convicted and disgraced as the mastermind of a jewel theft ring.

  • George Rivas -the leader of the Texas Seven. He staged a daring prison break and led a gang of seven fugitives on a journey that triggered a national manhunt.

  • Chris Paciello helped create the excitement of South Beach and attracted stars to his clubs. That was until the FBI swooped into his life and arrested him. This special picks up the story in Brooklyn when the g-men reveal Paciello's past, as a mob enforcer

  • McVeigh was responsible for one of the worst acts of terrorism in American history, killing 168 people in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. He was executed by lethal injection in June 11th 2001. He never spoke about why he set off the bomb or who may have participated with him in the deadly deed.

  • Robert Durst was the scion of a multi-millionaire real estate family, but was always a bit of an eccentric. He is suspected of killing three people - his first wife in New York, a Los Angeles woman and finally a 70-year-old neighbour in Texas.

  • It started as a custody fight, Beth Carpenter wanted her deceased sister's child, but her brother in law resisted. According to police, Beth, a lawyer, hired two men to kill the brother in law.

  • Sandy Murphy was a girl from LA who went broke gambling in Ted Binion's Vegas hotel. But after meeting, they fell in love - until Ted mysteriously turned up dead and Sandy was charged with his murder. Found guilty, Sandy appealed and won.

  • At the crooked Enron, home of the first Wall Street scandal we expose the "smartest men in the room."

  • Using rare and exclusive interviews this documentary goes back to the fifties -the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and a wild open town that rivals Vegas for mob conspiracies.

  • Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent sold secrets to the KGB for money and women. This special draws on exclusive FBI records and interviews to tell a real spy thriller.

  • Sammy "The Bull" Gravano sent his boss John Gotti to prison. See this hit-man up close as he breaks the code of Omerta. It's a far more threatening tale than the Hollywood take.

  • Phil Spector's story is packed with crime scene photos and includes video of the fatal ride along the Sunset strip. The strange story of Phil Spector's deadly night with Roger Corman's star Lana Clarkson includes never before seen outtakes from interviews and police footage.