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Courtney Campbell is a pleasant woman who lives a simple but satisfying life in a small house that she shares with three dogs and a cat. She invites children to enjoy the warmth and friendliness her life has to offer as she shares songs, games, stories and lessons about how to accept yourself and your own unique gifts and how to live peacefully with those who are different from you.

Mustard Pancakes Productions Inc.
1 Season, 13 Episodes
May 7, 2005
Children, Family
Cast: Courtney Campbell, Frank Meschkuleit, Trish Leeper, Lee Armstrong
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Mustard Pancakes Full Episode Guide

  • Courtney brings out a basket full of musical instruments for everyone to play. Mo learns the keyboard, Oogleberry learns the harmonica, Tina learns the bongos and Mr. D uses his voice. Everyone learns that practice makes you better.

  • Courtney returns from a trip and each one of the gang has a special gift for her. The gang begins to argue over who will be the first to give Courtney her gift. They realize that if they are patient they will all have a turn, and that Courtney is happy with all the matter who goes first.

  • It is the day for the special picnic. Mr. D, Mo, Tina and Oogleberry get everything ready. Courtney's too sick for a picnic. As Courtney naps, Tina has the idea to have the picnic in the living room.

  • A loud tapping sound is heard throughout the house. Soon Courtney and the others discover its Oogleberry, constructing his new invention, an automatic kibble dispenser. Mo, Tina and Mr. D set out on their on creative invention.

  • Courtney and the gang make pizza! Courtney and Mo remember the great cooking of the DiNatale's, Mo's first family. They find out you can lean to respect each other's differences and tastes.

  • When Tiny Tina's dancing disrupts everybody else's activities, she decides to stop dancing for good. Tiny Tina realizes that if she respects the space of others she can keep on dancing, and everyone is happy.

  • Oogleberry is sprayed by a skunk and he is embarrassed to ask for help. He learns that when you need help, for whatever reason, you should always ask.

  • Courtney is very disappointed when, at the last minute, her brother Johnny cancels a much anticipated dinner. The gang join together to make a special dinner for Courtney to cheer her up. Courtney experiences first hand how great it is to have good friends.

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