Neighbors is an Australian soap opera that first aired in 1985. Neighbors was unique in soap operas in that it had a focus on adults and teenagers engaging in open conversation with each other, and then treating each other as equals. The adults and teenagers would then works together in order to best solve each other

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 6:30 PM et/pt on FremantleMedia
2 Seasons, 119 Episodes
June 2, 2014
Drama, Soaps
Cast: Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Tom Oliver, Jackie Woodburne

Neighbours Full Episode Guide

  • Naomi is offered a bribe. Susan is in no mood to forgive Brad. Nate makes a life-shattering decision.

  • Erin lashes out. Has she finally blown it with Sonya and Toadie? Tension erupts between Paige and Bailey. Brad's new-found hobby proves dangerous for Karl.

  • Can Sonya move on after Erin's alleged betrayal? Imogen helps Daniel bring the radio station to life. Lauren accidentally discovers Paige is an online vixen.

  • Will Sonya's decision to trust Erin put her in jeopardy? Can Kyle bring himself to forgive his father and move on? Has Brennan found a way to make amends to Naomi?

  • Matt's determined to buy the house back from the kids. Chris begins a new chapter. Brennan suspects Naomi is involved in shady dealings.

  • Matt reclaims his territory. Chris lets go of the past. Joshua issues a challenge.

  • Amber discovers Imogen and Daniel's secret. Paul buys his way out of trouble -and into strife with Terese. The Cannings turn their backs on Gary.

  • Kyle is conflicted over his actions. Sonya embarks upon helping Erin. Paul's good intentions come back to bite him hard.

  • The Cannings rally after Sheila's heart attack. Kyle finds out the truth about his dad. Brennan is pushed to help Erin.

  • Terese catches up with an old flame. Paige puts her heart on the line with Brennan. Sonya is buoyed by her friends and a djembe.

  • Terese reveals the name of an old flame to Paul. Lauren fears Rain's growing influence on Amber. Doug finds a way to feel useful again.

  • Rain's influence on Amber grows stronger. Gary's story checks out but is he still hiding a secret? Imogen and Daniel grow closer.

  • Paul encourages Terese to stay away from Brad. Doug's disappearance fosters family loyalty. Sonya realises she's being watched.

  • Joshua faces court -but will he escape a prison sentence? Brennan has a hunch about Sonya's mystery letters. Paige bonds with her new grandfather.

  • Josh receives grim news about the sentencing hearing. Rain's charisma draws in Amber and Daniel. Bailey goes the pash when he farewells Alice.

  • Amber is tempted to move back home. Terese sneaks a look at Lauren's journal. Bailey's space camp dream seems dead.

  • Guilty over Chris, Joshua reaches a drastic conclusion. Amber's living arrangements start to bite. Terese struggles with Paige's continuing resentment.

  • Chris's return to work doesn't go as expected. Imogen's driven to help Joshua. A harmless prank turns costly for Kyle and Georgia.

  • Paige's new living arrangement causes more trouble. Lou needs Karl's help to satisfy Layla's fantasies. Kyle and Georgia's subterfuge is uncovered.

  • Joshua works to make up for his mistakes. Have Paige and Brennan come to the end of the line? Kyle has a raunchy encounter with a mysterious Latina.

  • Susan is determined to help Nate fight his demons. Dakota has a final surprise for Paul. Josh is horrified to discover he's a hero.

  • Brennan's sting operation gets messy. Can Matt protect Daniel from Dakota's scheme? Chris begins to doubt Nate.

  • The net closes on Dakota -but who will be snared in the trap? Paige faces the consequences of her jealousy. Lou sets his sights on Alice's gran.

  • An angry Paige lashes out. Nate struggles with Chris's recovery. Toadie and Sonya teach Malcolm a thing or two about kids.

  • Joshua is determined to repent for what he did to Chris. Paul takes action after seeing Dakota and Brennan's flirtation. Paige realises she's in love -will it be a happy ending? Malcolm's paternal confidence takes a hit.

  • Lauren gives Matt an ultimatum. Paul is manipulated by a scheming Dakota. Will Georgia and Kyle get to consummate their marriage?

  • Will Georgia and Kyle's wedding go off without a hitch? Matt faces temptation.

  • Will Karl and Susan leave Ramsay Street for good? Kyle and Georgia struggle to avoid wedding disasters.

  • Nate's tempted to punish Joshua. The Kennedys consider a life-changing move. A Turner family event turns ugly.

  • Nate's anger at Joshua threatens to explode. Kyle and Georgia rethink their wedding. Brennan investigates Dakota. Toadie and Sonya negotiate a parenting dilemma.

  • Brennan's suspicions of Dakota lead to an unexpected offer. Amber and Daniel find a home. Lou's 'the book of secrets' work comes back to bite Karl and Bailey.

  • Dakota realises Daniel is the key to her plan. Naomi needs to get over Toadie. Imogen's love for Daniel grows. Brennan suspects Dakota is up to something dodgy.

  • Joshua takes positive steps to resolve his guilt. Is Naomi still in love with Toadie? Young love blossoms between two budding astronauts.

  • Lauren refuses to lie to save Joshua. Nate doubts his place in Chris's life. Joshua's nightmare takes a new turn.

  • Chris fights for life -who was his attacker? Dakota draws Paul into her web.

  • Georgia and Kyle's party ends in tragedy. A ghost from Paul's past reappears. Daniel's shock announcement makes tensions boil over.

  • Sheila's romance hits an unexpected wall. Lou turns Susan and Karl's near miss into an opportunity. Paul is assaulted by a beautiful stranger.

  • Will Imogen reveal her true feelings? Could Karl and Susan's infamous blue box be exposed? Chris makes an uncomfortable confession to Nate.

  • Imogen fights her feelings for Daniel. Terese regrets punishing Paige. Bailey must choose: his career or Alice.

  • Terese's jealousy strikes again. Toadie sets out to prove he's fit for action. Karl and Georgia lock horns.

  • Terese's suspicions explode. Imogen is obsessed with Daniel. Naomi doesn't trust Sheila's new man.

  • Paul uses devious tactics to regain the mayoral position. Chris is confronted by Susan's fears for Nate. Imogen has a surprising epiphany.

  • Paige and Brennan struggle to move forward. Nate buckles under pressure. Bailey gets bad romantic advice from Lou.

  • Terese is gutted by Joshua's actions. Georgia suspects a medical cover up. Brennan and Paige's first date takes an unexpected turn.

  • Matt and Terese struggle with their spouses' betrayal. Paul suspects sabotage. Georgia gets terrible news. Terese has a surprising business idea.

  • Lauren's infidelity continues causing shockwaves. Chris wrestles with doubts about Nate. Has Paul made an enemy?

  • Bailey kisses Alice. Susan struggles with her trauma. Can Terese trust Brad again? Lauren is shaken by Matt's threat.

  • Brad and Lauren deal with the fallout from their kiss. Their marriages are at breaking point.

  • Ramsay Street deals with the aftermath of the tornado. Brennan and Paige's romance has a rocky start. A devastated Matt uncovers Lauren's secret.

  • Terese struggles to hold on to her family. Amber and Imogen go head to head over Hermione. Georgia's surgery goes awry.

  • The tornado leaves devastation and chaos in its wake. Will Lou survive? Paul is involved in a serious car accident. Amongst the chaos, is marriage on the cards?

  • As the storm rages, Paul puts himself in danger. Daniel and Amber find themselves in a precarious situation, emotionally and physically. Brennan and Paige connect on a deeper level. Is Georgia in peril?

  • The tension between Brennan and Paige boils over. Naomi and Imogen are thrown together. Brad is torn over how to handle Joshua's gestsure.

  • Will Brennan break Paige's heart? Sonya's solution for Toadie makes life hard for Naomi. Bailey finds his competitive spirit.

  • Sonya battles her insecurity over Naomi. Nate's past threatens his new relationships. Will Sheila's first date be a hit or a miss?

  • Kyle fears for Georgia. Amber and Daniel's relationship hits a speed-bump. What is Nate hiding?

  • Terese makes a heartbreaking discovery. Will Josh and Naomi's secret relationship be exposed? Paul encourages Sheila to take the plunge.

  • Imogen and Amber's conflict sends ripples through their families. Bailey battles his nerves. Joshua's tryst with Naomi leaves him exposed.

  • Susan struggles to get through to Nate. The new Turner family dynamic creates tension for everyone. Imogen and Amber's tension boils over.

  • Chris's date takes an unexpected turn. Naomi struggles to be professional around Toadie. Paul considers searching for love again.

  • Josh is faced with a difficult career decision. Sparks fly between Chris and a mysterious but handsome stranger. Sonya is forced to confront her fears about Naomi.

  • Josh and Brad are both yearning for direction. Bailey's rivalry with Alice heats up. Paul and Sheila share a surprising bonding experience.

  • Georgia fears the worst. Lou grapples with forgiveness. Sheila fights her subconscious.

  • Paige fears coming face-to-face with Kathy. Naomi has second thoughts about her fun fling. Matt gets the evidence he needs, but will he use it?

  • Chris has a tough decision to make. Joshua and Naomi both need an ego boost. Karl's literary fame comes back to bite Susan.

  • Amber struggles with Daniel's suggestion. Lucy has a surprising proposition for Chris. Karl's secret is out.

  • Paige's revelation causes turmoil. Chris is torn between Kyle and Georgia. Daniel shocks Amber with a surprise proposition.

  • Paige's family are shocked by the revelation of her true identity.

  • In the aftermath of the accident, Paige makes a heartbreaking decision. With Toadie is danger, Naomi feels their distance. Matt's suspicions of Paige are roused.

  • Kathy is determined to find out what Paige is hiding. Amber and Daniel's romance heats up. Paul takes forward steps.

  • Lucy returns to Erinsborough, but will it help Paul? Naomi thinks she's found a way to move on. Georgia and Kyle hit a communication bump.

  • Can Terese persuade Joshua to return to school? Georgia loses Bossy with disastrous consequences. Toadie gets to the bottom of Sonya's need for 'fun'.

  • Paige is in damage control as Lauren's 'long-lost daughter' shows up. Things become too much for Josh. Sheila and Naomi find peace again.

  • Paige fears she is about to be unmasked. Sheila jeopardises Naomi's job with Kathy. Toadie guesses the identity of the mystery writer.

  • Amber feels the hate. Paul fights the darkness. Susan goes hunting.

  • Naomi's friends are shocked to discover her deception. An erotic story gets everyone hot under the collar and it seems the writer lives in Ramsay St. Paul finally asks for professional help.

  • Is Paige's plan for Kathy getting out of control? Kyle stands up for Georgia and issues Sheila with an ultimatum. Bailey outwits Alice.

  • Joshua finally explodes, venting his hurt and anger. Paige wins Kathy's trust and friendship. A guilt-ridden Amber faces the consequences of her actions.

  • Will Joshua bust Amber and Daniel? Kyle and Georgia fail to reunite the warring Canning women. Daniel finds something for Paul to focus on. Brad has a difficult road ahead of him.

  • Lauren struggles with Kathy's arrival in town. Is Joshua about to stumble across Amber and Daniel's affair? Willis' family tensions spill over into the classroom.

  • Paige's obsession with Kathy grows. Brad starts teaching at Erinsborough high. Bailey encounters stiff competition for Space Camp.

  • Sonya sacrifices a friendship to make her marriage work. Sheila hijacks Georgia and Kyle's wedding plans. Paige swears revenge on her grandmother.

  • Paul is dismissed as mayor after his public meltdown. Sonya learns the truth about Toadie and Naomi's kiss. Kyle and Georgia's wedding plans get back on track.

  • Paul is pushed to breaking point. Imogen tries to launch a crusade again Susan. Brad struggles with his future.

  • Amber's attempt to break up with Josh is thwarted. Can Naomi and Sheila overcome their feud? Brennan helps Paige find an outlet for her frustration.

  • Kyle attempts to reconcile Sheila and Naomi. Paige is gutted when Lauren excludes her. Brad reluctantly pursues a new direction.

  • The fallout of the kiss leads to a stunning accusation. Paige contemplates telling her mother the truth.

  • Naomi makes her move on Toadie. Amber and Daniel are on. Georgia and Kyle lose faith.

  • Toadie and Sonya continue to struggle. Amber can't resist temptation. Karl questions Paul's competence.

  • Terese crosses the line to help Paul. Brad pays the price for his actions. Paige urges Ethan to leave Erinsborough.

  • Paige gives Josh and Amber a wake-up call. Imogen's risk-taking behaviour backfires. Bailey works for his parents' forgiveness.

  • Sonya's preoccupied with helping Brennan move forward. Kyle struggles with Georgia's deception. Imogen is surprisingly spontaneous with the charming Ethan. Naomi puts her plan into place to seduce Toadie. Paige takes decisive action.

  • Paige is surprised when Ethan arrives to check up on her. Naomi finds a clever way to get rid of her fake stalker. Kyle learns Georgia has tricked him and questions their trust.

  • Amber is torn between Daniel and Josh. Naomi steals Georgia's engagement ring. With his dog Bossy's help, Kyle secures a contract for making kids' beds.

  • Libby's shocked to realise what's going on with her son Ben. Amber and Daniel struggle with their feelings for each other. Naomi is desperate for money.

  • Matt finally reaches out to his family and tells them his father was an alcoholic. A rejected Paige lashes out against her family. Paul Robinson gives Brennan a confession to Gus Cleary's murder.

  • Brennan becomes obsessed with bringing Paul to justice. Sonya makes a breakthrough with Bailey talking about his drinking problem. Ben causes concern for grandparents Karl and Susan.

  • Karl has a brush with fame -Paula Abdul is in Erinsborough! Paige and Bailey consider their next steps. Amber's feelings for Daniel lead to lies. Toadie struggles without Callum.

  • Lauren suspects Paige of theft. Naomi digs herself a deeper hole. Sonya encourages Brennan to get back into Erinsborough life.

  • Ben's actions challenge Libby's position as principal. Sheila suspects there's more to Naomi's stalker story. Loved-up Georgia has a plan to help Kyle get his mojo back.

  • Paul Robinson faces off with Kate's killer, Victor Cleary. Libby Kennedy steps up to the top job at school -can she handle it? Georgia questions Kyle's apparent waning interest.

  • Paul takes the law into his own hands, putting himself in danger. Paige moves on to Ramsay Street, ruffling feathers. Amber and Daniel try to navigate their feelings.

  • Naomi manipulates to get closer to Toadie. Amber struggles to set Daniel up with Imogen. Josh tries to help a sinking Bailey.

  • Sonya and Toadie clash as Callum farewells Ramsay Street. Georgia worries that Kyle has cheated on her again. Karl tries to convince Libby to stay. Amber wrestles with an unwanted attraction to Daniel.

  • Mark Brennan makes a shocking discovery at Kate's grave. Will Lauren reveal her secret kiss to Matt? A much-loved daughter returns to Ramsay Street. Chris stumbles upon a surprising photo on Kyle's facebook page.

  • The hunt for Kate's killer makes progress. Lauren tells Lou she kissed Brad. Paige decides to move in with Brennan.

  • Kate's killer could be connected to her uncle Paul. Paige is torn about revealing her true identity. Naomi continues her ruse despite her guilt.

  • Paige's search for her parents is a disaster. Amber's friendship with Daniel blooms. Georgia and Kyle are reunited.

  • Paige arrives looking for her parents, Lauren and Brad. Chris's relationship with Will hits a major hurdle. Georgia fears Kyle has changed his mind about her.

  • Brad and Lauren give up the search for their missing daughter, but are they making a big mistake? Mark Brennan refuses to compromise himself. Holly crumbles at the Talent Quest auditions.

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