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Night is an animated music series that was released in 2014. Each episode of the Night series features a cast of animate musicians performing songs with some animation depicting other events described in the lyrics of the music. Each episode of this mini-series contains a specific song that was written specifically for the series. The four songs featured in this series include Bad, End, Night, and Crazy. The songs are largely electronic in nature with a very strong Japanese influence to them.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 20 Episodes
April 8, 2009
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Brandon McMillan
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  • Brandon journeys into the twisted labyrinth of the Florida Everglades on a quest to find the Florida Panther, a creature so elusive it has never been filmed at night.

  • On his last night in search of the black Rhino, Brandon finds a lone black rhino and attempts to sneak up on it. Brandon barely manages to escape the horns of the angry beast and admits to having a new found respect for the temperamental animal.

  • Brandon ventures out into the Kenyan veldt to investigate the behavior of African elephants after dark, when predators abound and calves must be protected at all costs.

  • The rivers of the Peruvian jungle play host to Brandon and his crew as they search for the elusive black caiman, one of the area's most aggressive predators. Brandon spots a caiman from the boat and manages to get his hands on this mysterious prehis

  • Brandon heads to the outer banks of North Carolina, where is the only place that the mysterious red wolf can be found.

  • Brandon heads out into the sweeping savannahs of Kenya where he spots a herd of buffalo defending itself from a predator.

  • Brandon comes to Africa to witness the Great Migration and how the wildebeest herds survive at night. They soon come across a pack of hyenas surrounding a large herd of wildebeest and witness as the herd protects a young member from being eaten.

  • Brandon heads to Africa were he witnesses a herd of wildebeests protecting their young from a pack of hyenas.

  • Brandon observes a coyote in the Sonoran desert.

  • Brandon is on the search for a crocodile's nest in the Florida Everglades.

  • The venom of a puff adder is harvested by a herpetologist in Kenya.

  • An observation of giraffes as a young calf is stalked by a lion.

  • A look at tiger and lemon sharks which swim in the area of the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Explore the night monkeys in their home in Peru.

  • An observation of a pod of hippos in Kenya near a river.

  • An observation of a pride of lions on the prowl during the night.

  • A hunt in the Amazon jungles for the deadly Fer-de-lance snake.

  • The researchers head to Peru to observe vampire bats in their natural environment.

  • Researchers observe hyena's as they hunt down wildebeests.

  • Brandon brings along Scott Cassell, an expert on squids, and become caught during a Humboldt squid feeding frenzy. Next, Brandon heads to the Kenyon veldt at night to observe one of natures rarest sights, a leopard protecting it's kill.

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