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Nitro Circus is a reality television series, created by Gregg Gidfrey, Jeremy Rawle, Jeff Premaine, Travis Pastrana, Johnny Knoxville, and Trip Taylor. The show was originally a miniseries featured on Fuse, but was grabbed up by MTV and extended into a full series.

The series focuses on a group of extreme athletes who travel on dirt bikes in search of adventure. The group's leader, Travis Pastrana, guides the Nitro Circus Crew through extreme acts of base jumping, bike tricks, and other highly dangerous stunts. The group consists of athletes Andy Bell, Jolene Van Vugt, Greg Powell, Jim DeChamp, Erik Roner, and Tommy Passemante, but also features guests stars including Johnny Knoxville

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
2 Seasons, 34 Episodes
February 1, 2009
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Nitro Circus Full Episode Guide

  • The Nitro gang dishes all about the jaw-dropping makes and laughter-inducing misfires from their risk-fuelled second season.

  • The Circus heads home to Utah to wrap up their insane second season...and they're going out Nitro-style.

  • Nitro Circus joins the circus! Plus, they stop by Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and seriously step-up the horsepower in a chaotic moto-crossover.

  • The Circus gets down and dirty in North Carolina when they visit monster truck legend Dennis "Grave Digger" Anderson's Mud Park and Nitro makes their debut at Monster Jam.

  • The cast travels east to the heart of Amish Country, PA - where they tear up pro skateboarder and fellow daredevil, Bam Margera's funfilled compound.

  • The Circus travels to the East Coast to take on the Mecca of fast cars and big horsepower: Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • The Circus is joined by BMX legend Mat Hoffman and Angels pitcher Ervin Santana for some California stunts that run the go-big gamut.

  • The group heads to Havasu, AZ., taking a break from preparing for the X-Games in order to have some fun.

  • Travis Pastrana and his daredevil crew head to Los Angeles, where SWAT instructors will shoot them with tasers. Also, the team will do back flips between two buildings which are 75-feet apart.

  • The season 1 finale finds the crew heads to Jamaica to meet up with the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. Later, a stunt is attempted which involves a 40-foot cliff.

  • For each crazy segment that airs on Nitro Circus, there are many that are left on the cutting room floor. The cast talks about the stunts that fell between the cracks of epic good and epic bad.

  • It's a Nitro-style winter wonderland and with three cast members making a trip to the hospital, the action is as extreme as the weather.

  • The Nitro Circus looks back at their greatest hits and misses so far and then give a sneak peek of the rest of the season.

  • The crew introduces a gang of young native villagers the world of motocross as the head into Panama. They also add an inflatable blob in the Panama Canal and perform a stunt from on top of Central America's tallest building.

  • The Nitro crew find themselves in the heart of Hollywood with some of the world's best stuntmen and find the inspiration to create a 'Nitro Circus' movie.

  • From Jolene Van Vugt's motorcycle back flip to Jim De Champ's sport-changing front flip on a motorcycle, the Circus goes big to set a mind-blowing number of Guinness World Records.

  • Ronnie Renner, Johnny Knoxville and Rob Dyrdek join the 'Nitro Circus' this week for bull riding, slam dunks and a spectacular chaos crossover.

  • The 'Nitro Circus' crew goes big for their Utah homecoming with a classic chariot race and a good 'ol RV smash-up derby.

  • The crew head back to the Utah birthplace of Nitro Circus, using the familiar rugged terrain to ride, race and wreck everything they can get their hands on.

  • In water, on land, and in the air - Travis and company do everything from dangling from helicopters to hydroplaning a motorcycle.

  • Travis Pastrana attempts a chute-less jump from an airplane and then tests his big wheel back flip on a hot pink tricycle.

  • Take an inside look at the crazy group of daredevils that make up the Nitro Circus.

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