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Ny-Lon is a British drama telling the story of a love affair between a London stock broker and a New York record store clerk; the relationship between the couple is difficult because of the long distance and the differences between their ideals and values. The term NY-LON refers to an idea that New York and London are basically the same city seperated by the miles between their physical locations. The 7 episode first season was first broadcast in the U.K. in 2004 and in the U.S. on the BBC America cable network. To add authenticity to the show filming was undertaken on location in both London and the Lower East Side of New York.

Opening on London's South Bank NY-LON begins with a chance encounter between native New Yorker Edie, played by Rashida Jones and Michael Antonioni, played by Stephen Moyer following Edie's bag being stolen on a visit to London. Edie is booked on a flight back to New York the following day and returns with the promise to continue the relationship with Michael. Throughout the series both Edie and Michael are weighed down by the opinions of their friends and relatives regarding the relationship; Michael, who is more closely tied to his family than Edie finds it difficult to consider leaving for New York. One of the main ties for Michael is his relationship with his nephew who he often cares for.

Edie lives a more bohemian lifestyle in New York and fears the reaction her alternative friends will have when she introduces stock broker Michael to them. On many of his trips to New York Edie often hides Michael from her friends; in contrast Michael includes Edie in his many family gatherings to show his commitment to her. As the series progresses Michael and Edie often fight and split up, leading to problems including Michael sleeping with another woman. The series closes with Michael determined to marry Edie despite her earlier telling him she is opposed to ever getting married.

Channel 4
1 Season, 7 Episodes
August 24, 2004
Cast: Stephen Moyer, Rashida Jones, Navin Chowdhry, Rachel Miner
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NY-LON Full Episode Guide

  • Michael decides that the transatlantic to-ing and fro-ing has gone on long enough and that he and Edie need to truly commit to each other to make this work.

  • Michael flies out to New York with Katherine expecting to be introduced to Edie's friends but en route, Katherine tells him more than he needs to know about Edie's family history

  • Edie arrives in London, expecting to have dinner with Katherine and Michael but things don't quite go as planned as Edie is confronted for the first time with the true scale of Michael's family commitments

  • Edie is anticipating a weekend with Michael but is struggling to find the right moment to reveal their relationship to her tight-knit group of New York friends.

  • Edie regrets losing Michael and uses her friend Katherine's house-warming party in London as an excuse to fly over and try to make up.

  • With Michael and Edie having agreed to give this transatlantic relationship thing a go, Michael once again sets off for New York, although his thoughts are preoccupied by the news of Kristin's pregnancy.

  • When Edie Miller, a New Yorker on vacation in London, has her bag stolen on the South Bank, it leads to a chance meeting with native Londoner Michael Antonioni.

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