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The Outer Limits was considered a ground breaking show in it's day. Stories of the strange and bizarre were featured and they generally had a moral or a statement of the condition society was in. The original series was in black and white and an hour long. The stories came from a variety of writers and directors, many of whom went on to become famous in their own right.

Often alien life forms and inter-dimensional travelers would be featured, or travel to other planets by astronauts. Things were never what they seemed to be on the surface in any of the many episodes, and they generally began right at the heart of the situation. The narrator would begin the show by informing viewers they were in control of the airways and the television set.

Some would consider the show terribly outdated now with our technology, but for it's time they had a pretty good grasp of what the future could potentially hold. End of the world scenarios were explored along with what would happen if we were invaded by aliens from other worlds. Scientific marvels were explored, both for the good and bad things that they were capable of.

The series was revived briefly, holding true to the concept and format but never seemed to enjoy the following the original had then and still has today. The special effects were far more advanced than that of the original series yet it didn't quite seem to have the same spirit of adventure and wonder that made the original so popular.

Outer Limits is a Horror & Suspense series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (187 episodes). The series first aired on March 26, 1995. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Outer Limits is available for streaming on the Syfy website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Outer Limits on demand at Amazon Prime online.

7 Seasons, 187 Episodes
March 26, 1995
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Kevin Conway, Joe Pascual
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Outer Limits Full Episode Guide

  • A test to find the right soldier for a secret mission pushes the limits of loyalty of each of the candidates.

  • A rogue computer on an outpost on Ganymede threatens to destroy Earth's last hope of survival.

  • A woman's past alien abduction comes back to haunt her.

  • A computer whiz must destroy a deadly artificial intelligence.

  • A pressured wrestling coach gives his team an experimental new drug.

  • A judge must determine the truth behind an attack on settlers on a remote planet where aliens and humans live...

  • An alien forces five high school students to decide which one of them should die after they are abducted and...

  • A young woman travels back in time to try and change her father's destiny.

  • A psychiatrist creates a device that allows her to enter the thoughts of her patients.

  • An experiment is terminated resulting in the deaths of six subjects spawning a murderous entity that seeks...

  • A beautiful woman is really an alien flower that seduces men in order to feed and reproduce.

  • On a outer space mission through a wormhole, an American Indian woman scientist discovers that the entire...

  • In a strange shop, an unemployed man is given a wallet that becomes filled with the belongings of anyone he...

  • A man has second thoughts about a process that transmits a copy of a person light years away but requires...

  • A man clones his near-dead wife only to discover that she has awoken from her coma and he now has two wives.

  • A blue-collar repo woman discovers and befriends an escaped android.

  • The lone survivor of a space shuttle disaster discovers he's indestructible and has become spiritually linked...

  • A surrogate mother finds that her pregnancy is actually changing her into an alien.

  • A religious cult goes to live in the woods and finds they are really abductees on an alien ship destined for...

  • A man travels to the past to kill a girl who is about to infect the world with a deadly virus that will...

  • A man gets a robot so that he can spend more time at work, but loses his place as head of the household.

  • Part two of a two part episode. Amanda Plummer reprises her role as Dr. Theresa Givens from 'STITCH IN TIME.' Dr. Givens is put on trial for using technology (her time machine) in the future where all technology is outlawed.

  • Part two of a two part episode. Amanda Plummer reprises her role as Dr. Theresa Givens from 'STITCH IN TIME.' Dr. Givens is put on trial for using technology (her time machine) in the future where all technology is outlawed.

  • Part one of a two part episode. Amanda Plummer reprises her role as Dr. Theresa Givens from 'STITCH IN TIME.' Dr. Givens is put on trial for using technology (her time machine) in the future where all technology is outlawed.

  • ...

  • Scientists in the Arctic discover an undiscovered species of Polar Mites that infest humans and cause them to...

  • Set in the future, an anarchist threatens to blow up the central computers that control the world.

  • A young boy suspects a houseguest of being an alien.

  • Two Civil War reenactors travel back in time to actual Civil War battle at Gettysburg.

  • Tent revivalist finds faith as he battles an evil alien masquerading as divine power.

  • A man investigating his brother's murder learns a computer controls the town.

  • The crew of a space salvage ship finds a tyrant in stasis who was banished from Earth for crimes against...

  • A time traveler visits a Presidential candidate and tells him that he needs to escape an impending death that...

  • A man discovers that he is actually a robot.

  • A woman discovers that she has a conjoined twin living inside her.

  • A UFO enthusiast who believes that she has found a piece of actual alien technology gets caught up in a cycle...

  • Due to dwindling resources in the future, the world consists of 'Alphas' and 'Betas' that are alternately put...

  • A man builds a robot to replace his dead son.

  • Genetically engineered corn may cause tumors.

  • A blind man regains his sight only to be used by the government for his unique ability to see a beautiful...

  • A man travels forward in time by three days and sees that his wife has been murdered -- possibly by his own...

  • An invisible alien race inhabits a spaceship and causes a salvage team to go insane.

  • A device that allows people to change their appearance helps a nerdy guy become a hunk.

  • An alien supplies a strange gun that morphs onto the body of the user to recruit soldiers for an alien war.

  • A convicted murderer is turned loose to be hunted by the sister of his victim as part of a futuristic TV show...