P.D. James: Devices and Desires

In P.D. James" movie Devices and Desires 1991, Scotland Yard detective, Adam Dalgliesh, inherits a seaside cottage from his aunt and is able to escape the city for awhile and enjoy a rest from detective work. However, soon he finds himself involved in a number of serial killings. What follows is great adventure and a movie that is compelling and highly interesting!

Anglia Television
1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 4, 1991
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Mini-Series
P.D. James: Devices and Desires

P.D. James: Devices and Desires Full Episode Guide

  • With the Whistler out of the picture, Commander Dalgliesh sifts through suspects and alibis to find out who killed Hilary Robarts.

  • As the computer virus spreads at the nuclear power plant, so does the danger -- along with suspicions that it could be the work of terrorists.

  • Crossing one more suspect off his list, Commander Dalgliesh questions whether Toby Gledhill's curious suicide was actually the work of a murderer.

  • When Commander Dalgliesh discovers the body of a second murdered power plant employee, he begins to doubt the Whistler's involvement.

  • While attending a dinner party at the home of power station director Alex Mair, Commander Dalgliesh learns the details of a recent murder.

  • While on leave in Norfolk, Commander Adam Dalgliesh gets wind of a serial killer known as "The Whistler" and meets employees of a nearby power plant.

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