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  • TV-Y7
  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 5.0  (217)

Pearlie is a two inch fairy who has an enthusiastic personality. She has a friend named Jasper. Jasper is an elf. They live and work at the park in the city. Jasper helps Pearlie out. The other fairies are jealous of Pearlie and her popularity.

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November 2, 2009
It's Xmas Eve and Pearlie welcomes the new Xmas Fairy Jingle to the park to look after the gorgeous tree. When Saphira hears she's not on Santa Claus' good list she ruins the tree to ensure Pearlie won't get a present too. With the tree a disaster and persons on their way, Pearlie brings in all the park creatures to save Xmas;Pearlie's lifelong dream of performing for the Fairy Queen in the Annual Royal Gala is scuttled when the vindictive Twinkle Twinkle is put in charge of the auditions and rejects every act Jubilee Park has to offer. The tables are turned however, when the Queen unexpectedly drops in on Jubilee Park and Pearlie and friends put on their own show for her.
November 1, 2009
The park is abuzz when fashion experts The Fashionistas come to stay at the spa. Everyone scrambles to wear what they say is "in", no matter how uncomfortable and silly it may be. When Pearlie discovers that the Fashionistas are frauds and scammers, everyone happily goes back to wearing what they like.;Pearlie is determined to organize an absolutely perfect wedding for Sugar and Brush Possum, but her single mindedness leads to near disaster when the groom backs out! It's up to Pearlie to save the day, despite Saphira's meddling and the added distraction of a visit from Leif, the devastatingly handsome Fall Fairy.
Hideous Halloween;SUPER-SIZED ELF
24. Hideous Halloween;SUPER-SIZED ELF
October 31, 2009
Halloween is a scary time for fairies and elves. Pearlie, Jasper and Opal hide out in a magical pumpkin conjured up by Great Aunt Garnet and tell scary stories to pass the time til dawn. Saphira refuses to join them but when Ludwig gets locked outside, his efforts to get into the spa give her the biggest scare of all.;Jasper longs to be just a little bigger, but when he messes with some fairy magic he gets more than he bargained for and ends up person- sized! Pearlie must keep him hidden from persons until they can locate the Turquoise Fairy to undo the spell.
Ludwig in the Wild;THE BIG SNEEZE
23. Ludwig in the Wild;THE BIG SNEEZE
October 30, 2009
Ludwig leaves Saphira's spa to live in the wild with his twin brother Johann. Unfortunately his initiation into the wild bats requires him to eat a moth, something Ludwig actually doesn't do. He prefers to play checkers with them. Pearlie joins with Malcolm the Moth to not only bring Ludwig back home to Saphira but also ensure he saves face amongst his bat brethren.; Pearlie's got a super-duper cold, but she'd rather help out with the annual Spring Clean than stay in bed. Jasper comes up with a germ- proof plastic bubble for her to go about in, but this just leads to new perils when a big sneeze bounces her into the pond and she disappears into the sewer system.
Mother Magic;Buckin Bronco
22. Mother Magic;Buckin Bronco
October 29, 2009
Pearlie's mother visits on the eve of a fashion parade in the park. Pearlie is excited until her mother starts meddling with her park duties. Saphira is delighted until her own mother turns up;Opal is put in charge of organizing a Bug Rodeo all by herself. Pearlie just can't resist helping out, though Opal sees it as meddling. The friends quarrel, but must reconcile and work together when the star attraction, Bruce the Giant Burrowing Cockroach, goes missing.
Spriteful;Love Bites
21. Spriteful;Love Bites
October 28, 2009
A fun-loving water nymph takes up residence in Pearlie's fountain and proceeds to party all night, every night. Polite Pearlie must deal with her noisy neighbour so she can get her beauty sleep.;An escaped Love Bug causes mayhem in Jubilee Park, as anyone it bites falls madly in love with whomever they see next. Ludwig finds that having Saphira besotted with him is not all it's cracked up to be, and he helps Pearlie catch the bug and undo its mischief.
Sterling Effort;Elf Prankin
20. Sterling Effort;Elf Prankin
October 27, 2009
Sterling, a sleek up-town elf trickster with a way with words visits the park. But it turns out Sterling is only after one thing - his own castle - and will do anything to get his hands on Saphira's spa.;Jasper's love of pranks backfires when he gets trapped in a person's picnic basket and must convince his friends he needs their help - no joke!
Rose Petal Pearlie;Come Fly With Me
19. Rose Petal Pearlie;Come Fly With Me
October 26, 2009
Pearlie's rose petal muffins are the talk of Fairyland. A jealous Saphira decides to open a café in her spa with her own muffins to compete. Trouble is she doesn't know where her kitchen is, let alone how to bake, so she employs the wicked pixie Mo as her muffin maker.;Jasper's plans for a romantic getaway with Fern revolve around a child person's lost toy airplane - only the rats get a hold of it first! Pearlie's got to bring the high-flying rats back to earth before they terrorize everyone in the park.
Fairy Godmother Bother;Go Go Gobsmack
18. Fairy Godmother Bother;Go Go Gobsmack
October 25, 2009
Pearlie helps Great Aunt Garnet with her Fairy Godmother Reunion. One of the Fairy Godmother's turns the party into a fairy-tale farce. With Saphira playing the role of the sleeping beauty and Ludwig the fire-breathing dragon, it's up to Jasper to end the magical madness with a kiss.;Gobsmack loses his beloved job and becomes homeless all in one rather bad day. Jasper lets him move in, with predictably dire results, while Pearlie schemes to get him his job back.
Bongo Boys;Prickly Friends
17. Bongo Boys;Prickly Friends
October 24, 2009
Jasper's dream comes true as he gets a chance to play bongos with a famous rock band, Buggy Holly and the Crickets. Unfortunately he lets the excitement and fame go completely to his head.;An argument between Jasper & Opal over a cactus growing in the desert garden soon turns into a tug of love over Pearlie. But their arguments soon get forgotten as the vine grows bigger threatening the park and taking Pearlie with it.
Roller Fairy;Fairy Factor
16. Roller Fairy;Fairy Factor
October 23, 2009
The park becomes a no-fly zone for all winged creatures so Jasper makes roller skates for everyone. It's fun and soon everyone in the park - fairies, butterflies, bees and bugs - are roller skating. A jealous Saphira plans to ruin the roller party with some super sticky glitter until she is captured in a jar by a small person.;Jealous of Pearlie's numerous certificates, Saphira invents a housekeeping diploma her cousin certainly doesn't have. When Pearlie gamely wants to earn it, Saphira puts her through her paces with a gruelling exam.
Hide and Go Eek!;Dust Busters
15. Hide and Go Eek!;Dust Busters
October 22, 2009
Pearlie is turning the glasshouse into a Haunted House for the Summertime Fairy Fair. Saphira has got her own plans for the event, including a sticky trap for her cousin Pearlie.;Pearlie spills the last of Garnet's fairy dust and is determined to cook up some more before her great-aunt returns. Unfortunately she gets her hands on the wrong recipe and accidentally releases a tornado in the park!
Twinkle Twinkle Diva Star;Secrets & Whispers
14. Twinkle Twinkle Diva Star;Secrets & Whispers
October 21, 2009
Pearlie welcomes Twinkle Twinkle, Fairyland's No.1 singing star to/nJubilee Park for a concert. She turns out to be a demanding diva who mimes. Opal and Saphira form an uneasy alliance to stop Twinkle Twinkle ruin Pearlie and Jubilee Park's reputation!;Pearlie is planning a surprise party for Opal after her successful Midterm Exams. Cunning Saphira, however, convinces Opal she's failed her exams and is about to be sent home with a Farewell Party!
Rat-tanic;No Swimming Allowed
13. Rat-tanic;No Swimming Allowed
October 20, 2009
Pearlie encourages Scrag & Mr. Flea to start a business. They turn a watermelon into a cruise ship and set sail on the pond. As seagulls attack. Pearlie helps the rats to shore while Saphira plans to take over the park.;When Pearlie throws a pool party one of Garnet's atmospheric potions accidentally brings the feuding fountain statues to life! Pearlie must do a little marriage counselling and convince Poseidon and Mabel the mermaid to return to their places before morning.
Dream On;No Place Like Gnome
12. Dream On;No Place Like Gnome
October 19, 2009
An errant nightmare is loose in the park terrorising not only the sleepy fairy folk but persons too. Pearlie helps Astrid the Dream Fairy capture the nightmare while Saphira tries to use the nightmare to chase everyone out of the park.;Jasper is keen for adventure and finds more than enough of it in a Job Exchange with a Garden Gnome. Saphira's meddling backfires and she and Jasper are both trapped by a very large housecat. Pearlie and friends rush to the rescue.
Fairytastic Fall;The Fern Turns
11. Fairytastic Fall;The Fern Turns
October 18, 2009
When the Fall Fairy does not arrive on schedule to bring in the season, the park is thrust into a seasonal limbo. Pearlie tries to keep the park together unaware that Saphira has Leaf inside her spa, entranced by his violin virtuoso.;The wood nymph Fern returns to Jubilee Park in search of a gigantic, magical bird. Pearlie attempts to aid in the search but soon finds herself with a viciously ravenous mob of crows on her hands!
Ant Misbehavin;Frilled Neck & Neck
10. Ant Misbehavin;Frilled Neck & Neck
October 17, 2009
Pearlie's attempts to show some hard-working ants how to have fun run afoul of their imperious Ant Queen. While Pearlie is helping Opal locate a mysterious late-night noise, the Queen joins forces with Saphira in a nefarious plot to ruin Pearlie's home.;Opal keeps the visit of her outback pal Ned the frilled neck lizard a secret from Pearlie. When Ludwig spies Ned cavorting through the Jubilee undergrowth he mistakenly tells Saphira there's a dragon and Pearlie is on the case.
The Big Doll;Are You Being Served?
9. The Big Doll;Are You Being Served?
October 16, 2009
Pearlie & her pals find a lost talking doll and are convinced it's a person under a spell. With the aid of Great Aunt Garnet and her book of fairytales they decide the person must have eaten a poisoned apple - just like Sleeping Beauty. They have to make the person laugh at once to dislodge the apple, so Pearlie puts on a big show.;Saphira finds it hard to cope on her own after she kicks Ludwig out of the glasshouse, and the bat is absolutely distraught. In the midst of a busy Ladybeetle Tennis Tourney Pearlie must figure out how to restore the natural balance of things and return Ludwig to his rightful job as Saphira's personal assistant.
Dragonball Run;The Bitey Beatdown
8. Dragonball Run;The Bitey Beatdown
October 15, 2009
Pearlie agrees to host a Dragonfly Race in the park, not realizing it's an extremely dangerous, X-treme affair! Her hands are full making sure the crazy event is safe for everyone.;Pearlie boots out the rat's fleas from the park. She's hosting the Grand Fairy Federation in her park. Saphira is desperate to draw the guests to her spa so decides to use the fleas to disrupt the event. But the fleas are opera fans, keen to put on a show and have their case heard.
Dot Between The Eyes;Ratopia
7. Dot Between The Eyes;Ratopia
October 14, 2009
On the eve of the Fairyland Flutter dance, Pearlie gets a nasty pimple. With the help and advice of her friend Blair the Bogwart, Pearlie decides to enter, blemish or not.;The rats have gone too far, causing a huge flood, and Pearlie evicts them from the park. However they've got big dreams, and return with some cockroach friends to build their very own kingdom of trash? Ratopia!
Whiter Shade of Pale;Flower Talk
6. Whiter Shade of Pale;Flower Talk
October 13, 2009
An unfortunate incident with a magic snow globe in Garnet's store unleashes wintry havoc on Jubilee Park. Not only does Pearlie have to stop a monster snowman, but she's also got to help a miniaturized Jasper and Opal escape from inside the snow globe.;Pearlie uses an elf-only potion so she can talk to the flowers and convince them to look good for a photo shoot. The potion works too well, the flowers themselves become vocal and argumentative! Saphira is only too happy to sow dissent amongst the flowers to draw attention to her spa instead.
If the Boot Fits;Peruvian Toadstool
5. If the Boot Fits;Peruvian Toadstool
October 12, 2009
Pearlie discovers there's a boot thief in Jubilee Park. Saphira is convinced the culprit is Opal. Pearlie goes detective style to clear her friends name on the eve of the boot-scooting dance.;Pearlie fills in for Jasper after he loses his memory thanks to an encounter with the rare Peruvian blasting toadstool in Great Aunt Garnet's store. Opal works with Garnet to find a cure while Saphira takes the new Jasper in as her cleaner much to the annoyance of Ludwig.
Tooth Affairy;Trick in the Stick
4. Tooth Affairy;Trick in the Stick
October 11, 2009
Pearlie fills in for a cute male tooth fairy Finn after he injures himself in her park. While Saphira attempts to court the spunky dental mad lad, Pearlie forgets to replaces kids? teeth with coins. With little persons losing their faith in the tooth fairy, Pearlie has to remedy this malady quick!;Pearlie mixes her wand up with a wood sprite tourist's own magical stick and mistakenly turns the park into a raging jungle. Meanwhile Saphira attempts to locate Pearlie's wand so she can put a stop to her cousin's magic once and for all.
Hurly Burly;Dude Ranch
3. Hurly Burly;Dude Ranch
October 10, 2009
Pearlie welcomes a new resident to the park - Opal from the outback, sent by the Fairy Head Office to learn the ropes in the big city. /nWhile Pearlie's keen to impress her new friend, Saphira meddles with Pearlie's lists causing everything to go topsy turvy.;After Jasper's tree residence is cut down he takes up residence in Pearlie's shell. The happy-go-lucky elf turns Pearlie's life upside down with all night bongo lessons, constant snacking and a form of interior-rearranging known as "elf shui".
Dial a Dilemma;Throwing Down
2. Dial a Dilemma;Throwing Down
October 4, 2009
The presence of a persons' cell phone causes much disruption in the park. The fairies believe the voice at the other end is that of the mystical 'Great Fairy', but it's really just a phone psychic person. Pearlie follows her misguided advice until she realizes she doesn't need any outside help to run the park.;Pearlie talks Jasper into showing her how to throw her a voice so she can be everywhere at once. Pearlie ends up losing her own voice - little bits of it are now all over the park. Saphira tries to catch the voice so she can prove Pearlie isn't doing her job.
Moth Balls;Snip & Snit
1. Moth Balls;Snip & Snit
October 3, 2009
Pearlie hosts the annual Full Moon Moth Ball. Saphira invites some butterflies, knowing full well about the eons old grudge between the plain brown moth and their prettier winged cousins. Pearlie has to stop the ball turning into a brawl.;Pearlie, Jasper and Opal take a break in Saphira's spa. Saphira convinces evil flower-cutting pixie Mo to pose as hairdresser, planning to ruin Pearlie's do and her reputation. But the bald Mo has his sights on Jasper's dreadlocks and Pearlie and Opal have to save Jasper from a hairy-ble situation.

Pearlie is a two inch fairy who has an enthusiastic personality. She has a friend named Jasper. Jasper is an elf. They live and work at the park in the city. Jasper helps Pearlie out. The other fairies are jealous of Pearlie and her popularity. Pearlie is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2009.

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    October 3, 2009
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