Peppa Pig, New Shoes and Other Stories

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Peppa pig and related stories is an animated show for children. The show targets preschoolers. The episodes are only around five minutes long each. Peppa is a female pig and each one of her friends is a different animal. The show deals with topics such as being nice at playgroups, going swimming, visiting family, and going to the playground. The animals acts like humans. They all wear clothing, speak English, and live in houses. The parents drive cars and the kids ride bikes and play with children’s toys.

This show teaches children the appropriate way to handle feelings such as sadness, happiness, and being mad. Each animal lives with a family made up of different members. The show also teaches simple lessons to children including colors, numbers, how to greet each other. Other animals in the show include rabbits, zebras, wolves, dogs, cats, elephants, and ponies. There is also a family of turtles.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
June 13, 2004
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Peppa Pig, New Shoes and Other Stories

Peppa Pig, New Shoes and Other Stories Full Episode Guide