PINK The Series

The television show PINK The Series follows singer Pink in her everyday life and on tour. The viewer will get to see what she is really like and that her personality is not an act. The show will also feature Pink with her family and get a look at her outside music.

3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
September 4, 2007
Action & Adventure, Drama, Web Originals
PINK The Series

PINK The Series Full Episode Guide

  • Nate leaves behind her hopes for a normal life and steps into an uncertain future.

  • Still reeling from Noah's death, Nate receives a mysterious gift that could solve her problems.

  • Bunny disappears and tragedy enters Nate's life once again.

  • As Nate's relationship blossoms, more than one person is keeping an eye on her.

  • Bunny's past is explored and Nate learns something new about the men in her life.

  • Nate takes on her first assignment and makes a new enemy.

  • On an overseas assignment, Bunny voices some new suspicions and Nate decides to take matters into her own hands.

  • Nate learns about the family business and what it means when an artist says he wants to "paint you."

  • Nate considers offers from two different men and exposes a third as a fraud.

  • Nate's night takes a dangerous turn, as more than one man has his eyes on her.

  • Nate makes some unexpected discoveries about her new romantic interests.

  • Nate catches the eyes of her professor...and a suave and charming artist.

  • Season 3 opens as Nate comes face-to-face with a new kind of enemy -- herself -- while Bunny engages in some extracurricular research.

  • Nate shows she's up for anything, in and out of class.

  • Nate prepares for her date, but a mysterious figure from her past catches up with her.

  • Even in college, Nate knows how to get her man. But, she gets stuck with a truly crappy job.

  • Bunny and Nate prepare for their next mission. On campus, Nate and Rhonda acquire their own kind of target.

  • Nate learns something new about her protégé Bunny, while Rhonda gives Nate her first taste of college life.

  • Daddy protects young Nate. Meanwhile, her college roommate is more than she bargained for.

  • Nate remembers Honey's advice on boys, but her first steps back into the dating world prove…explosive.

  • Daddy gives young Nate a lesson on death. Nate acquires her next target and makes a lifestyle choice.

  • Nate is haunted by the Markov hit, and reflects on motherhood, nurturing, and FUBAR.

  • Young Nate makes a promise to her Daddy. Wilson gives Nate an ultimatum as she recovers from the Marko mission.

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