Generate TV Shows

Generate is digital media based in Bangkok, Thailand. It features a variety of content including comedic television shows, documentaries, and improvisational shows. It distributes its media online and is accessible for a small fee via a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Originally, the company only served an Asian audience, but now international viewers can access the same content. The company was founded in 2003 by Jason Nguyen after he sold his internet company. He realized that his dream was to run a production company and create content that engaged and entertained audiences. He always loved humor, so he choose to create a comedic company. Now, the channel has expanded into over 12 countries and three languages worldwide.

Generate combined forces with Demand Light Studios in 2012 to create a venture in which talent was shared among the projects. Currently, shows on the channel include Zany Zed and Flower Town. Zany Zed is a sketch comedy show in which comedians perform as various character in order to establish a storyline each week. The show debuted in 2013 and has received positive reviews from critics and audiences. Flower Town is an improvisational show in which six different people must act out situations without prior knowledge of them. It results in comedic scenes in which both the audience and the actors are surprised throughout. It received an award for best format in 2013 from the ACC (Asian Council of Comedy) and has been signed on for additional seasons through 2016. Mark Sheen is the executive producer.