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It chronicles the adventures of Pinky Malinky, a 12 year old Middle School student who also happens to be an anthropomorphic hot dog, and his efforts to climb up the social ladder with his two human friends, Babs Buttman and JJ Jameson. Pinky Malinky is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (59 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2019. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.6.

Pinky Malinky is available for streaming on the Netflix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pinky Malinky on demand at Netflix online.

3 Seasons, 59 Episodes
January 1, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Franciska Friede, Danny Jacobs
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Pinky Malinky Full Episode Guide

  • Pinky tries to repress his wienerness when he's told that only human boys and girls can compete in the Ultimate Mascot Championship.

  • Convinced that his friendship with Babs and JJ is in crisis, Pinky turns to a relationship app to help them get their spark back.

  • Pinky hatches a plan to make his parents famous after learning they once performed together as a singing duo.

  • Worried that his beloved eraser is becoming too small to wipe out his mistakes, Pinky commits to living the rest of his life error-free.

  • When Principal Pfunne threatens to turn the students' laid-back gym class into a boot camp, Pinky suggests they learn tag-team wrestling instead.

  • After finding a hair on his face, Pinky concludes he should be the new man of the house -- a decision that leaves his dad at loose ends.

  • On the eve of the annual fun run, Babs is once again without a sponsor, so Pinky vows to do everything he can to find her one. And he means everything.

  • Pinky's concerned he's excluding others by hanging out with just Babs and JJ, so he invites everyone to join in on the trio's after-school activities.

  • In an effort to get his busy parents to reconnect as a couple, Pinky arranges a romantic dinner for two.

  • After the school's troublemaker confesses he's no good at being bad, Pinky offers to help him figure out who he really is.

  • Bob gets stuck working a security shift at the mall during his planned birthday bash. But Pinky makes sure his pal still has a chance to party.

  • When Mr. Dog isn't feeling well, Babs needs an assist from Pinky and JJ to get the pooch to the vet without Bob finding out.

  • Determined to prove that Babs and JJ are more than just "supporting characters," Pinky pushes them out of his shadow -- and into the limelight.

  • What begins as a fun way for Pinky and Babs to boost their chances of earning a SackenScout badge quickly spirals into a heated competition.

  • Pinky's unhappy when his favorite stop sign gets a high-tech replacement, so he sets out to save all the things he loves in Sackenhack.

  • Hoping to raise school spirit and make dreams come true, Pinky encourages his classmates to elect him mascot -- and promises the impossible in return.

  • Pinky holds a series of challenges inspired by his favorite TV show, "Quest of Crowns," to decide who will reign as king at the school dance.

  • Dumbfounded when he discovers that his dad doesn't have a best friend, Pinky launches a search to find him a BFF.

  • JJ's nervousness around new people threatens to get the best of him when he's accepted into an "advanced" class at school.

  • Pinky's thrilled that his dad is finally letting him help in the garden. But he grows uneasy when he learns that certain types of plants aren't welcome.

  • When Pinky wakes up on the wrong side of bed, he figures the best way to overcome his grumpiness is to face the day with a big smile.

  • Pinky gets a job bagging groceries. But when a customer leaves the store without smiling, the hard-working wiener has a tough time letting it go.

  • Pinky fakes an injury to help bring out the best in everyone -- but he takes it too far. (And Pinky finally reveals why he has a bandage on his head!)

  • JJ goes into hiding over a tragic haircut, prompting Pinky and Babs to try and lift his spirits by looking as terrible as they can.

  • When an online search of his name turns up a page full of falsehoods, Pinky attempts to do everything listed so he won't get caught living a lie.

  • Pinky embarks on a positivity campaign to boost student morale -- armed with a lot of gold stars. But the plan backfires by working a bit too well.

  • When Pinky forgets an important anniversary, he decides to delete unwanted memories from his brain in order to make room for new ones.

  • Pinky, Babs and JJ share a magical moment when they hear a catchy tune on the radio, only to run into trouble when they try and track it down.

  • Hoping to become a more well-rounded hot dog, Pinky seeks out an expert in sarcasm and asks her to be his coach.

  • Pinky's upset when he doesn't know Babs's favorite kind of cupcake, so he steps up his best-friend game by learning everything he can about her.

  • After finding a $100 bill on the ground, Pinky, Babs and JJ go on a spending spree without stopping to consider the consequences.