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A ten year old orphan named Patrick ends up living in the streets alone. Patrick ends up in a gang and falling into a life of crime. During a robbery gone bad, Patrick gets shot in the shoulder and is then soaked with an unidentified liquid or chemical. Patricks gets away but realizes that his friends were already gone. They drove off without him. Patrick ends up passing out but awakens to a monk taking care of him. The monk helps Patrick out and deters the police. The monk can sense good in Patrick.

Warner Bros.
1 Season, 19 Episodes
June 20, 2011
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Michael Bell, Marlene Aragon, Jack Baker, Joe Baker
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Plastic Man Full Episode Guide

  • The Royal Gargoyle Foil: Plastic Man zooms into action as he discovers that the wicked Gargoyle is planning to steal Doctor Ventor's invisible ray machine.

  • The Crime Costume Caper: Plastic Man stars in a commercial to promote Greta Grim's amazing new hi-tech villian suit.

  • Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape: Plastic Man must thwart the evil schemes of Dr. Astron and his giant plastic ape that is ransacking New York City.

  • Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy: When a long-dead Aztec queen returns to life, she tricks Plastic Man into helping her steal the treasure of Cortez from the government of Mexico but then turns the flexible superhero into a superflexible mummy. City of Ice: When the City Of Ice is discovered by the devious Dr. Frost, Plastic Man must stop her before she uses its power to age the population of the Earth.

  • Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man: Count Graffiti plots to gain revenge on the royal family of Ocentania for exiling him by stealing a royal crown and using it to make himself the new king. Sale of the Century: Plastic Man must save the Earth from being pulled out of orbit after a slick used car salesman actually sales the planet to group of passing Aliens.

  • Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again: Doctor Duplicator is kidnapping politicians and replacing them with evil duplicate clones in order to steal government secrets. Thunderman: Thunderman has stolen New York City and plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

  • Terrible Five and One: The evil Solex breaks five of Plastic Man's worst enemies out from prison. But when Half-ape, The Weed, Computer Head, The Clam and Disco Mummy refuse to work for Solex, they soon realize they have more to worry about than Plastic Man. Joggernaut: Plastic Man faces a tough challenge as he defends the Amazon City of Gold from the scoundrel Joggernaught who has stolen an energy machine and now plans on using it to steal the treasure.

  • Badladdin: An evil genie that is abducting teenagers at an alarming rate by granting wishes to teenagers to become athletic superstars, but the genie turns them into statues of gold for his collection. Now, only Plastic Man can stop Badladdin! Toyman: The wicked Toyman is kidnapping celebrities and turning them into toys, and now he's set his sights on Plastic Man.

  • Empire of Evil: Plastic Man must rescue the children of an important official after the plane carrying them crashes in the forbidden zone of Stone Island, an area run by a sinister group known as the Empire of Evil. The Corruptible Carrot Man: When Carrot Man steals a map that will lead him to a cosmic scepter, Plastic Man must stop Carrot Man from getting to it.

  • Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur: Plastic Man is called in to help solve the case when the Industry Bank is robbed by a giant dinosaur. Spider Takes a Bride: Plastic Man must protect Queen Katherine from the devious Spider, who is blackmailing the Queen by turning all her followers into flies until she agrees to marry him.

  • The Diabolical Dr. Dome: When Dr. Dome discovers a way to steal Plastic Man's superpowers, he uses his ill-gotten hyperflexibility to steal the most valuable objects from all over the world -- and leaves Plastic Man accused of the crimes! Honeybee: Plastic Man must stretch to his limit to stop the evil villainess Honey Bee from using her heat missile to transform the earth into a hot house where only she and her insects can survive.

  • Superstein: While vacationing in Europe, Plastic Man stumbles across the evil Dr. Superstein and his nefarious plot to re-animate a cadre of monsters in order to steal the brains from the smartest of the local villagers ... hoping to use the disembodied brains for an even more foul plot! Dogmaster: Dogmaster is hot on the trial of a chimpanzee who has the formula for a power ray hidden in his brain. To save the day Plastic Man must find the ape first and defeat the formidable foe.

  • The Miniscule Seven: When the miniscule Seven, a seven-member squad of miniature gangsters, enters a basketball tournament with an ulterior motive, Plastic Man is called to investigate. Moonraiders: Moonraider is stealing NASA's spaceships in outer space.

  • The Horrible Half-Ape: While working a secret government experiment that goes terribly wrong, a research scientist is turned into a half-ape, half-human ... and proceeds to steal a visiting flying saucer and threatens to start an interplanetary war. Now Plastic Man must find a way to corral the errant pseudo simian. Hugefoot: The creepy villain Hugefoot has stolen a fantastic machine which can see into the future. Now Plastic Man must stop him before he tries to alter history.

  • Wham Bam, Beware of the Clam: Plastic Man must stop a pirate who has stolen a water-controlling machine from the Chinese -- and is using it to flood New York City and rob all the Big Apple's banks! The Day the Ocean Disappeared: A top secret formula, in the hands of the dastardly Dr. Honctoff, is turning the world's oceans into vapor. Can Plastic Man stop him before the Earth goes dry?

  • The Weed: Plastic Man battles with an evil plant that can walk, think and talk: The Weed as he is known, has stolen a top-secret government plant-growing compound and plans to use it to feed a man-eating plant that he created to take over the world. Dr. Irwin & Mr. Meteor: A powerful meteor turns the always wimpy Dr. Irwin into the unstoppable force of Mr. Meteor.

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