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  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 3.5  (30)

Prank Academy is a reality web series from YouTube that premiered in 2016. The show stars Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who are the creators and faces of the popular YouTube channel Prank vs. Prank, and Timothy DeLaGhetto, a comedian, rapper, and YouTuber. The show is produced by Brian Robbins and his team at AwesomenessTV.

The premise of the show revolves around pranking unsuspecting people with elaborate and hilarious stunts, all while teaching the art of pranking to a select group of students. Each episode features a new lesson, with the students being taught by the master pranksters themselves. The students then put their new skills to the test by creating their own pranks, with the help of the show's producers.

The show is shot in Los Angeles, California, and the stunts take place in various public locations, such as malls, parks, and even on the streets. The show's producers work closely with the local authorities to ensure that the pranks do not violate any laws or cause harm to anyone involved. The show is also filmed with hidden cameras, adding to the authenticity of the pranks.

Jesse and Jeana, who are also a couple in real life, bring their own unique style of pranking to the show. Their pranks are usually more personal and involve their friends, family, and even each other. Timothy DeLaGhetto, on the other hand, brings his comedic timing and music talent to the mix, creating pranks that are both funny and entertaining.

The show's production value is top-notch, with each episode featuring high-quality cinematography, sound, and special effects. The pranks are also well thought-out and executed, with some of them even involving multiple cameras and intricate setups.

Aside from the pranks themselves, the show also offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the stunts are planned and executed. The students are shown the entire process, from coming up with the initial idea to scouting locations to planning the logistics. This not only adds to the entertainment value of the show but also offers valuable insights into the world of pranking.

Prank Academy also features a number of guest stars, including other popular YouTubers and celebrities. These guest stars participate in the pranks, either as the unsuspecting victims or as part of the prank itself. This not only adds to the hilarity of the stunts but also helps to introduce the show to a wider audience.

Overall, Prank Academy is a fun and entertaining show that offers a fresh take on the world of pranking. It combines the skills and expertise of three seasoned pranksters with a group of eager and talented students, resulting in pranks that are both creative and hilarious. Whether you're a fan of traditional pranks or are just looking for some good laughs, Prank Academy is definitely worth a watch.

Prank Academy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on May 4, 2018.

Prank Academy
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Steve O
18. Steve O
May 4, 2018
Jackass star Steve-O sends out an invitation to his biggest fans to join him on his last day of freedom before he has to report to jail. At the event, he performs for them, signs autographs and takes photos. A security guard arrives to complain about the event. He argues with Steve-O. Then Steve-O storms out, returns in a monster truck and crushes the security guard's car.
Olga Kay
17. Olga Kay
May 4, 2018
Olga Kay (the Prankster), a professional juggler, performs at a show at a small theater, trying out some new stunts. After a few successful stunts, she tries one that goes wrong - while juggling knives, she drops one which impales her in the leg! Olga brushes it off and continues the act. Blood begins to pool on the stage. She gets lightheaded and slips and falls in the blood. The audience is fooled into thinking she's really hurt! Then she pops up and Jeana and Jesse reveal it was all a prank.
Dennis Roady
16. Dennis Roady
May 4, 2018
Dennis Roady is this episode's guest expert prankster. Jeana, Jesse and Dennis take turns pranking the public in Columbus Circle in New York. They set up a hot dog cart to give away free hot dogs. When customers come up to the cart, rats scurry out from underneath the cart, freaking them out!
Shira Lazar
15. Shira Lazar
May 4, 2018
Shira Lazar (the Prankster) and Bart Baker (the Victim) attend a panel at StreamCon NY. Afterward, Shira takes Bart to a green room, where he finds a creepy fan who has snuck into the event. The fan gives Bart a gift box before getting escorted away by a security guard. When Bart opens the gift, the contents creep him out: human hair, scrawled messages, real photos of Bart's house (taken by Shira, of course). The guard returns to tell Bart they've kicked the fan out, and Bart should stay in the room until they're sure the coast is clear. As they wait, the fan bursts in, surprising Bart and Shira. Then Jeana and Jesse enter and reveal the prank.
Nick & Lex
14. Nick & Lex
May 4, 2018
We team up with makeup artist Lex Fleming and our buddy Nick Santonastasso to pull off a unique statue prank. Lex disguises Nick to appear as if he were naturally one of the statues in Union Square Park, while Nick surprises patrons as they realize he is indeed a real person!
Epic Meal Time
13. Epic Meal Time
May 4, 2018
In a Brooklyn deli, Harley (the Prankster) uses the Force to pull pranks on customers. Without using his hands, he moves cups along the counter, causes ketchup bottles to fly in the air and hurls knives around the store. Finally, he lifts Jesse up a wall... with his mind!
Timothy DeLaghetto
11. Timothy DeLaghetto
May 4, 2018
Our Prankster, Tim DelaGhetto, pranks his buddy Ricky Shucks by making him believe he is to do a gaming video collab with some Playmate gamers, but really he ends up in the middle of a robbery!
Kandee Johnson
10. Kandee Johnson
May 4, 2018
In this episode, Jesse teams up with Kandee Johnson to prank Jeana! While Jeana thinks she is taking a cab ride with Kandee to a mall to do a makeup prank, the ride quickly gets out of control as the driver gets into some extreme road rage! The vehicle goes ramping up in the air leaving both girls terrified!
9. Vitaly
May 4, 2018
Our guest and fellow Prankster, Vitaly, joins us as we prank people in a supermarket parking lot. We each take turns on crutches as we struggle with grocery bags full of raw meat. We get shoppers to help carry the raw meat to our mangled van. What the shoppers don't know is that when they approach the vehicle they will soon find a real Tiger!
Fun for Louis
8. Fun for Louis
May 4, 2018
Our guest Prankster, Louis Cole, pranks several YouTube creators by making them believe that he returned from one of his travel journeys with an artifact said to be cursed. After inviting YouTubers to hang out, Louie makes an excuse to leave the room, while his victims are left alone with the haunted souvenir. Soon after, they experience terrifying events that really freak them out!
7. Superwoman
May 4, 2018
In this episode, our guest Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, pranks a group of restaurant goers who think they are about to shoot a commercial. Before they know it, a fight breaks out and quickly escalates between many people. Lilly jumps in to save the day, smashing chairs, plates, and making the perfect exit!
Miranda Sings
5. Miranda Sings
May 4, 2018
In this episode, we send our Prankster, Miranda Sings, out to a speed dating event where she searches for her Bae! After many awkward encounters with unsuspecting guys who are just looking for love, Miranda decides that she has found the one!
Shay Carl
4. Shay Carl
May 4, 2018
Our prank guest, Shay Carl, pranks his two brothers, Casey and Logan, into believing that they ruined a girl's sweet 16 birthday party! Even though they were specifically told to stay away, Shay gets them to take selfies and roughhouse around the elaborate birthday cake. Not long after their guilt builds, and the pastry chef and heartbroken young girl confront them, Jesse and Jeana reveal that it was all just a prank!
3. Dudesons
May 4, 2018
In this episode, Jeana calls upon master pranksters, Jukka and Jarno, two of the guys from The Dudesons to help her pull off an extremely elaborate prank on Jesse! They teamed up on making Jesse believe that they were going to be pranking the other two Dudesons, HP and Jarpi, who were never even coming! Jesse thought they were creating an explosion that went wrong by sending him through a wall. He appears to be injured so that Jeana could put the blame on HP and Jarpi. But really, Jeana takes advantage of Jesse's fear of heights so that she can get her ultimate revenge on Jesse! Pretty sure Jeana is winning the Prank War after this one! Team Jeana SAAAN!
We the Kings
2. We the Kings
May 4, 2018
Guest Prankster, Charles Trippy, pranks his buddy and fellow band member, Travis Clark, from the band We The Kings. Jesse and Jeana bring them into a guitar showroom to find a random person who just so happens to be singing a mock of the band's first hit Check Yes Juliet, which is an original song that Travis wrote. The tension builds as Travis is accused of something that makes him really uncomfortable. Once we rush out to reveal the prank, Travis is extremely relieved.
1. iJustine
May 4, 2018
Justine Ezarik (the Prankster) convinces Joey Graceffa (the Victim) to do a collab for Justine's channel, a cooking show on grilled vegan food. Justine tells Joey to turn off the grill, which he does. As they continue shooting their cooking show, a stuntwoman passing by the grill suddenly catches fire! Joey and Justine freak out! Once the fire is put out, people blame Joey for not turning off the grill and being responsible for the woman catching on fire. They turn up the heat until Jeana and Jesse burst in and reveal it was all a prank.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 4, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    3.5  (30)