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  • 2010
  • 7 Seasons

Props is a television show that is based around the world of BMX, freestyle bikes that are used to perform tricks and stunts. The show is produced by Fuel TV, a streaming service that specializes in extreme sports and lifestyle programming. The show debuted in 1998, and it has since become a popular staple of the BMX and extreme sports communities.

The format of Props is relatively straightforward. Each episode features a series of BMX riders performing stunts and tricks in various locations around the world. The show is shot in a documentary style, with the camera crew following the riders as they set up and execute their moves. Along the way, the riders and crew members discuss their experiences, share tips and tricks, and generally provide insight into the BMX lifestyle.

One thing that sets Props apart from other extreme sports shows is its focus on community. The show often features group rides and events, and it highlights the camaraderie among riders. Many episodes also feature profiles of individual riders, providing viewers with an in-depth look at their lives and careers.

In addition to showcasing BMX riding, Props also features segments on related topics such as skateboarding and street art. These segments generally tie into the overall theme of extreme sports and urban culture. The show also occasionally features guest appearances from well-known riders and athletes from other extreme sports.

Throughout its run, Props has been praised for its high production values and engaging content. The show has won numerous awards, including a Telly Award for Best Sports TV Show in 2002. Fans of the show appreciate its authenticity and dedication to the BMX lifestyle, and it has become a beloved part of the extreme sports community.

Overall, Props is an exciting and engaging show that provides viewers with an inside look at the world of BMX riding. Whether you are a hardcore fan of extreme sports or simply curious about this unique subculture, the show offers something for everyone. So if you love high-flying action, street art, and urban culture, be sure to check out Props on Fuel TV.

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Best of Road Fools
13. Best of Road Fools
February 12, 2011
In this episode of Props, we bring you The Best of Road Fools 2010. The trips gets interesting when both the Kink and Etnies Teams head to the Dirty South in search of never-been-riden BMX spots. After Mason Dixon, both teams pack up the bus and conquer the cities of Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta. From the infamous Big Daddy to all the best personalities in BMX, this episode is filled with unforgettable BMX mayhem spanning the course of 10 days.
Best of Mega Tour
12. Best of Mega Tour
February 5, 2011
In this episode of Props, see what happens when you mush twenty-four world class BMX riders on a North America bike tour: the Mega Tour 2010. Featuring riders from Profile, Mongoose, Tree, and Eastern, we bring you BMX shred carnage from the cities of Chicago, IL, Milwaukee and Madison, WI, and Minneapolis MN. To this day, Mega Tour is the largest BMX road trip of its kind with more riders collaborating at any given moment on what to shred. To top it all off, Mega Tour has brought together a wild crew to bring you unbelievable riding from indoor parks, trails, outdoor parks, and classic street riding from your favorite riders.
Best of Props '10
11. Best of Props '10
January 29, 2011
In this episode of Props, we've gone back to the tape vault and selected all the greatest moments that went down on this past season. Kicking it off with Dave Thompson's epic bio, we then bring you the best of France's FISE Contest Experience. Massive crowds and unbelievable riding. Next, we recap the greatest moments from this season's road trips, scene report bios, contests, and gnarly crashes. This and much more in this episode of Props.
Four Corners
10. Four Corners
January 22, 2011
In this episode of Props, see what goes down when the DK BMX Team break out their bag of tricks riding the streets of Barcelona, and Promise Skate Park in Holland. Next we join up with Hitman Bike's BMX team to get some serious riding in and around California. Then see how gnarly it gets with the 2 X 4 boys throw a shred attack on a garage park in South Carolina. Heading south to Atlanta, Georgia we bring you epic riding from the Rad Trails - A BMX dig, build, shred zone.
Euro BMX
9. Euro BMX
January 15, 2011
This episode has the DK BMX Team doing their greatest in Europe.
World Tour
8. World Tour
January 8, 2011
In this episode of Props, find how BMX is taken to a whole new level when the crew travels to Bangkok, Thailand to search for the most epic untapped BMX spots. In on this incredible quest is X-Games medalists Gary Young, Chris Doyle, and Brian Kachinsky. Then, we race back to the states to follow how the 2 X 4 BMX team shreds the streets from New Jersey to South Carolina. Lead by BMX legend Van Homan, this road trip is packed with ridiculous talent and great riding. Wrap things up when we jet over to France to rendezvous with the DK BMX Team to shred the streets of Toulouse.
7. Barcelona
January 1, 2011
In this episode of Props, we get down and dirty with BMX action straight from Albuquerque, New Mexico. An incredible BMX playground tucked away in a desert valley with some serious local talent. Then we jump to the east coast to catch up with Ben Hittle's classic riding style straight out of Baltimore, Maryland. To top it all off, we give you all the action from the NIKE 6.0's Standby Contest that went down in Barcelona, Spain.
Beyond Kooked
6. Beyond Kooked
December 25, 2010
Matt Beringer, FBM team and Frank Lucas show us backyard BMX insanity to the technical flat ground in Europe.
Slick Tricks
5. Slick Tricks
December 19, 2010
In this episode of Props, we jet over the Atlantic to converge with the masses in Koln Germany, home of the biggest international BMX contest. Next we get down and dirty at Flow Skate Park to sesh it up with some of the best park masters in the country. Switching gears tune into all the insane technical action at the FISE flatland competition in the southern region of France. We then see why it was wild in Rochester, New York at Red Bull's trick or treat jam. BMX's best riders unleashing all their tricks and treating you to some serious eye candy in Halloween costumes.
Street Extraordinaire
4. Street Extraordinaire
December 11, 2010
In this episode of Props, we join with Vans BMX "Let It Ride" Euro tour to bring you all the street action as they travel across Europe and shred everything in their path. Without skipping a beat we dial into Iowa to check out the Extravajamza BMX Jam. A buzzing homegrown bike scene with midwest locals of Davenport skipping the "agro-biz" to produce some fresh riding. Trekking east to Cleveland, Ohio the Props crew pays a visit to Ray's mountain bike park, one of the biggest mountain bike play grounds ever built. With a 100,000 square feet to ride, its an irresistible BMX shred zone.
Neon Anti-christ
3. Neon Anti-christ
December 4, 2010
In this episode of Props, kick it off with killer riding in Belgium at Vans "Let It Ride Bowl" Jam. Vans hooked it up, taking over a local concrete skate park to let the professionals and locals battle it out. Next, it's serious one on one with visionary, and genius BMX rider, Darryl Nau. A dude with a mean bunny hop and killer talent, but at the end of the day you'll always find Darryl having more fun than anyone else on a bike. Next we're carrying that contagious "ride" vibe to Hawaii where Verde BMX Team shred everything the island has to offer. Although surrounded by water, Hawaii is emerging as an untapped street mecca, and these guys prove this place to be more than sand and surf. Then it is to Dean Dickerson's Pink Motel Pool Party in Sun Valley California. Celebrating his 100th "different backyard pool across the country," good times unfold with Dean, his friends, and some of the biggest BMX legends tearing it up on their bikes.
Brutal Crashes
2. Brutal Crashes
November 27, 2010
In this episode of Props, BMX street rider Dave Thompson explains his rise from the underground street scene. Redifing "bio-hazard" Dave's handful of brutal crashes, near death experiences, and raw talent fabricates an industry fairy tale when he took the BMX community by storm in early 2010. Dave's inspiration story leads us to France's Matthias Dandois; world's best flatland BMX rider. More or less superhuman at the grips, France's bottomless pocket of tricks, and insane technicality will have you questioning the laws of physics. Next it's off to San Diego to hang out at Dennis Enarson's backyard ramp complex and kick it with the locals.
Super Slackers
1. Super Slackers
November 20, 2010
In this episode of Props, we start with France heating up when the world's best BMX riders battle it out at both the FISE Mini Ramp and Street Contest. A bike event with a viewer experience like no other, the FISE experience never under delivers in the "supreme-contest-riding" department. Next, we check out how everything in Texas just got bigger when Kansas native Tom Dugan sheds his light on his newly acquired BMX lifestyle. Airing bigger and getting more technical than ever. The action heat dial turns up when we follow the collectively diverse skill set of Blackout BMX's Team as they throw down on a trip across Texas. We then polish this episode up with a day in the life of "wild dude" Kareem Williams.
  • Premiere Date
    November 20, 2010