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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (81)

Punk Payback with Bas Rutten is a reality television show that originally aired on Fuel TV in 2011. Throughout the show, Bas Rutten, a former mixed martial artist, and his team travel the United States seeking out instances of bullying and then seeking retribution for those who have been victimized.

Bas and his crew start by interviewing those who have been bullied, documenting their experiences and emotions. After obtaining the necessary information, they then begin to formulate a plan of revenge against the bullies.

Accompanied by Leo Georgallis and Benjamin Seeger, Bas visits the bullies and confronts them with the evidence of their behavior, giving them a chance to apologize and understand the error of their ways. If the bullies refuse to change or apologize, Bas and his team begin their punk payback.

The punishment depends on the severity of the bullying, but the payback can range from simply scaring the bullies to enacting some form of revenge. This retribution can include things like filling the bullies' car with trash or getting them spray tanned and giving them a new, embarrassing hairstyle.

In addition to the punk payback, Bas and his team also work with local organizations and authorities to raise awareness about bullying and its harmful effects. Rutten's approach to anti-bullying is to show that bullies cannot get away with their actions without consequence.

Throughout the show, Bas often reflects on his own experiences with bullying, and how they drove him to become a professional athlete. His passion for preventing bullying is clear in each episode, and his no-nonsense approach is inspiring to those who have been bullied.

Punk Payback with Bas Rutten provides a unique and entertaining approach to combating the problem of bullying. The show highlights the negative effects of bullying on individuals and communities, and promotes the message that action is necessary to bring about change.

Overall, the show resonates with audiences by using humor and action as a way to combat a serious issue. Bas Rutten and his team lead by example, showing people that even small acts can make a difference in those who have been affected by bullying.

Punk Payback with Bas Rutten
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Counter Jumper Scream
10. Counter Jumper Scream
December 28, 2011
Former UFC champ and King of Pancrase, Bas Rutten, doles out some nasty payback to several counter-jumping punks. Next, Bas comes face-to-face with a masked thief, and later with yet another punk who takes his chances robbing a convenience store. MMA fighter Erik "Bad" Apple returns for the season finale of Punk Payback, as both he and Bas encounter one of the most badass pastors they've ever seen, Pastor Payback.
Stealing Chances
9. Stealing Chances
December 21, 2011
Bas Rutten faces an array of punks, from a criminal who steals lottery tickets to a guy with a baseball bat who tries for a getaway -- in flip-flops. In another action-packed scenario, our Former UFC Heavyweight Champion takes on a carjacker at gunpoint, and showcases some badass moves as he calls the punk's bluff. Finally, we encounter one of the best punk-takedowns of all time, courtesy a department store clerk. Freestyle motocross pro Nick Dunne guests stars as knees, elbows and rear-naked chokes collide.
Mop versus Stick
8. Mop versus Stick
December 14, 2011
In the history of battle, one question remains... in a fight between a man with a stick, versus a man with a mop, who would win? Former UFC Champion Bas Rutten answers that question as he faces this mop-wielding wannabe thief. Then, the former UFC Heavyweight champ stares down a purse-snatching punk who definitely had it coming to him!In yet another situation, a pickpocket punk tries to grab a wallet in front of several bystanders and rolling security camera -- yes, this actually happened...MMA fighter Erik "Bad" Apple returns, assisting Bas in a case of "Parking Lot Space Rage." Car doors slam and fists fly!
Multiple Socks
7. Multiple Socks
December 28, 2011
Bas Rutten lays down amazing moves for multiple assailants, turns the tables on a lottery-ticket thief, and Bas introduces a cane-bearing gentleman, who isnt afraid to rumble.
Boxing Day
6. Boxing Day
December 21, 2011
Fists, knees and head-butts fly and former UFC champion Bas Rutten is just getting started. Bass takes on a brand-new slew of punks with questionable smarts and even less credible intentions. MMA pro Erik Bad Apple guest stars.
To G-String or Not to G-String
5. To G-String or Not to G-String
December 14, 2011
G-string bandits, a drive-through drag queen armed with a gun, its all par for the course. Freestyle motocross pro Cal Vallone guest stars with former UFC champion, Bas Rutten, to take on punk criminals from all walks of life.
Handicap Zone?
4. Handicap Zone?
December 7, 2011
Professional MMA fighter Erik Bad Apple guest stars helping Bas Rutten while he takes on a punk who uses crutches as a disguise and another who attempts robbery without a weapon in hand.
The Pole has It
3. The Pole has It
November 16, 2011
One question has never been answered in the world of armed robbery...can a man rob a convenience store with a 10-foot pole? We'll find out as Bas confronts the punk, who runs into a store welding a 10-foot wooden pole and demands the cash! In an exceptionally creepy clip, a woman is dragged behind a corner by a shadowed figure. Bas shows you how to teach a punk like this a little respect!And in a strange twist of fate, Bas finds himself trapped in a car trunk, unsure of how he got there... In the end, his only problem is how to fit two punks in one trunk!Freestyle motocross star Dereck Beckering returns to Punk Payback, helping Bas take on a gun-toting jewel thief and in surprise move, a car wash attendant wearing a Santa Claus hat, unbelievably sprays a thieving punk with a power washer! Don't miss the fast, slick and hilarious action!
All Ages and Sizes
2. All Ages and Sizes
November 9, 2011
With surveillance footage and help from freestyle motocross rider Dereck Beckering, in episode 2 of Punk Payback with Bas Rutten, former UFC champion Bas Rutten takes on a new batch of punks.
Palm Madness
1. Palm Madness
November 2, 2011
Former UFC champion and 3x King of Pancrase, Bas Rutten, takes down punks trying to take advantage of ordinary citizens. Freestyle motocross pro, Cal Vallone, guest stars in this premiere episode as he assists Bas Rutten.
  • Premiere Date
    November 2, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (81)