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From the studio Pierrot, that brought you Kingdom and Tokyo Ghoul comes a series based off of the hit game Puzzle & Dragons. Dorogoza Island is rich inPuzzle & Dragons X is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on July 4, 2016.

Puzzle & Dragons X is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Puzzle & Dragons X on demand atAmazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
July 4, 2016
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Josh Grelle, Alexis Tipton, Apphia Yu, Jad Saxton
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Puzzle & Dragons X Full Episode Guide

  • Ace's strong emotion to become stronger in order to defeat Lance has triggered something inside him, but it seems he has lost himself in all that power. In order to keep the playing field level, Lance is forced to step up his game, too.

  • Ace is able to successfully bring out Horus' power and his strong will to win this battle is pushing him to the extreme. Unfortunately, his Soul Armor reaches its limit before Ace does. However, that still isn't enough to stop Ace from pushing harder.

  • With the winners from each class now determined, the Representative Battle begins! First off is class B champion, Starjohn, versus class C champion, Ace. Ace has already lost to Starjohn once; will he be able to win this time?

  • The last remaining finals is class A, Harriot versus Lance. Losing to Lance once, Harriot is determined to win this time. She feels confident that the lifting of the ban on Soul Brave will work to her advantage, but will Lance be able to prove her wrong?

  • It's Garnet vs. Starjohn, and while she uses her skills for a massive attack twice in a row, it still wasn't enough to take him down. Garnet's defeat seems to have triggered something for Morgan, but even her twin sister, Herriot doesn't know what.

  • The twin sisters, Herriot and Morgan, fights for the class A semi-finals. They each have 15 wins and 15 losses fighting each other, and are determined to settle this once and for all in this battle, using Soul Brave. Which one will come out victorious?

  • It's the second round in the Battle Cup, and Garnet's opponent is Klein. Despite her efforts, Klein seems to be have the upper hand, and things aren't looking so good for Garnet. In order to live up to her fans' faith, Garnet makes a decision...

  • After going their separate ways, Tiger finally understands what it means to be strong. Ace remembers what Sonia said as well, and puts it together to activate Soul Brave. Succeeding in his bold move, Ace defeats Tiger and moves on to the next match!

  • Finally, the annual Battle Cup has started! Ace, along with all the other Dragon Callers, are eager to show off their strengths in the tournament. However, Ace's opponent for the first match is... Tiger! Does Ace stand a chance against him?

  • Ace and Tamazo head to the Duen Desert to find a monster called god. Ace is so fixated on becoming strong that he doesn't realize he's forgotten something very important as a Dragon Caller. Will the god find Ace unworthy, or will Ace open his eyes?

  • Defeated by Sturgeon, Ace seeks more strength. However, he doesn't know how to achieve that. Grasping at straws, he ignores Tamazo's warning and listens to a mysterious e-mail he receives. Unfortunately, the e-mail leads them to a Drop Impact site...

  • Ace and the gang goes to the Light City and hears about the almighty Dragon Caller, Sturgeon. Hoping they can get some training from him, they set off to find him with a boy named "Astell." However, they soon find out who the boy really is...

  • Ace and Sonia visit an island where "Death" has been sighted. This monster is a dangerous monster that controls other monsters to harm people. In the island, they also find unbalance in the Drops and SDF's secret base. Could everything be related?

  • At a school where they train children with the potential to become Dragon Callers, Garnet is invited as a guest speaker. She remembers what it was like when she was a student there herself, and Valkyrie never made her school-life any easier.

  • Thinking about dropping his mom a line, Ace reflects on what had happened since he first left his hometown, Vienna City. His first D-Gear, his first friend, his first monster, and when he finally became a Guild Dragon Caller. So much has happened!

  • Tiger meets his old childhood friend - Rose. They have a friendly competition to see who'll find the Red Carbuncle first. With a little tough love, Tiger realizes that he hasn't accomplished anything by himself yet, and makes a tough decision.

  • Torlie goes into the forest to investigate the cause of increased Drops in the area, and Ace and his friends tag along. There, they find a monster, Fortoytops, suffering from taking in too much Drops. To save him, Charo steps up to the challenge.

  • When Lance was just a little boy, the Drop Impact took away everything from him - his house, his mom, his dad. After that, Lance was on his own, until he met Devi. The two became good friends and spent their time together, until one day...

  • Ace takes on a mission with Lance to deal with a dragon on rampage. However, they soon learn that the dragon has his reasons to be upset - the Egg Drop trafficking organization hunted his friends. Will Ace and Lance be able to save the other dragons?

  • To find his dream-monster, Toyceratops, Charo and his friends head to Woodstorm, a forest where many rare monsters reside. There, they meet Garnet, who has been tasked to hunt ghosts. Reluctantly, they join Garnet and goes into a haunted mansion...

  • In order to get ready for the Battle Cup, Ace and his friends head to Sand City, Vegahs to hone their skills as Dragon Callers. There, Tiger is conned into a fixed match, but Entetsu, a monster that saved Tiger before, comes to save him again.