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RH Plus is about four vampires that live together in a building that is European in style. The series follows their daily lives. There is one vampire Kiyoi that is in charge of taking care of the other vampires. Another vampire in this family, Masakazu is a college student. He gets information on criminal activities. The other two vampires are high school students. They are the ones that help Masakazu. This vampire family fights against the criminal element. They do so when the police department is unable to, or even unwilling to fight against that particular crime. When the police department does not do its job, this vampire family does.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
Cast: Rei Fujita, Yuu Miura, Kentarou Miyagi, Kôhei Murakami
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RH Plus Full Episode Guide

  • Kiyoi and the others search desperately for Ageha, who had been abducted by Makoto's father. He had begun taking drastic measures to bring Makoto back. Will Makoto and the others be able to bring Ageha back to safety? And what choice will Makoto make in his extreme state: to continue living at Tsukinagakan, or to live with his family?

  • Makoto learns from the news that his mother had been murdered, and confines himself to bed. He sneaks out of Tsukinagakan one day to visit his mother's hometown. Amidst all the nostalgic memories flowing through his mind were some more loathsome memories.

  • The pastor at the church where Makoto used to live was murdered, apparently by a vampire. Ageha and Masakazu ask Makoto why he was at the church on the night of the crime. Feeling he was being suspected, Makoto shuts himself in his room, and begins quietly reminiscing about his time living at the church and about the time he'd first come to Tsukinagakan.

  • An unruly vampire has vanished from the Mister's oversight. Makoto and Ageha follow a suspicious car driving through town reeking of blood. Ageha falls ill at the entrance of the building they arrive at. Feeling responsible, Makoto sneaks into the area once more to find out what caused Ageha to become ill.

  • Makoto and Ageha find out that Ami was leaving for vacation with her family. Envious of how happy she seemed, the two make plans to take two more to a hot spring. Kiyoi rejects their offer, saying she has work, leading to unexpected tensions within Tsukinagakan.

  • The monthly hunting day. Having been in a bad mood all day, Ageha takes Makoto to a mixer arranged by Ami. Of course, Masakazu goes to a mixer picked out by Takarada. Things were going well, but...

  • Michitaka's new request is to take back personal data stolen by a data trafficking group. Reluctant to involve Ageha and the others in more danger, Kiyoi refuses at first, but they learn that included in the stolen data was information regarding them vampires, so they agree to cooperate.

  • An avalanche of books in Masakazu's home becomes the beginning of a huge cleanup at Tsukinagakan. Makoto, Ageha, Masakazu and Kiyoi are joined by Ami and Haruka in the effort.

  • There are rumors of people going berserk after having had too much blood drawn by an immoral vampire. Makoto and the others are requested to capture some of these people.

  • A sinister organization plots more crimes in the outskirts of town, armed with guns leaked from the police. Two high school students, Makoto and Ageha find their way there, and put an end to their crimes with incredible speed.

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