RollBots is a 3D animated and action pack adventure television show for older children. The show follows the life of a fast and perfectly round robot named Spin. Spin's adventures take place in the town of Flip City. He is the fastest bot in Flip City. Flip City is home to eleven RollBot tribes. Each tribe is responsible for different aspects of town life. Fuzata tribe is in charge of Flip City's economy. The Hai'bu tribe is in charge of keeping the town clean. Education is the job of the Kazoku tribe. Kenchi-ku tribe's job is sports. The Kei'zatsu tribe helps protect the town. The Kuzuri tribe keeps the town healthy. The Nisen tribe runs the government. The Tensai tribe is responsible for the technical needs of the town. The loner tribe is the Zeishi tribe. They keep to themselves. The Zobo'shi tribe provides the emergency services. The Zurasho tribe is responsible for the maintenance and growth of the town. The tribes, however, do not always get along. Spin's lost tribe was the Zushin tribe. Spin learns about his past, and gains some understanding into who he is as he continues his adventures.

Spin wants to fight crime and tries to be a part of the Flip City Police Department. Each bot has their own unique ability. Some use their powers for good, others for evil. The good bots are: Spin (voice of Samuel Vincent); Captain Pounder (voice of Gary Chalk); Penny (voice of Cathy Wiseluck); Lance (voice of Scott McNeil); Tinny (voice of Tabitha St. Germain); and Bunto (voice of Colin Murdock). Vertex (voice of Colin Murdock) is the top villain. He desires to take over Flip City. The other villains are: Manx (voice of Nicole Oliver); Botch (voice of Brian Drummond); Macro (voice of Colin Murdock); Phaze (voice of Paul Dobson); Reboot (voice of Cathy Wiseluck); Tamaki (voice of Shirley Millner); Kibi (voice of Richard Newman); and Vett (voice of Scott McNeil).

RollBots was created by Michael Milligan. The series originated in Canada and Singapore. The producers are Sheldon S. Wiseman and Jonathan Wiseman.

The CW
1 Season, 11 Episodes
October 8, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Brian Drummond

RollBots Full Episode Guide

  • Mayor Aria believes a new era in law and order is dawning and orders the Kei'zatsu to install a new chip called the Do Right Module. Spin soon discovers the chips cause more problems than they solve when he canâ?'t make himself break the speed limit to catch bad guys anymore! Thankfully for Flip City, our quick witted hero finds a new way to "spin" into action and save the day.

  • Oddball has a problem. He woke up with two left feet, which means two things: first, he's missing a right leg; and second, someone ELSE is missing a left leg! As Spin and Tinny help him retrace his steps throughout the city, they quickly discover it's all a sinister Vertex plan - his minions are making a Frankenbot! The Frankenbot equipped with a 'power siphon' has its sights set on infiltrating the FCPD with one goal in mind. To blow it up!

  • Spin's rough day goes from bad to worse when he realizes his whole life is stuck in a loop, repeating the same four minutes over and over again! Can he figure out how to un-stick time, or will he be forced to relive this nightmare forever? Thankfully Spin discovers the root of his problem... Vertex's newest recruit "Reboot" has a time shifting device he's trying to connect to the Hub! Spin has to problem solve his way through the variations of those four minutes to stop Reboot and get things back on track!

  • Vertex adds a new player to his henchbot crew "Phaze" and tells his new team there's something that he wants from Pengi Park. He gives Phaze a set of electro magnets, and orders the henchbots to rip apart Pengi until the items he seeks is found. Manx starts to wonder if Phaze has a few screws loose when he super-charges the entire park, so that everyone --- good and bad --- are stuck inside. Luckily for Flip City, Spin is one of them and quickly devises a plan that defies the law of physicsâ?¦and also involves one very large power suit!

  • Lance is injured at the tail end of a high-speed pursuit and needs to be brought to the Hub for repairs. Penny resists bringing him there, and Spin soon finds why ...and the REAL reason she became a Kei'zatsu! It seems her "falling out" with Chief Surgeon Koto was worse than she let on. With time running out before Manx and Botch finish their raid on the Flip City Mint, Spin has to juggle two vital priorities at once... unless he can convince Penny and Koto to work together!

  • Pounder asks Penny to further Spin's training; finally he's given the opportunity to suit up with a badge and siren! While Spin is learning the dos and don'ts of Kei'zatsu gear, Vertex's minions attack the FCPD using a new weapon that freezes bots in mid transformation; the city is left defenseless! Spin and Penny have to work together to stop the bad guys and unfreeze their friends before they get stuck too.

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