SCB30: Holyfield vs. Tyson I & II

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SCB30: Holyfield vs. Tyson I & II is a documentary special that focuses on a pair of famous boxing matches that took place during the 1990's. The show features interviews with boxing legend Mike Tyson as well as Evander Holyfield, along with promoters, firends and members of the media who help to put everything in context.

The story revolves around Holyfield, who at the time struggled to gain recognition as a truly great boxer. As a deeply religious man, he felt that it was wrong to brag publicly, which hurt him when it came to fight promotion. Tyson, of course, was very famous for being an explosive fighter with a rap sheet a mile long.

Viewers get to see highlights of previous fights that Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield had leading up to their two legendary bouts. Holyfield's wins were always less than convincing, while Tyson's fights were almost always one-sided. Their fights took place shortly after Tyson got of prison for a rape conviction.

The documentary includes highlights and in depth analysis of both fights, both of which were milestones in boxing history. The second fight includes the infamous incident where Tyson bit off a piece of Holyfield's ear.

1 Season, 1 Episode
January 18, 2016
SCB30: Holyfield vs. Tyson I & II

SCB30: Holyfield vs. Tyson I & II Full Episode Guide

  • Holyfield versus Tyson. Plus, their infamous rematch. Classic fights.