Sex...with Mom and Dad

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Sex...with Mom and Dad is a frank reality show about the problems teenagers face with romantic relationships and their sex lives. Hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, this groundbreaking MTV series allows parents and teens to have an open discussion about this often taboo topic with the help of an expert, counseling sessions and homework assignments. Dr. Drew believes that communication is key to resolving conflict, and many controversial or sensitive issues are discussed. Therefore, viewer discretion is advised.

Dr. Drew is a licensed physician and addiction specialist. His decades of experience as a doctor, counselor snd relationship expert serve the troubled families looking for a way to communicate with one another and resolve their conflicts. Each episode of Sex...with Mom and Dad begins with a short introduction to the problem. The parent(s) and teenager meet with Dr. Drew for the first of three counseling sessions, which are a neutral place to air their differences. The doctor follows up with a homework assignment aimed at helping the family members see each other's point of view.

The stories covered in the series range from a 16-year-old virgin who is tired of her mom's pressure to have some experiences with boys, to a young bisexual whose parents think it is just a phase. Other topics include: a 19-year-old who trades money and food for sex, an aspiring ladies' man who may actually fear commitment, a mom who wants to stop being a party friend and become more of a parent to her risk-taking teen daughter. Each situation has neared the crisis stage, so the participants are motivated to take Dr. Drew's advice and tackle these awkward conversations for the sake of a better future.

After Dr. Drew helps the families, the program also points viewers to additional resources for additional information on the topics raised during the show. Articles, videos and discussion forums on sexual health and dilemmas can be the first step for the audience to begin to tackle these difficult subjects within their own family.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
September 30, 2008
Cast: Alex Freeman, Drew Pinsky
Sex...with Mom and Dad

Sex...with Mom and Dad Full Episode Guide

  • Erika and her mother have a great friends relationship but her mom is ready to start being a parent.

  • Michale's mom intrudes every time he has a girlfriend.

  • Elle is satisfied with her purity ring but her mother doesn't want her to build an unhealthy fear of relationships.

  • Natasha can talk to her dad about anything...except sex.

  • Dr. Drew shows Calyn and her parents how to have a stronger relationship.

  • Dr. Drew thinks that Myles needs to change his attitude towards women.

  • Ashlee would like to have a better relationship with her mom, but has to change her ways first.

  • Melissa sends her parents for help with their bizarre sex life.

  • Arnie enjoys being the center of attention.

  • Dr. Drew hopes to be able to help Ashely.

  • Angelo's a ladies man who's ready to figure out why.

  • Gaby's father, Steve, jokes about sex all the time but Gaby has no desire to talk about the subject.

  • Dr. Drew helps Andre's conservative Jamaican parents get their player son back on track.

  • Dr. Drew tries to mediate between Alex and her mother Lynn who refuses to accept that her daughter is a lesbian.

  • Shalimar's young parents take her to Dr. Drew to try and convince her of the problems that come with having a baby while still in high school.

  • Dr. Drew tries to smooth things over between hookup-happy Hanna and her religious mother who's disgusted by such behavior.

  • As a preacher's daughter, Antionette finds it impossible to talk to her abstinence-only father about anything. Ready to move out to avoid her dad's strict house rules, Antionette enlists Dr. Drew for guidance.

  • Newly single dad Billy hopes to keep his daughters Heather and Tara from repeating the mistakes he made in his past.

  • Dr. Drew helps sixteen year old David come clean to his conservative parents about the possibility of having sex before marriage.

  • Lamar may be a hit with the ladies, but Dr. Drew must step in when Lamar's mom realizes he's using marijuana as his primary form of birth control.

  • Can Dr. Drew help Ashley with her problem?

  • Dr. Drew helps nineteen year old Kayla become more open and honest with her parents about her sex life.

  • Sixteen year old Baylee enlists Dr. Drew to help her parents accept that she really is a lesbian.

  • Dr. Drew tries to stop the daily drama between party-girl Latasha and her conservative mother.

  • With their relationship on the ropes, closed-off Reyna takes her nosy mom to see Dr. Drew and learns an important lesson about opening up herself.

  • After being kicked to the curb for treating his mom's house like his own love shack, Chasen tries to change his player ways with Dr. Drew's help.

  • To get the truth about her unsafe sex practices on the table, Tiara takes her parents to talk to Dr. Drew.

  • Richard seeks to reconnect with his mom after her opposition to his bad boy boyfriend has driven them apart.

  • Jasmine is a virgin without a clue who wants to open the lines of communication with her controlling father before heading off to college.

  • Dr. Drew helps sexually active Nicole communicate better with her strict and snoopy mom.

  • Tired of her son disrespecting women, Sandra enlists Dr. Drew for some sex ed for the seriously oversexed Greg.