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Bhumika Pardesi, a middle-class, junior police constable, is suddenly faced with uncomfortable circumstances when she is asked to hit the streets of Mumbai as an undercover prostitute to bust a drug cartel. She uncovers parts of herself so far untapped and, along the way, learns to play a system which had almost tossed her aside as worthless.

She is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on March 20, 2020.

Where do I stream She online? She is available for streaming on Netflix, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch She on demand at Netflix online.

1 Season, 30 Episodes
March 20, 2020
Crime Drama Thriller
Cast: Aditi Sudhir Pohankar, Vijay Varma, Vishwas Kini, Paritosh Sand
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She Full Episode Guide

  • A harassment complaint is filed against a professor of a medical college and Baji Rao takes it upon herself to arrest that man.

  • Baji Rao finds out that an underage girl is getting married to a man twice her age. Baji Rao collects the required information and raids the wedding.

  • A groom visits the police to file a report of her missing bride however Baji Rao soon realizes that the groom himself is behind the kidnapping.

  • A girl is saved during a suicide attempt however Baji Rao is shocked to find out the reason. Determined to bring down the gang behind such obscene plans, Baji Rao plans a foolproof plan.

  • A girl threatens her boss to give her a promotion or else she will file a sexual harassment case on him. Worried about false allegations, the boss visits Baji Rao who is ready to plan and catch the girl.

  • All of Baji Rao's subordinates plans a surprise birthday party for her however things don't go as planned.

  • After getting a divorce from his first husband, a woman marries a man of her own choice however her first husband is unable to let her go. Will S.H.E be able to resolve the differences between the two?

  • One of Baji Rao's subordinates Dilshad is a huge fan of a singer named Akif Aslam and begins to call him anonymously. Meanwhile Akif Aslam files a report of a fan who threatened to kill her if he didn't agreed to marry her. Will S.H.E be able to find the fan behind this mess?

  • Baji Rao gets a call from her mother to get married however the marriage turns out to bitter and Baji Rao feels helpless. After waking up, she realizes all of it was a nightmare and is relieved.

  • A powerful man of the village kidnaps all the young girl of the village while Baji Rao is adamant on putting him behind the bars.

  • A middle - aged woman is arrested for earning money through fraudulent ways however due to carelessness of Baji Rao's subordinates she manages to escape.

  • Daughter of a higher government official is arrested for using drugs and hiting a man with her car however Baji Rao is after the gang who is supplying drugs.

  • A girl visits the police station and files a report against a boy who is threatening her by leaking her pictures however Baji Rao soon realizes the gang behind this.

  • A young boy and a girl are involved in robberies where the girl marries a man for one night and leave them after acquiring money and jewelry. Will Baji Rao find the culprits?

  • A worried man complains about her daughter's stolen jewelry however with the help of media and Baji Rao's investigative skills they are soon able to find the culprit.

  • One of Baji Rao's mentor visits her as his daughter is being harassed by a preacher. Baji Rao takes it upon herself to expose the preacher and put him behind bars.

  • A famous crickter is in trouble when one of his fans visits his house in bridal clothes. Unable to face rejection the girl tries to commit suicide however is rescued by Baji Rao.

  • A high ranking officer asks S.H.E to provide security to her daughter however her subordinates fails to fulfill their duty and Baji Rao herself goes to the kidnapper's den.

  • A lot of girls files a complaint against one man who has run away with their cash and jewelery. Baji Rao comes up with a plan and invites all of the girls to the police station

  • : A girl along with her two friends disguises as S.H.E and goes on to getting favours and free stuff from shops. Will Baji Rao able to catch the girl?

  • A government officer files a report of his missing camel and Baji Rao goes out to track down the camel.

  • One of Baji Rao's subordinate Bilqis is getting married and she chooses to resign however the man she is marrying ends up in the locker.

  • A film star, Bijli demands a police protocol however Baji Rao is a bit skeptical on doing that. Will Baji Rao adhere to Bijli's demands or will she investigate first?

  • In the wake of an unexpected complication, Fernandez doubts Sasya's loyalty. Caught off guard by a suspicious Nayak, Bhumi drops her own bombshell.

  • With Nayak now in Mumbai, Bhumi is moved to a hotel under police surveillance, but her first encounter with the kingpin takes the team by surprise.

  • Newly emboldened, Bhumi seduces an unlikely target. Ahead of Nayak's arrival in Mumbai, Sasya attempts to gain police trust as an informant.

  • After going to dangerous lengths to prove herself, Bhumi is recruited into Fernandez's department, and begins to prepare for her risky new role.

  • The team doubts Bhumi's mettle after Sasya manages to rattle her. Fernandez pushes to keep her as an undercover agent in a plan to nab Sasya's boss.

  • A visit from Bhumi's estranged husband angers her rebellious sister. Sasya agrees to cooperate in a police interrogation -- on one condition.

  • Police officer Bhumi goes undercover as a prostitute to bust a drug cartel leader, but when the operation goes awry, she makes an unexpected discovery.

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