Shin Koihime Musou - Otome Tairan

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Koihime Musou is a adult fantasy and action anime produced by Dogakobo which aired in both the United States, Canada and China, as well as, of course, Japan. Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan is the third OVA season of the show and, like all the others, is based off of the classic Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The original anime to the series, simply titled Koihime Musou is markedly different than it's OVA counterpart and does not even feature the primary antagonist from the light novel on which the show was based. However, the OVA does and is widely considered to be the official version of the show.

Marvelous Entertainment
1 Season, 20 Episodes
April 9, 2010
Shin Koihime Musou - Otome Tairan

Shin Koihime Musou - Otome Tairan Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone is preparing major productions for the school festival, from magic acts to maid caf├ęs to big musical numbers.

  • Toutaku and Kaku escape Rakuyou with the help of Kayuu and Shuutai. The allied forces learn of the plan's success from Shuutai's letter, and advance from Shisui Pass to Korou Pass. Just as Toutaku surrenders, and is about to throw open the gates, Chouryou stands alone before the allied army, challenging any of them to duel her.

  • Defeat the evil Toutaku! Enshou sends a call to the other lords, and in response Sousou, Sonsaku, the Touka Village Army, and one other person answer the call. The allied forces advance on the capitol of Rakuyou where Toutaku awaits, but are stopped by Ryofu at Shisui Gate. As they hold a strategy conference, Ryofu's strategist Chinkyuu comes to them alone...

  • The girls band together to try and figure out a way to sneak into Rakuyou palace.

  • After their long journey, Ryuubi's party at last returns to the village. Chouhi sees Kan'u again for the first time in ages, and jumps into her chest overjoyed. With the Nanban Elephant's Belly Button Lint, Koutou pill, and the persistence herb all gathered, they, they have everything they need to stop Kashin from turning into a cat. What will happen?

  • With the ingredients collected, the girls return back home to have the doctor make the medicine that will reverse the effects of the Nyan poison that was given to Kashin-san.

  • While taking her afternoon nap, the king of Nanban, Moukaku, bites Payapaya's tail. When Payapaya complains, she gets angry and chases him away. Meanwhile, Ryuubi's party has come to the steamy jungles of Nanban. They're taking a bath to deal with the heat when a mysterious animal approaches...

  • The girls come across a Nanban elephant named Paya Paya as it ran away from King Mokaku. As they return Paya paya to the King, a misunderstanding ensues when they ask if they can have some Nanban elephant belly button lint.

  • Enjutsu declines to return the sword to Ryuubi. Ryuubi begs that she will do anything just to get it back, and Choukun suggests Enjutsu to exterminate the monster in her territory.

  • Kogai-dono pretends to over indulge in a rare alcohol in order to trick Shuyu into getting trapped in the store room with Saku-dono to force them to get along.

  • Enjutsu is singing at her palace. After singing, she is indecisive about the food and drink she would have, only to make Choukun lectures her.

  • Ryuubi's party heads for Nanban. As they travel the twisty mountain paths, they encounter a series of strange accidents. Meanwhile, Gien sense something dangerous around them. Ryuubi's leg is injured during a rock fall, and the party is forced to spend the night at a mountain cabin, but...

  • Kan'u revisits Enjutsu and sees that it is much livelier than the last time she was there. She gets a key chain present for RinRin and runs into Shoko-dono when she learns Shoko-dono is on a mission to deliver a scroll that may end a disagreement.

  • As Kan'u heads for Koutou, she stops at a town ruled by Enjutsu. She walks through the town, looking for presents for the others, when she runs into Son Shoukou. She lectures her on running away from home again, but Son Shoukou says she's here on an important mission. But...

  • Ryuubi's group is eating dumplings on their way to Nanban. On the way, they hear rumors of Toutaku from a merchant, and are shocked at how evil she's seemingly become. Then, a boyish-looking girl name Gien appears from the tears and jumps at them. With her dango ruined, Batai challenges Gien to a duel...

  • Son family bodyguard Ryomo is given the task of guarding Sonken. As she watches Sonken study every night, Ryomo takes an interest in learning, and begins to study with her. Then one day, Sonsaku invites a band of traveling performers to the palace...

  • The volunteer army leaves on its journey to save Kashin. To save her, they need to get three ingredients for the medicine. Kan'u goes to Koutou, Chou'un and Bachou go to Mt. Taishan, and Ryuubi, Chouhi, and Koumei go to visit Suikyou. The latter group arrives, but the ingredient they need isn't there...

  • In appreciation of Ryubi San helping protect the town, the village elders give her the Dragon Sword to use on her future adventures. Later, Ryubi San grows self conscious about her weight and tries everything to drop some pounds.

  • After their victory in the battle against the Yellow Scarves, the volunteer army, now led by Ryuubi, returns to peaceful Touka Village. Things seem to have calmed down, but Ryuubi is secretly worried: after all these easy days, her thighs and stomach are getting fat! Ryuubi tries to go on a diet, but...

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