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  • TV-Y7
  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 5.9  (331)

Shuriken School is a 26 episode animated series from Nickelodeon that originally aired from 2006 to 2007. The show is centered around a group of young ninjas in training in the mythical city of Tokyo. The show follows the adventures of Eizan Kaburagi, Jimmy B, and Okuni Dohan, who are all students in the Shuriken School.

Eizan Kaburagi is the main character of the show. He is a ninja in training and the son of a ninja master, who is also the school principal. Eizan is a bit of a rebel and often breaks the rules, but he is also very talented and always manages to get out of trouble. Jimmy B is Eizan's best friend, and he is also a ninja in training. He comes from a family of professional wrestlers, and he is always trying to prove how tough he is. Okuni Dohan is the only girl in the group, and she is also a ninja in training. She is very calm and level-headed, and she often tries to mediate between Eizan and Jimmy B when they get into arguments.

One of the most interesting things about Shuriken School is that the students are all from different parts of the world, which gives the show a very diverse feel. There is a French ninja named Jacques Le Blanc, an Indian ninja named Ami Saeki, a Brazilian ninja named Marcos Gonzalez, and a Japanese ninja named Nobunaga. Each of these characters brings their own unique personality and skills to the show.

The show is very action-packed, with lots of martial arts fighting and ninja skills. The students are always undertaking dangerous missions, and they use their skills and training to overcome the obstacles they face. One of the recurring themes of the show is the importance of teamwork. The students often have to work together to complete their missions, and they learn the value of trust and communication.

Another recurring theme of the show is the importance of learning from your mistakes. The students are not perfect, and they make plenty of mistakes along the way. But they always learn from their mistakes and use their experiences to become better ninjas. This is a great lesson for kids, as it encourages them to take risks and try new things, even if they are not always successful.

The animation in Shuriken School is top-notch. The characters are all very well-designed, with unique personalities and appearances. The backgrounds are also very detailed, and they really help to bring the city of Tokyo to life. The fight scenes are expertly choreographed, with lots of fast-paced action and impressive martial arts moves. Overall, the animation in Shuriken School is one of its strongest features.

The voice acting in Shuriken School is also very good. The main voice actors are Jessica DiCicco as Eizan, Charlie Adler as Jimmy B, and Kimberly Brooks as Okuni. They all do a great job of bringing their characters to life, and they have good chemistry with each other. There are also some notable guest stars in the show, including Maurice LaMarche and Nathan Kress.

One thing to note about Shuriken School is that it is a relatively short-lived show. It only ran for one season, and it has not been continued since then. However, the show has a cult following, and it is still very popular among fans of the martial arts and ninja genres. If you are looking for a fun and action-packed animated series that encourages teamwork and learning from your mistakes, then Shuriken School is definitely worth checking out.

Shuriken School is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on August 28, 2006.

Shuriken School
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Dirty Rice Balls
26. Dirty Rice Balls
August 20, 2006
Something's gone terribly wrong with Eizan's father's rice ball business. All the costumers are complaining about the rice balls. They taste like dirt. It's awful. Business is falling off in landslide proportion. And Eizan soon discovers that the only thing worse than all those rice balls is no rice balls! With the rice ball business going bankrupt, Eizan's family is going to have to move and go back to the family farm on a distant island ... which means Eizan will have to move with them! Which means no more Shuriken School for Eizan!!! Eizan and his friends have to say goodbye. But, our heroes are not willing to give up so easily, are they?
Eyes Wide Shut
25. Eyes Wide Shut
August 20, 2006
When all the kids start acting crazy in their sleep, it threatens to get everyone expelled from Shuriken School. It's as if all the inner demons of each student are being released in their sleep. Eizan, Okuni and Jimmy must get to the bottom of this mystery ... all they have to do is not fall asleep ... stay away ... stay ... awake ... snoring. Too late!
24. Detective-Mania
August 20, 2006
Laura and Sam, two private detectives who seem to have come straight out of a detective novel, want to follow a training course at Shuriken with the aim of improving their skills. They need to be able to arrest a gang of audacious thieves. The Principal lets them convince him with a thick bunch of bank notes that Laura offers him. However, it is out of the question that they be taught any secret ninja techniques, that must, as their name suggests, remain secret! Vlad immediately falls under the charm of the young detective. As for the students, they're captivated by Sam's stories! Detective-mania takes hold of Shuriken...
The Master of Darkness
23. The Master of Darkness
August 20, 2006
Winter has covered Shuriken with its coat of snow and fog. Visibility is down to a bare minimum and the fog lends a scary appearance to the smallest of bushes. How will the students be able to take their important end of term practical exams in weather like this? The Principal moans, but Kita, as she's flipping through one of Eizan's books, has an idea... The next day, without knowing how they got there, the students wake up to find themselves aboard the "Black Dragon", a vessel on course for... the domain of the Master of Terrible Darkness!
Pop Star for a Day
22. Pop Star for a Day
August 20, 2006
To increase the school's income, the Principal has accepted to house three young stars from the music industry in need of calm and tranquillity. The atmosphere at Shuriken is morose. The stars snub their hosts, their manager is unbearable, and the gym is out of bounds for the budding ninjas. Outside, fans, photographers and TV production vans have flocked in, as if by miracle. Shuriken resembles a besieged fort. The Principal announces to Eizan, Okuni and Jimmy that they are about to carry out their first true ninja mission...
The Big Illusion!
21. The Big Illusion!
August 20, 2006
Zumichito has invented a revolutionary smoke machine - the Holosmoke. The Principal sees it as a new source of revenue for the school. When night falls, the Principal and Zumichito discover two undercover ninjas in the school and chase after them. The next morning the Holosmoke test run turns into a fiasco. The hologram image of a terrifying monster appears in Zumichito's place, creating wide spread panic amongst the students. Who could have sabotaged the Holosmoke? And who could have placed a love poem on Okuni's chair? Mystery... mystery...
Shuriken School Secrets
20. Shuriken School Secrets
August 20, 2006
As Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni are wandering through the shopping mall, a woman has her bag snatched. Our heroes chase after the thief, and, with Ami's help - who was in the middle of doing her shopping - they stop him in his tracks in a most spectacular way. When they take the bag back to the owner, Ami recognizes that it's the famous TV presenter from "Whiz Kids". The presenter is so impressed with their skills that she wants to film them at Shuriken to elect her "young genius" of martial arts for her next show! The Principal accepts, on one condition - no one must uncover the secret techniques of Shuriken. No more is needed to arouse the journalist's insatiable curiosity.
The Saber and its Shadow
19. The Saber and its Shadow
August 20, 2006
This time the school is really falling to ruins. Old worn out material, broken floor boards...everyone is complaining to the Principal who finds himself having to search the internet for the cheapest solution to put things right - a kind of home automated computer called Alice...
Phantom of the Kabuki
18. Phantom of the Kabuki
August 20, 2006
Kubo is in seventh heaven - Kabuki is getting closer, and for several years now, he has been the director. This year, he's decided to pull the roles out of a hat, and the main role ends up going to his great despair! When it comes to getting up on stage, Eizan falls to pieces, especially knowing half the town will come and watch the show! Rehearsals begin but the play is sabotaged by a mysterious ghost who turns the stage upside down! Nothing's going right and Kubo is on the verge of giving up...
The Lost Treasure
17. The Lost Treasure
August 20, 2006
Zumichito tells our three heroes the story of one of his epic adventures. At the time he was a young ninja and a Katana student stole the Jade Dragon from him, a priceless treasure that he was guarding. Just as he'd managed to get the treasure back off the thief - who had taken refuge on a boat on Lake Akayama - a huge monster of a fish attacked them. Zumi had no choice but to abandon the Dragon so as to save his adversary from drowning. Since that day, the treasure has lain at the bottom of the lake. The three friends have heard enough for their enthusiasm to be soaring sky high! With Jacques as their diver, they shouldn't have any trouble recovering the precious Dragon...what's more Zumichito has no doubt exaggerated the truth somewhat, but then again...
Funny Chick
16. Funny Chick
August 20, 2006
Eizan rescues an adorable little chick from prowling tomcats while out walking with Jimmy and Okuni. Although pets are against Shuriken rules, Eizan decides to keep this one until he's fully recovered. Jimmy isn't happy about this, especially when the chick chooses his brand new shoes for a nest! Soon the entire class is in on the secret, but they all promise not to reveal anything... he's such a cute little bird! But the Cleaning Lady has her doubts and starts snooping, especially after a mysterious wild animal starts attacking the teachers ...
Okuni For President!
15. Okuni For President!
August 20, 2006
The Principal tells the students that an election for class leader will soon take place... no ordinary event, this happening is known as a Ninjalection. In this case, the most ingenious candidate gets the most votes... Thus begins a battle for votes between two candidates - on one side Ami (with Tetsuo and Yota in league as campaign managers), and on the other, Okuni, (supported by Eizan and Jimmy). The Principal keeps an eye on their adventures as the two girls vie with each other for vote. And the winner is... ?
The Old Master
14. The Old Master
August 20, 2006
Great Master Otomo is visiting Shuriken School, and holds a conference about the ancient art of eating rice balls. The class is bored silly and the Principal watches Otomo gulp down one rice ball after the other with suspicion. When Otomo sees that neither class nor teachers are interested, he announces that a Great Philosopher living up in the mountain above the town handed on this precious knowledge, which has enabled the hermit-philosopher to live over 300 years! The students, impressed, clamour to meet him. The Principal suggests an all day hike in the mountain for the first years. Ottomo can't get out of this one easily...
Old School Ninjitsu
13. Old School Ninjitsu
November 5, 2006
The students are busy cleaning, tidying and polishing the school in preparation for a visit from Shuriken's alumni. While students and staff solemnly wait at the Main Entrance an old man appears, leaning on his cane. This is Aiko, the one and only Alumni member to reply to their invitation. He is overjoyed to see the Cleaning Lady again, his erstwhile sweetheart. The students are astonished too see such a dishevelled Ninja. The Cleaning Lady tells them how Aiko, once a great champion, lost his Ninja spirit. Eizan and his friends decide to do everything they can to help the old man retrieve his fire...
Super Ninja
12. Super Ninja
October 29, 2006
One night, the Principal comes across a Mysterious Ninja in the school corridors. The Ninja gets away from the Principal, but drops his backpack. The Principal finds all sorts of trophies from Katana School inside. He is just getting over the shock of his discovery when the Mysterious Ninja reappears, snatches the bag away from him and vanishes yet again. The next day, the Principal calls an assembly and asks the guilty student to confess. But no one responds. The Principal now threatens to expel whoever did this as soon as he finds out. Next, Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni see a shadowy figure in the dorm, stealing their things! They chase him to discover a most unexpected kind of Ninja...
Cherry On the Cake!
11. Cherry On the Cake!
October 22, 2006
In the perspective of an exchange program with an American school, Shuriken welcomes three students from a... Cheerleading Academy! The only school prepared to take on all the costs for the exchange. At first, our Ninja students aren't too enthralled with the new kids. Cheerleading has nothing to do with Ninjitsu skills! Worse, their program is readjusted to suit the new girls - they study the Arts of the Yugei in other words, the Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Traditional Music and Flower Arrangements! A few of the boys are subjugated by the three pretty visitors... which means Ami has to cope with competition! Jimmy has a crush on Torrance, who soon becomes Okuni's friend. In short, life at Shuriken School is turned upside down and Eizan - the only one who stays level-headed- has a lot to cope with.
The Demon & Mrs. Clean
10. The Demon & Mrs. Clean
October 15, 2006
A mysterious demon creates havoc in the school, spreading rubbish throughout the corridors and classrooms. Not only are students terrified by this mystery phantom, but also they get punished by the teachers, who blame them for the mess. Our three heroes try to understand what is going on here, and find out who the demon really is. They are in for a few surprises!
Kubo's Mystery
9. Kubo's Mystery
October 8, 2006
Kubo has been so terribly boring lately that no one can listen to his classes. If this continues, the kids will end up a year behind. Our three heroes decide to intervene. They want to find out WHY Kubo is so deadly boring. They follow him, and learn that Kubo not only has a very boring life, but that he mutters the same name in his sleep every night - 'Torofi'. They set off to discover the identity of this mysterious Torofi, travelling back into Kubo's past. They learn about an old feud between Kubo and his sister...
An Xxl Lie
8. An Xxl Lie
October 1, 2006
Jimmy and Pig are so busy playing a videogame they forget about homework. They make up a story about being attacked to explain the missing assignment...a mysterious masked gang attacked them, stealing Jimmy's satchel with the papers... Marcos jumps to the conclusion that the infamous Three Saints Gang is on his trail, and panics. His fears are compounded with Daisuke's claim that he too was attacked, (just to get Ami's attention). Jimmy and Pig's lie is getting them into deep water, and they don't know how to keep their heads above it all... Eizan and Okuni investigate, on the trail of some mysterious Mexicans. And what if it really WAS the 3 Saints Gang, after all? This time, Jimmy and Pig are up to their necks in it...
Eizan's Shadow
7. Eizan's Shadow
September 3, 2006
The Principal is happy. A wealthy man is considering placing his son, Kazumi, in Shuriken School, along with a huge cheque, which would put an end to the school's financial dilemma. But first, the boy will spend a day at the School, to see if he likes it. Kazumi seems to appreciate Eizan, so the Principal puts him in charge of looking after the boy. But Kazumi is so spoiled rotten, that soon everyone avoids them (even Eizan's friends avoid him). The teachers themselves threaten to resign. Eizan feels miserable. When the Katana kids jump in and kidnap the boy, Eizan is faced with a choice. What if they just keep him? Well...perhaps not.
Lousy Labyrinth
6. Lousy Labyrinth
September 24, 2006
Jacques cheats to get the better of Okuni in an exercise, with an unfortunate result - Kubo gets lost inside a labyrinth! He was there to prepare the ground for a practical exam scheduled for the Academic Inspector, a grim character with a daunting reputation. While Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni set off in search of Kubo, the rest of the class tries to convince the Inspector and the Principal that Kubo is busy teaching them...
Winning Ninja
5. Winning Ninja
August 20, 2006
Eizan has to help his dad make rice balls for the Tokirohama Bonanza Weekend and he's so tired he fails his school exercises. To motivate him, Okuni secretly signs him up for the Martial Arts Festival Competition, scheduled to close the Fair. The organizer is no other than the leading Ninja Equipment supplier for all schools - Mister No. He bumps into Kita at the mall, one of his old classmates. He sneers at her because her career has lead her to teach in the most 'rundown Ninja school in town'. Stung to the quick, Kita answers back by betting that Shuriken will win his competition. Mr.No accepts the bet, but If Shuriken loses, he wants all the school's overdue payments to be settled at once. In other words, Shuriken's survival is in Eizan's hands...
Class Photo
4. Class Photo
November 12, 2006
Vlad tells students that they'd better revise for the traditional class photo. Revise for a class picture'? Eizan learns that the 'photo' is in fact a test. As the camera clicks, every student has to vanish. A Ninja's first quality is secrecy, and it's out of the question for them to be 'captured' on film. Nobunaga, unfortunately, is unable to disappear. The entire class joins forces to teach him vanishing techniques in record time. Meanwhile, Daisuke can't resist showing off in front of two young girls, and brags that he can turn into a dragon. Naginata and his gang overhear, and sneeringly announce that they'll be at Shuriken soon, to 'defy the dragon'. Now our heroes have two problems to deal with!
Vlad's Past
3. Vlad's Past
September 10, 2006
Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni see a mysterious Ninja tell Vlad that he's failed Evasion Techniques for Experienced Ninjas, final Exam for the correspondence course he's been following. When still a student, Vlad didn't have time to finish his exams, and the truth is he doesn't have the required teaching diploma. To his despair, all he can do now is resign! No way will Eizan and his friends let their favourite teacher quit! Kubo's subject right now happens to be 'escape tactics'... Vlad can take the course, pass the exam, and he'll be qualified to teach! But how can they help Vlad take Kubo's class without everyone finding out his secret? With their typical 'ninja-magination' and... a good shave!
Flip-Flop of Fury
2. Flip-Flop of Fury
September 17, 2006
As the School prepares to celebrate the anniversary of the town's foundation, a mysterious Ninja from Katana School makes off with Tokiro's (the city's father) famous flip-flops. According to tradition, Shuriken presents these flip-flops to the public during the commemorative parade. If Shuriken School cannot produce them, the school's entire assets will be handed over to Katana School!
Catnap Burglar
1. Catnap Burglar
August 28, 2006
Bakufu, the famous Ninja master, literally drops out of sky (hence the hole in the school's roof) and offers to teach at Shuriken School. The Principal doesn't dare refuse, but Bakufu's fee is exorbitant. While the Principal attempts to come up with moneymaking schemes, a mysterious thief starts stealing things from the students! Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni investigate. Their prime suspect is Bakufu, because these incidents surprisingly coincide with his appearance at the school ...
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